Missed Warnings

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Missed Warnings


USA missed warnings

A 100,000 dead

Administration, President

Caught fast asleep in bed


We promise to make USA great again”


Australia heeded warnings

Less than a 100 dead

Promptly ordered lockdown

Australia used its head



Don Matthews May 2020

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Don Matthews

Tue 12th May 2020 09:55

Thanks for your comment Graham. Yes it is very easy to rush back in and ignore social distancing. Many of the stores have established ways of dealing with this but in many it is not practical. All you can do is rely on the individual to do the right thing.

Thanks also to Blackrose and Moon.girl for the likes

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 11th May 2020 16:45

Interestingly on the news here are jam-packed shopping streets in Australia now that the restrictions have been eased. no social distancing or else.


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