Label On The Bottle

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Label On The Bottle


The label on the bottle told me it was strong

But I drank it all night anyway

And didn’t think that I’d done wrong


It made me very happy in a lightheaded sort of way

It was deep amber in colour

And I would regret it all next day


It burned the back of my throat as a sipped the evil brew

It smelt of cinnamon and spice

And bit by bit my confusion grew


I couldn’t walk a straight line no matter how I tried

I was asked if it was bad for me

And of course I stumbled and lied


On the way home I fell over in a big untidy mess

And couldn’t get up to my feet

And to be honest couldn’t care less


So I dragged myself into a churchyard and went to sleep upon a grave

I thought the stone bed was uncomfortable

This was no way to behave


The label on the empty bottle was staring me in the face

When I woke up next morning

In my fallen state of grace


I pledged to all that’s holy that I’d give up drink right away

So I’m lying damned in a cemetery

Under clouds threatening and grey


I stripped that label from the bottle and I took it home with me

Stuck it to my bedroom mirror

Where I knew that I would see


The next time I was getting ready and brushing at my hair

It had fallen off onto the floor

And joined the hundreds lying there

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 26th May 2020 14:30

Thanks Po (I think ? )
definitely one that needs some rework - but there's the basis of a blues guitar track here I think - so may come back to it with more time and take off some of the edges (but leave the ending)

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