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A banquet spread out in the night sky

Now the day has ended.

Darkness triumphs over light.


Deep inside the womb of a cave,

bats with paper thin wings,

hinged with claws

and hanging upside down,

begin to stir from their sleep.


Suddenly the flying animals,

half the size of a five pound note,

let out a hunting cry.


Then they flutter out of the cave,

in an up draft,

that flows like the gu...

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The mirror only now reflects

The mirror only now reflects.

It neither flatters.

Nor does it tell lies.

It has no concept of the past or the future.


The past etched in the beholder's memory,

the mirror cannot reflect.

The future only time will tell.

The mirror only now reflects.



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Monkeys filled the vacuum

Covid-19 was frightening.

The public expected their elected representatives to help keep them safe.

The inept politicians acted with assured certainty and abnegated their responsibilities towards the public with uttter contempt.

Monkeys filled the vacuum and treated the public with utter disdain.

Exempted themselves from following the advice issued to the public.

The monkeys now ful...

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A well planned return

Headteachers are far from thrilled.

It is not a joke.

When September comes,

the school bells,

will summon children back,

to historically overcrowded schools.


Williamson expects teachers to keep classes

and whole year groups apart,

in separate bubbles without,

giving any thought on how,

learning will take place.


Children will mingle freely,

in the magic...

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No humans live here

in my dream

I follow a Shepherd

without a flock

to a far away land

beyond the blue remembered hills


we do not speak

l'm guided along

with signals made with his crook

I obediently follow


there appears before us

a foreign place

bathed in golden light


I saw no human habitations


stretched out in front of us

countless mounds of earth


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Post card from Spain

Here I'm in charming Granada

Shaded by palm trees

Drinking sangaria


You're stuck in Devon

What awful pictures shown on the news

Of the crowded Bournemouth beach

It must be frightening

Now that Boris has eased restrictions


Saw this nice post card

Of the heavenly Alhambra

And thought of you

Don't you wish

That you were here



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Joyful gardening bliss

The garden is adorned with,

sculptures and statues of,

different forms and sizes.

They are neither cast of bronze.

Nor are they chiselled from marble.


Here there are no sculptures,

created by famous artists.

Nor are there any statues,

made by known sculptors.


But the garden is full,

of priceless abstracts.

Some stand proudly tall.

Some spread out their...

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I shall not go there again

I shall not go there again. No more shall I walk the purple embroidered heather hills.

The majestic peregrine falcon no more graces the far horizon. The local gamekeeper poisioned it to protect his lordship's grouse.

I shall not go there again. The hitherto distant horizon clear is darkened and echoes with the dying peregrine's haunting wail.

I shall not go there again. Soon the horizon w...

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A poor sacrifice


he were a novice chess player.

He were pitted against God,

the Grandmaster.


In the deciding game Adam,

he made an monumental blunder.

He sacrificed his immortality,

in exchange for death.


Adam and his second had,

developed this flawed stretegy,

during their pre-tournament discussions.


The Grandmaster,

He wasn't,

surprised by the move.


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Pyrrhic victory

Oh envy!

You're singularly driven by your jealousy.

You rob the talented.

You deny them well deserved acclaim.


You slaughter rising stars,

with your sharpened words.

You drown their artistic endeavours,

in your bile filled pool.


When you awaken at dawn,

and read the account of,

your harsh criticism driven by envy,

will you proudly boast,

of your pyrrhi...

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Fondly remembered

I'm an orphan.

I've no father,

to say happy father's day to.

And no mother,

to send flowers to,

on mother's day.


Both my parents,

brought me up to respect

my fellow human beings.

And taught me the difference between right and wrong.

This has stood me in good stead,

all my life.

I shall always have fond and happy,

memories of my parents.


Happy fat...

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The return of the sunshine days of yore

She is a happy soul.

One day in late March,

silence strayed into her life.

By imposed solitude upon her.


Neither silence nor solitude intimidates her.

She loves her home.

She shares it with her tabby cat.

