We Are All That We Are

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I first came to England as an Archon
   and my blindness made me full
I pretended I had substance to my spirit
   but I had not even Will

I convinced myself the light we carry
   was born from brainless eras
that the burning golden Eye above us
   was the symbol of a truce

From from away I cast my blood beyond 
   what I believed to be unreal
those phantom mimes of a better self
   calling from the Seal

There was no anguish I refused to nurture 
   all external to my perception 
although each spirit rose from the core
   I imagined exotic planets

But God does not need transportation 
   He is both Rest and Vibration at once 
a fire forever forming in the ages, 
   a Truth that lives to hunt

And once I sat and stared right through 
   the sun at just below Zenith
saw the hexagonal static in the blue
   pour who knows what in the Earth

And the Lord spoke soon after
   with dreams, flights and numbers 
proofs beneath the grounds of desperation 
   piercing up through the dirt

Those miracles are the moments of light 
   that arrive at the most hopeless hours
to whisper ancient promises in the night
   and unlock the elusive power

When you receive the gift of this witness 
    no horror or heartache can command 
the lost energies of that subtle darkness 
   because I Am That I Am






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