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Don Matthews on There Isn't A Need (Tue, 11 Feb 2020 09:46 pm)

Itsjustmedownhere on Wednesday Echoes (Fri, 7 Feb 2020 05:08 am)

There Isn't A Need

Bandages constantly being placed,

Straight onto those voids that were caused

By someone who had no right to harm.


Wrap, tape, cry.

That's your pattern each night, isn't it?

When you weep because of your craving for love.


You do not understand it yet

But you do not require this person in your life.

Yesterday's emotions need to be wiped clean.


We are the uni...

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familyhopenext chapterprotection

Wednesday Echoes

The mountains we seek

The crests and peaks

Are no longer to be discovered


We reached the summit

but retracted

and settled in the trough


Where now?

You say


I do not respond, I contemplate my answer

Make it articulate, considerate, yet punctual;


Nowhere. We settle.

We deal with what we need to deal with.

Whether that is today,



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