The home is full of happy memories.


She remembers the golden days,

before that fateful March day,

the door bell regularly heralded,

the arrival of frien...

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Friends will come out to play

This nightmare will be over.

The fog of uncertainty will lift.

The sun will shine tomorrow.


Friends will come out to play.

What joy it will be, once again,

to hear the voices that,

never fail to make you smile

and sometimes weep.


They will shower you,

with hugs and kisses.

And share a glass or two of wine.

What a day to savour it will be.


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What's the fuss all about?

What's the fuss all about?

Its always been this, that and the other.

This in now.

That was then.

And the other is a journey into the unknown.


What's the fuss all about?

Its always been this, that and the other.

This is life.

That is what it may have been.

The other is wishing time away.


What's the fuss all about?

Its always been this, that and the other.


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Yearning for the freedom of the open skies

everyday in the

sapping heat

of the desert noon

the host

and his retinue

retire to the

tranquil reception hall

in his house of wonders


the hall faces the

interior courtyard garden

its shuttered windows

create a magical calming



candle light scents

and burning incense perfumes

fill the hall

full of eastern promises


its wall...

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Soul and body purified

I had walked for miles

my feet were sore

I sat on the bank

of the little brook

rumbling through

the woodland

and rested for awhile


I took my boots

and socks off


then I dipped my

weary feet

in the saddle tan

coloured waters

of the stream


a shoal of

curious minnows

came and sweept

the soles of my feet

giving me an instant


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Tempting smile

be not seduced

by her inky smiling eyes

that ignite her scarlet lips

to whisper sweet

alluring promises


gaze into

those dark eyes

at your own peril

lest you drown

in her tears

and disappear 

into the deep recesses

of those black eyes.


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Rain turned into wine

the naked earth

by April's

ceaseless heat baked

now bathes

in June's

dancing tears


savouring the pirouetting tears

now fermented into

vintage wine

makes plants blush

in myriad shiny colours

and much greener glow

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A true Leprechauns tale?

my kitchen window

offers me

an uninterupted view

of the open countryside

and distant hills

to the west


through it I see

the setting sun

dip lower

as it approaches

the hills


for a fleeting moment

it glorifies the hills

by crowning them

with a golden halo

before disappearing over

to the other side

leaving a trail

of darkness behind



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Where do I begin?



do you hear

the rythm of




beat between

the first sunrise


the last sunset?


at the first sunrise

the first breath

is inhaled

the first tears

of joy are shed

and the eyes

first open to death


at the last sunset

the last goodbye

is whispered

a last faint sigh

is heard

and the eyes

shut the fi...

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Requiem mass

cemetery lane

in Earby

is an unstable track


pressing on one side

a dry stone wall

and the other

a row of poplars


the proud

tall ladies

glittering in slightest wind

were rehearsing a Requiem mass

at the open air concert hall

on the hills across silvery haze


accompanied by humming of

rustling leaves

with nettle and wild rose towers


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someone spread

a black shawl

over the sun

the long day

became night


the moon crept

inside the dark sky

in a hush

and cast stolen

soft sunlight around


an owl calling loud and deep

flew into sight

and spooked

dreamy watch-dogs

to disturb the calm of the night

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Kingfisher betrayed

I went outside

and entered that

timeless natural world

full of surprises


from afar I caught

a glimpse of

I know not



there it was

motionless on

a branch overhanging

the river


I crept closer

without making a sound

until I reached the tree

still it didn't stir


then suddenly

startled by approaching noisy ramblers

A turquois...

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The night the Milky Way disappeared

it was past midnight

on a balmy night

I lay back

on a comomile lawn


there lay before me

a creamy feast for the eyes

luminous bands of stars

stretching across the sky


the charming seven sisters beaming with broad smiles

a five jewelled glistening harp

the northern cross disguised as a beautiful swan shimmering in the milky sky

the lion shining bright makin...

