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Shall we be friends?


A ginger tom







In the garden


At dawn

This Spring morning

Distracted by a noise

Stops to investigate


Curiosity aroused

Sniffs the air

Ears honned in

Stares skywards


Recognizes sound floating

High above emanates from

A bird box

Home to Blue Tits chicks


Weighs up odds of nett...

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Judge not too harsly

In the twlight of his life

The dishevelled old man

Spends his day time sitting on pavements

With a plastic cup in his hand

He sleeps on door steps

On piles of cardboards for a bed


He wears a shirt frayed at the collar and cuffs

_Patch work mosaic trousers

_Socks darned with multicoloured threads

The soles of his shoes are full of holes

His blazer is repaired with...

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I would be nothing without you

I was nothing.

Then you held my hand.

Guided me through lifes maze.

And gave me an identity.


Watching you closely.

Trusting you implicitly.

Imitating you faithfully

Was all that was necessary to mould me

I would have been nothing

If there was no you to teach me.

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The violin concerto

The audience seated

Excitement in the air

Orchestra assembled

Music scores on the stand


The conductor appears _ Applause

The solo violinist enters _ Louder applause

Formalities observed

Hand shakes and courteous boughs


Maestro raised baton

Audience hushes

The players glued to baton

Await a signal


Upbeat noted

Orchestra begins playing


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Really _ the dead woman was her mother!

Why is this infantile woman,

unleashing a frenzied

verbal attack,

on the dead woman?


Her barbed tongue can no longer,

inflict suffering,

and pain,

upon her victim.


Jesus cleansed her soul.

He liberated her from all her earthly suffering and pain.

He took her to His Father’s mansion

and charged the Angels to look after her.


I pray that GOD will shi...

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The Rainbow

The yonder Green Hill

Sits starkly framed

Beneath a dark rain laden

empty sky


The Sun

A disguised alchemist

Places a tiara

high above the elevated area


The Triple Crown

Bedecked with myriads of

Vapours refracted colours

Illuminates the gloomy surroundings


Soon the sky deluged with rains

Of the sun’s kisses

Is awakened

Heralding the return...

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The drop of water that made the Silver Birch blush

The majestic Silver Birch

Adorning its winter regalia

Was bathing in bright sunshine

It stood in a calm pool of water


A lonely leaf was still

Attached to one of its branches

Hanging on for dear life

It had clung on to it

Grimly through the winter’s ravages


The rain had just ceased

A single drop of water

Skated across the leaf

Upon nearing the edge of t...

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The final destination

All roads lead to it.

Waste no time to look for paths to avoid the terminal station.

Fulfil your ambitions and dreams along the avenues

that life’s supreme journey takes you.

Rue not whether you took the right route.

We’ll all arrive at the journey’s end one day.

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Silence isn't always golden!

Alas a creeping curse

Ignited into a fickle feud

An absurd argument started it all

It soon hatched into hatred.


The ensuing guilt gnaws away

And gives birth to stubborn silence

It blossoms into a deathly deafening stalemate

The festering deadlock is hope destroying.


Thus lost in a labyrinth

The mind explores ways out of it

Concluding that the silence has to ...

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Was it really she?

As I walk down the Cemetery Lane,

A woman appears besides me.

She looks familiar.

The dark curly hair and smiling eyes

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew had vanished into the

unknown void long ago.


She whispers to me in a recognizable dulcet voice

tales that only my friend and I knew.

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew had departed from this

mortal coil m...

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