God what's normal?

God guide me to the truth

God just give me proof


I get lost in my own thoughts

Filled with a million doubts


In a fight with your own mind

God who's got the time


A mistake I am about to make

My brain got my heart about to break


At a fork in the road

Kiss the frog or the road


One wears a shinny crown

The other a tiara with a frown


Can't go back the same way

Unable to see night from day


Tug a war with this rope

Heart and brain fucked up on dope


From this nightmare I can not wake

Tears flowdown with every mistake


One side fights to be normal

How do we keep this formal


I am so crazy it seems

Stuck in a wakeless dream


Follow the red bow

Live with permant tears flow


Wool boots by the door

Hearts torn shatter to the floor


My head says dreams are dead

My heart tells me I need a imaginary fred


Fall in love with a man

Then comes running crying with other plans


One that loves to cheat

Also gives a good beat


One who loves control

Forced me to live like on parole


One love pee diapers in his pants

Wanted a mommy instead of romance


One on the phone

Cheated left me broken and alone


One i thought was the man

Then she had other plans


One was a friend

I let fear fuck it up in the end


I just want a normal life

Happy couple man and wife


I struggle to love

It's like playing catch with a worn out old glove


I just need to take some space

To find out my true fate


You say I don't know what it feels like to be alone

Honey the truth is it's all I have known


I don't even know what normal is

Just look at the life i have lived


I always wind up hurt in the end

Let's quit God playing pretend


God guide me

Please Show me where I am to be


Broken road ►


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Sun 24th May 2020 09:10

Don't be 'normal' stand apart, stand tall.

Be proud you can allow

Allow your self to be who you are

As for fear and doubt distant far

Keep writing, keep reading... Keep posting

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