The art of communication

Hellos and goodbyes, we hear all day
The articulation of words in speech
When gestures can confer many meanings
Yet silence can speak a thousand words
How is it that some speak, and others hear nothing?

In communicating, thoughts and ideas are exchanged
In actions, miscommunication may occur, but discussion can clear it all
Many wish to know others yet their hearts have they closed off
How can you request for that which you are not willing to give?
Reciprocation is the key in the art of communication

Compromise is a close companion, though different, it brings enlightenment 
Wishing not to change others, but a level of understanding is one’s desire
The differences make for a good story
But both must be willing to narrate their parts

Communication is a game of taking and giving, of listening and speaking
A unique balance reached where both are content
The decoding and deciphering of subtleties
Discussion to be had in hopes of lifting the mystery that lies beneath
The practise of which results in new journeys

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Tue 19th May 2020 15:57

Make this poem a part of every school's curriculum worldwide and see how quickly strife vanishes everywhere!


Tue 19th May 2020 13:27

Well communicated!!

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