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Whore and a hero

A whore and a hero 

You can keep your whore
I  will keep my superman 
You can move her in the door
I will marry my superhero its the plan 


She maybe having your maury show baby 
I will have a family with my thor 
You got the one who isnt a lady 
I got the marriage proposal by the shore


She doesn't know who her baby daddy is
I got picked up by spiderman 
 you both  love t...

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Dear mister right one

I need me a good one 

Do anything for me fun 


I might lose my way to stand 

Promise me you will make a plan 


I need one to hold me tight 

Not just in the dead of night 


No matter what I ask will do 

Just because you love me too 


I know I can depend on us 

It's simple just give me trust 


Life's not perfect it's true 

So you don't have to be ...

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Don't go after cute Bun buns

Mr rabbit went in a hole 

It was dug by his friend the blind dirty mole


Alice chased him into it 

She  then realized she couldn't fit 


She cried and cried 

You would have thought he died


Mr .rabbit heard her crying shout

Could do shit for he just got washed out 

He followed the Dirty blind mole 

In the deep dark hole 


When he should have followed h...

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Not what I expected

Friendship  fizzles out before it starts 

Before anyone got broken apart


True colors lie underneath

You blue so very out of reach 


I won't give a damn 

Your not that one then


Drinks like a thirsty camel 

You personality like gas just  so flammable


I am only good when no one else is there 

Toss me like a worn out teddy bear 


I know when I am no...

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Broken at the same time

Stop blaming yourself 

It's her fault the feelings felt 


She doesn't know how to love you it seems 

I can't help but want to be in your dreams 


I hate her cause she hurt you so 

Now you just can't let this go 


I fucked it up its true 

Now I just don't know what else to do 


I need to find that special place inside 

The one that wishes you had died



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Hidden secrets

entry picture

Blue of your eyes 

The color of tears to cry


What lies beneath the skin

You soul light can let me in 


Crazy thoughts scream in my head 

This isn't how I pictured this planned 


Dreams wake me up at night 

Cauae my soul it takes flight 


The longing to hear your voice 

This just leaves me not choice 


You can't possibly feel this way 

Actions p...

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Mask of season lies

Tricks then treats 

I am the bitch which you beat


It's not Halloween

Take off your mask demons to be seen 


Bruses on my flesh and soul 

As you demons take control 


Grab me up for where I sit 

Beat hit me I am worthless


 Just look at my battle wound

The remind me inside death and gloom


Thump print you mark on my skin

I am not happy done play...

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King size pain

Back down the rabbit hole

Stumbling tripping I go


You wear my sexy clothes

I wanted to look sexy in though


I get drunk to numb the pain

Cause I know there's nothing I can change


You bite me just to shut me up

Dispute the fact you know how fucked up


Drink this beer down the hatch

Cause my feeling you never catch


Lost in this hell of a world I b...

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Play pretend

This has gotta end


Fuck this shit

Pissed you just deal with it


You cry over her

Treat me like a blur


This is bullshit

Just fucking deal with it


You speak lies from a fork tounge

This can't be undone


This is utter shit

Can't just deal with it


Scream out in pain

As the tear fall like rain


This fucking shit


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You lied

We just hide


Wake up checking my phone

Laying here feeling even though not alone


You hide

We never tried


Sleep kills the pain

Hide feelings and refain


You slide

We step aside


want what we  had

Kiss me off makes me mad


You glide

We just walk outside


I sit here wanting

Waiting painfully needing


You strid...

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Whole lot of shame

Stop playing pretend

Stop trying to be my friend


I just wanted you to listen

Instead you just start fishing


I don't have time for this in my life

You fuck with my head causeing strife


I am so easily to change my mind

I will just lay here and act like I am fine


I deserve to feel like shit

I caused all this now I deal with it


Now you just bully ...

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Mirror heart

Laying here crying

While you keep go on ignoring


Actions scream so loud

But you your just to proud


I am sobbing

The beds rocking


The pains getting to be to much

I just rather get punched


I am bleeding from the inside out

My thoughts cloud with doubts


We are going down a path to no where

I can  feel you drifting over there


I just wan...

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All alone

This was misery

It's a catastrophe


I lost my self

When you found yourself



I thought I was getting a man

But your lies had other plans



Now I sit here feeling all alone

Wondering if I will ever feel home



Try and love you all that I can

Wishing god had other plans



I feel lost and scared

How could anyone have prepared



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In between

Two loves stuck in between

Got to confess come clean


One is my Forever friend

The other I see the future


Hurting them Either way

This isn't some evil game I play


Ask God to guide me

While he Screams just come find me


She just wants to be free

I just wanna wake from this dream


How do I know the right path to take

God guide me through faith


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I wanna feel the sting the burn 
I feel the urg beneath me I urn 

I just wanna bleed and scream 
I am always the bad person it seem

I can't shut off the thoughts in my head
I struggle just to get out of bed

I stay trapped inside this cell
Unable to escape personal hell

I shove them all away 
Just so in this cell I stay 

It takes every once in me 
Just to not slice the flesh yo...

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Dream or nightmare

It's 5pm I am drunk and alone again

I just wanna get lost every now and then


I never get sleep anymore

This bed feels like a concrete floor


I don't have control anymore it seems

Why can't wake from those dreams


All alone in this full house

Treated like a ugly dead mouse


Why does it seem like everything's against me

Evil thoughts take hold inside like ...

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Broken road

Down all the broken roads

Hearts beat with heavy loads


Thoughts sinking deeper

Memory I don't want to remember


I lie to myself the most

Saying evil things like a bad roast


The darkness in her eyes

With the words flow sweet lies


Cross roads of love and fear

Mistakes make them brought so near


Mind plays awful game

Fear of the unknown leave no...

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God what's normal?

God guide me to the truth

God just give me proof


I get lost in my own thoughts

Filled with a million doubts


In a fight with your own mind

God who's got the time


A mistake I am about to make

My brain got my heart about to break


At a fork in the road

Kiss the frog or the road


One wears a shinny crown

The other a tiara with a frown



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