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Just another lie

explicit was the government's lockdown guidance

the senior aide had his own twist

whilst the rest obeyed the rules

he drove to Durham in a mist


no use complaining about double standards

politicians are blind as well as deaf

public vents its anger in vain

you can't shout foul they're the ref


rulers deceive with shameless ease

it is just another lie

subjects a...

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Busy rearing the young

the apple tree in its full glory

the Robin on blossom deep

foraging for its chicks

insects and grubs gathered in its beak


it glides onto the thorny hedge below

surveys for dangers to heed

assured darts off to a concealed nest

its hungry brood to feed


the Robin will tirelessly performs this duty

without fail everyday from dawn till dusk

to the day the young a...

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Silence reigned in the end

with rain pouring

from his sad eyes

the old man

told to me

his lifes story

in a trembling voice


when a child

he'd plenty of time

to endlessly explore

the puzzling pathways

around him

to find the key

to open the door

and uncover

the secrets of

of his universe

he saw the world

through optimistic eyes


As a youth he was rebellious

he r...

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Will we meet again?

she came upon me

in daylight clear

with large watery

hazel eyes

and a beaming smile

that magically lit up

the universe


she had a

commanding presence

she whispered quietly

and said to me

let me take you

by the hand

and guide you

to the place

where I go

in my dreams


she held my hand

in her warm

comforting hand

and lead me

to a ...

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Face to face with gentle giants

Today's walk

took me

to the land

where giants 

in fairy tale

come to life


there were three

magnificent horses

in a field

abundant with

golden buttercups

jealously guarding

the green grass


a shire horse

and two gypsy cobs

existed in harmony

in a secure field

perched high above

Barrowford Park


the enormous

ebonied shire


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Uplifting walk

into the woodland

I stepped

from the west end

of the mile tunnel

on Leeds/Liverpool canal

at Barrowford today.


Saw willow

and holly

and oak

and beech

all still in delicate

pale shades

of spring

holly excepting


the slanting sun's rays

filtered through

boughs and branches

shone on

blue bell soldiers

in sparkling sapphire uniforms


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Life and death companions

birth of life

heralds death's beginning

death shadows

life's journey 


life walks side

by side with death

death's cup fills

as life's empties


life is transient

death is inevitable

death's duty is done

life is just beginning


that's natures way

life is nothing

without death

as a companion

obsession with death

life diminishes

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What would you rather be?

Lovers slip away to Paris,

each other to discover.


Bees skip flower to flower,

nectar to gather.


Lovers in Paris seek


artistic; and,


self gratification.


Bees among flowers,

flirt with pollen laden kisses,

to nurture farmers toil

to fruition 

for nectar alone.


Lovers in Paris,

swig champagne.


Bees among the ...

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Lockdown gift

Oh! what joy,

this lockdown bestows.

I feel, I stand alone,

in the garden of Eden

surrounded by natural beauty.


I smell natures intoxicating scents.

And almost hear,

its heart beat,

echo across the silent;

deserted landscape.


In this quiet,

awe inspiring idyll,

I hear whispers;

of better things to come,

ring out loud and clear.


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No more

No more


the Church bells

for the dead


No more

held the death rituals

prayers and remembrance

to honour them


No more

mass gatherings

to say goodbyes

to them


No more

friends can come

to say final farewell

to them


No more


burial service for



No more

than a few

close relatives to the


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For love

Why does she

in an empty room retreat

on this day

year after year?


In that far Autumn of 1968

she saw her dreams


by sacrifice asked to make


Her love was

wedded to his work

promotion was

in the pipeline


Time wasn't right

a family to raise

planning in future

more sense would make


Tomorrow came

but nature had slipped


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Sonnet_ Love and Lust

Shall I stain Love and Lust with the same brush?

It is truely noble and enduring.

The Cherry Blossom in April sunshine blush.

And Lust's dance is over in a fling.


Thus strong desires guides the moral compass awry.

The craving satisfied is oft short lived.

And the experience is soon denied.

And never again should such an affair ever be sized.


But the gift of love s...

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It will take time to clear the mess.

