Move Away From The Pain


Move Away From The Pain

     .....'cut' away from the majestic piano
Dear God, for the phrase never ending like love,
     Cut away from the pain my Sentient -
For your eyes need never be dulled,

     you sit within hurt for the kindred you are
as exasperation bares the folly of Man,
    but your eyes seek to heal and your spirit be heard,
(Do they sense the being you are)?


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Nina Simone

I Don't Murder Less Than Three People In Any One Sitting

Toolips, are fekkin yellow,
      Roses, fekkin red,
I can't stand your fekkin fakery,
You're dead.

I thank you.

ZTK Space

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interdimensionals farting but don't let you fart.

Angel Fire



This an ole ole one. Just thought I would give it an air.

Especially for those keen to evade the truth.




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Manchester (The Poetical) feat; Elbow

.....this town, this city, this, Manchester.
     Everywhere, everywhere you look, is concrete,
The houses, the flats, the schools, the shops,
     concrete, upon concrete, upon concrete.

     The people, hardened faces with hardened stares,
The children, hardened faces with hardened stares and there
By thier side, the hard face of the dogs ready for battle,
     (and they be the ones own...

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Grown Angered

Grown Angered


     The saddles at Buffalo Bills remain empty,
For ‘the new commercials’ were not ready,
Not keen enough for knife, for gun,

     This wasn’t a warranted event
For A World in Hate to contemplate,
Nor any reference to ‘rough justice’
Can be badged and excused as,
     ‘We all know there is no such thing as rough justice!’

     Those that can, dance, while other’...

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Happy Birthday Simon

Who Would You Give The Library

To Winston, Paul B all admin and, everyone.

Imagine you come from Poverty, complete and sheer poverty. Imagine too, your creative mind, wiping the floor with Eton and Oxbridge Candidates.

Imagine that, you have too many coincidences of being 'put down' under bogus accusation. Imagine too, knowing that all you do, is being filtered so only a select few know of your intellect, compassion, tale...

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class actcorruptiondead poetspovertystolen life

Set Them Free

How The 'Few,' Rule The Multitudes


     'We,' are niether Darwinian, or Adam & Eve. We are, an Alien Hybrid. Our Architects, our engineers, our rulers, are few, and we, are the many. So how, do they keep control. What follows, is how 'we' ourselves, have been conditioned, and orchestrated, and manipulated, to uphold the whip for them. It is a whip they no longer need to weild as what is la...

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Come and See (Russian Dedication)

Come and See


     from within a husk known human,
     A dereliction dwells,
Eyes peer from beneath, eyes -
     Like yours, or mine,
But from a notion caught in angst,
     A psychic awareness knows within
The husk the eyes that peer upon you
     Are far from Humankind.



     Angels here are hunted down
And the gun upon their head,
     But the trigger there is ne...

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Love Is Our Intuition, Not, A Hurt




                              i love you.












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Glancing Shadows

Glancing Shadows

     This Sun frightens my deeper of Soul,
It is a Sun I am coveted beneath yet none know
How truth the torture of heat and light
     Has many upon maddening states, ready
To throw life beyond their manic horizon,
     A realm where Frida Kahlo
Sought dark rooms to escape the brilliance
Of pain,

     Worshippers are they never known by
Galactic foe who decree int...

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Fractal Enclosures


Fractal Enclosures


     Long now,
Thoughts on life have teetered upon the value of mushrooms,
     I am not alone in this - as everyday
I sense the bloom of those about,
     Searching so desperately The Sun.

     Occasionally in dense populations
You see the confused tentacles feeling all about
As Humanoid meandre among one another -
And even if a latch is possible,

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Advanced Civilization You Say (Top Of The Tree Candidacy Edition)

     Advanced Civilization You Say
           (Top Of The Tree Candidacy Edition)

     He didn't need to write poetry to be stolen
From his hard drive,
     And yeah he could play keys like
     Prokofiev but,
Was only allowed to 'do' hip hop!

The check boxes to fake a Doctors concern
     (the new found predator right before their eyes)
     were never once ticked, or drawn ...

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Sirius Blue

Sirius Blue

     How else to make a possible union, implausible,
How else to besmirch a positive graduation,
How else, but within a coma?

     There within realms of Sirius, a Blue Sun grants
A helping hand to an old planet where fledgling concepts
Are denied expansions of thoughts, feelings, futures,
     For the 'old' deception for new babes
Does not want of realization, where within...

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Socrates On Orwell On Truth On This Now Prison

     Our race is lost,
what has won is our disgrace,
our race, is lost,
no other body be granted,
     no more planet for us in space.

     Our race is lost,
for now you buy your air,
our race is lost,
don't ever, ever, ever again state for children - you care!






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To Capture (feat Mcrae, Brubeck)

     To Capture

     So they come they go they talk they.......
     so they come they go they never
know the anguish, never know the
longing held in solitary, never understand
the steal,

     oh for five just to be
back before this self that once
was owned but, as lonesome,
     only an inept eternity that
spans all vacant dimension - known futility;
has every clock stopped,


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Salt Of The Earth

                    Salt of The Earth

            It moves slowly down
The highest of brow’s,
Taken like metal to magnet;
A floor where the highest of intellects,
            Rejoins the races in spaces
Not the largest of wallets escape.

            She sits pretty,
High on high claiming the
Food of adoration of fans,
     The sweat gathering speed
As bleeding, she still claims
The s...

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Snow In Summer

Snow In Summer

     I have no will to speak of,
So upon these walls my door is open,
     I have no will to speak of and,
I am sure you will take what applies
Without a fight.

