The Tale Of The Year Twenty Twenty

The year twenty twenty, what a story to be told

When nature said enough is enough and put the world on hold

Mother Earth took a break, to revitalise, refresh and renew

Taught us all a valuable lesson, to give respect when it is due

She created the coronavirus, almost impossible to beat

The world paused for a while and considered its defeat


Is it a dream or a nightmare, because there is no in between

Be careful what you wish for, the grass is always green


More time to play with children... but nothing to see or do

No funfair rides, playing in parks or days out at the zoo

Celebrate with loved ones... no gatherings more than two

No hugs and kisses or holding close, saying I love you


Cheap fuel for journeys... only to the supermarket to shop

All holidays and travel plans are temporarily on stop

Time off work to travel... no ships sail or planes fly high

No meals in fancy restaurants or tin foil trays in the sky


More time at home, less at work... Oh how to spend your day

Free time doesn't come cheap and we all have bills to pay

Food growing lush and plentiful... unpicked crops going to waste

People relying on food banks, leaves a very bitter taste


Be careful what you wish for, the grass is always green

Is it a dream or a nightmare, there must be an in between


To reflect upon a rainbow, there must be sun and rain

It is impossible to feel pleasure, if you can not feel the pain

You have to cross the river, to reach the other side

Endure the sadness of failure, to value the joy of pride


The dark journey through a tunnel, leads you to the light

Always a bright new morning to break the blackest night

This time has come to test us with sadness, loss and pain

And we must work together to find joy and peace again


The tale of twenty twenty and the message it will send

Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end

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◄ RIP Poppy

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