The moon stirs anger in the sea.

Gale force winds gust with menace.

Together they whip up colossal waves,

wrecking the ancient sea defences.


Harbour is a boiling couldron,

fuelled by horizontal rain.

Boats are torn from their safe moorings,

and are reduced to fragments.


Rapid rivers leap over their banks,

uprooting trees in a rage,

transforming land into ins...

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Prayer for the safety of the old man

He used to sit in that doorway.

Had a paper cup in his hand.

The entrance has long been blocked.

No one has seen him recently.

His companions have vanished too.


Where can one start to look for him?

No one monitors the homeless.

There is no refuge for his like.

Is a kind soul caring for him?

I pray that the old man is safe.

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Natures healing powers

I wondered aimlessly

along the meandering lane

far away from civilization

to empty my mind

of all things coronavirus


Then without any warning

my eyes feasted upon

a vast sea of grass

gilded with hundreds of dandelions

swaying in perfect harmony in a field


The masses of dandelions

were gazing admiringly at the blue skies

and were showered with

the be...

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Life long friendship

Do you remember the day we first met?

It was in a queue

Outside a school

One dull September day


We were two frightened little boys

Holding our mothers hand for comfort

There were other boys too

But they didn't appear daunted


Our names were called out

Mothers whispered reassuring words

And encouraged us to cross the Rubicon

To begin our life long learning ...

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Incarcerated indefinately

"Worse still to come"

WHO issued this bleak virus warning?

I don't know

Someone with too much time

To speculate I suppose?


I'm too busy keeping out of

The cordoned off Coronavirus Way

If anyone asks

Say I'm on a holiday

But the truth is


I'm currently incarcerated

At HMP  Self Isolation

Being held in solitary confinement

Indefinately at HM Government...

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Noise isn't always intrusive

He used to stand

At his window

And stare at the

World and its wife

Go by


Forever complained

About the din

Created by

People and cars

Rushing past


Now he has ceased

To stand and stare

A strict round the clock

Curfew imposed has

A ghost town created


No more shouting


Or sounds of traffic

Invade his privacy

Finds this unb...

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The Bridge Grandmaster

He's in his 90's

You know?

New members are told

On their first visit


Has a well lived in face

Kindly eyes

Disarming smile

Welcoming warm handshake


Is untidy of appearance

Weeks food splashed

Stained clothes

Wears two different socks on feet


Of lifes experiences

Remembers all yesterdays vividly

Vague about todays

Tomorrows are oblivious


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Service only fit for a mother

An old woman

Entered the exclusive

High Street cafe



She wore a simple dress

Had sparkling eyes

Narrow lips

And no makeup


Made her way slowly

To an empty table

Sat down gracefully

With beady eyes honed on her


The waitress came

Her order to take

Just a glass of water

Politely requested


She went away

Returned to


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Archimedes Hardaker

A burly Yorkshire coal miner

Came home clammy and dusty

Filled the bath with hot water


Plunged in to have a soak

Lost in thoughts got disorientated

When conscious again

Climbed out of the bath

Shouted EUREKA at the top of his voice

Adding by eck that were a reet relaxing bath

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A persona non grata

No entry allowed

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Walking in your foot steps

Half a century ago

I set my eyes upon you

For the first time

In this woodland


The tall trees shaded

A host of delicate plants

Painted in many

Colours of the rainbow


Many varieties of insects were

Buzzing from plant to plant

Feeding greedily

On plant nectar.


Spieces of different birds

Perched high on the grand stage

Each out singing the other


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Not any different

With such ease

Judgements made

Cursory evidence

From first impressions

Life long

Prejudices determine


Outwards appearance

The judgement weighs heavy

With no desire

To peel veneers

Truth beneath

Surface to seek


Listen in silence

The heart beats

And circulates blood

Lungs pump

Air flows

In all alike

Irrespective of who


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Brightly the moon shone

Ocean waves swish gently

Midnight wolf baying

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The dreaded lurgy

Worms its way deep silently

Life to estinguish

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