     I have no funds for burial,
So let the sky be my only cover,
No hole worth the effort and, the flies
Will want of nourishment, they at least,
Thankful for my, presence.

     I have no family to speak of,

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A Council of Twelves For Counsel of Life

A Council of Twelves For Counsel of Life

                            (The Deep Request)


     Thirty years ago,

I stood equatorial with high adventure –

     A young buck with prowess and skill,

Trained and tanned – and shoot to kill,

A bronze of boy with blonde of hair and,

     I thought the devil wouldn’t challenge

Me at all, wouldn’t dare strike my tall,



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Cleverbridge (NHS J & H Edition)

 Some of my prose is placed within music I have produced.


One such piece is in this production on Youtube. So I have given you the link to the video.

God bless moog.............enjoy, perhaps some added spice to Write Out Loud.

Keep creative. Stay good,





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Two Sides of the Same Coin Franked From Bulshit

Two Sides of the Same Coin Franked From Bulshit    

     Such beauty does insist until your
Feet are placed upon the ground,
Then all around the ugliness persists
The greatest lie is found………
     My hands are at side,
Palms upturned as though benevolence
Places a meeting here in peace,
     And then I look upon my palm –
Tight and taut - the skin, young

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The Chance They Always Lie


The Chance They Always Lie

     On the left side of the hearth wall –
A tall lamp stands without a shade, and there
Towards the right, pictures of a family gone
Many years ago, faces fresh, smiling, happy.

     The centre-piece of the wall is the
Wood burning stove, not been lit for weeks now,
The ash still there around the feet, the stone
Not polished but, old,

     Old is w...

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Facades feat. ZTK Space


Mister Phillip Glass Sir, please forgive me but, I thought this piece would make great an accompaniment to your very thought provoking works. If it upsets you, I will remove the piece but, I am a fan of your works and hope you understand how it most definitely feels valid and sits well.

Facades is an Orchestral Piece written By Phillip Glass.

Thank you.


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Guess Where Daddy's From


...............wake..............or live in death.



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Going Home By Candle


.............yeah................. us oh lord.............. us.



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A Prayer To K-Pax



..........stay at home..............they say.





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The Silent Commodoties Born Poor



The Silent Commodities Born Poor


     The treasure chest is full,

And many a full treasure chest are there

Secretly concealed in caves,  in safes,

In Nuclear Bunkers,

     In the avarice mind of our Gaoler.


     Now the cull,

Now the greed is there for a good

While – there be no need for

The silent commodities born poor,

A wealth of their intellect...

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The Fashions of a Yeehaw Man



I wrote this a good what, fifteen or twenty years ago. I dunno where the original paper or disc form of it is. I have lost that much over the years, some of which (unless gathered by GCHQ), lost forever.


anyhow, hope you enjoy it and yeah, you're allowed a smile at the reference made to Locke, Berkerley and Hulme.


keep going, stay strong, stay creative.


It's only ...

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Tommy by Rudyard Kipling


.......this is I hope, a treat for those understanding soldiers, and of course

the many fans of Rudyard Kipling.


Tommy by Rudyard Kipling (Read by ZTK Space)


former Royal Corps of Signals.


stay well.



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Tin City



......a look back to Africa.


I hope, as the Masai and Kikuyu now return to thier homesteads and villages, 'we' the primitive West, learn from them!


there is a track that now accompanies this piece. it is on youtube. Follow this link..





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Transcode - The Return To Middle Earth

Transcode – The Return To Middle Earth



     Between this Full Moon and I this night;

A Dragons wing - translucent guided by

A Silent prayer,

     A worried concern of scattered

Fallen trees, no owl accompaniment of

Wisp of air, no call of Pine-cat hunting

Way below, or Deer to ruck beyond

A Winters thaw.


     Our Highland Ghost, no more

Cullodens ground...

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The Loan of Bread Now Stale

The Loan Of Bread Now Stale



     Back there last year as the chill began,

I swear I snatched the cordite in a jar

To sense a longing hope,

     For there as stars were only a second away

A wish for heartfelt government stands yet

To this day,



Is then our Winter reflection as the flame

Seeks to top the stove while the malt lingers

On the ...

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The Dance and Trickery of Evil

The Dance and Trickery of Evil


     There are concepts beyond the illusory,

Subtlety’s  you are invited to but never quite snatch,

They never enlighten presence upon you

And request only, you sit, sit loathingly in doubt -

    As all question who came first,

The bird we salivate and eat -

Or egg – yet,

     ‘they,’ are already picking argument and killing any,

Any o...

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Beyond The Gone Crowd

Beyond The Gone Crowd


     There is a blind that cares for me,

A blind that rolls in the morn and then again, evening,

     The colour, no consequence, no form or

Importance as, when rolled either up, or down,

Colour changes shape and shine, shadow

Within the room where cherubs once sang, and laughed.


     Every morn the roll lifts itself a hope

Of life outside be...

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Above The Fluttering Butterfly

Above The Fluttering Butterfly



     Today I saw you again,

We spent time in haste and silent tears,

Believing in only faults declared by others,

      Today the time was brief, as if the first

Stage of a future king, a future queen.


     I know the sorrow you live,

For there is my presence, right there

Upon your intuition, right there where

The glance is t...

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If It Matters To You

It is getting real dirty and shitty for Veterans. 2 weeks ago another comrade of mine from the troop I served with, died of Sudden Death.

It is always Sudden Death they list.

The oppo I handed my detachment to at Al Jabayl died the same way in front of his family. He was only 44. Andrew Egan. There are too many and I don't want to count them anymore. All have one thing in common, association...

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human rights abusesveteranwitch hunt

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