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There is no lifting of natures lockdown


I'm just a tired old man

on a mission

to reach a grassy knoll

before the sunsets.


I'm confident that

I shall get there comfortably.

The echo of the church bells

is guiding me.


There I will find

a row of poplars

atop a sunlight rounded hill.


Upon arriving I shall

remove my shoes.

And I shall lay me down

at the base of

the majesti...

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Can you see

the tall spikes

crowned with

delicate white blossom

growing in the SW

corner of the garden?


It is the herb valerian

its scent is most

pleasing and calming.

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Identity swapped

This year

April stole May's thunder

and spread sunshine and warmth

May upset wept April's tears

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Natures restorative powers

Just a prayer

a nod to see if you all

at the Write Out Loud community

are well and

holding up fine.


What a wonderful world

we live in.

I'm not going to dwell

on the inadequacies of

our leaders as that

way madness lies.


I just pray that you

are all well

and as the weather

improves you can

spend more and more

time outside

and become one


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Nature reassures

battered by conflicting voices

uncertainties surrounding the accursed

pandemic become

confused from day to day


yesterday's confident pronouncements

are contradicted today

dread what will be announced tomorrow


but thankfully nature remains constant

and faithfully follows its cycle

the thick blanket of snow spread

across the landscape is a

welcome distracti...

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