Human Touch

The first human language is touch



second nature

touch comes before sight

before speech

skin on skin 

begins each individual journey


In life, in death,

in times of great despair touch is there

we reach out, we grasp hold


soothed by human contact

we respond to those in need

hand on hand

heeding their pain


But when touch declares war

when touch becomes the enemy

when touch brings the biggest global threat the world has known

our lives are turned around 

thrown upside down 

postponed, cancelled indefinitely


We retreat and seek

a different kind of empathy with our fellow-man

find new ways to care

to just be there

virtually communicating a means of healing

technically alleviating anxious feelings

of intense sorrow

heart on heart

until tomorrow


when the world will re-open

and invite us back to living

when the sun will shine

and mankind will be forgiving

when we will appreciate all that we ever had

and all we ever needed to survive


when tears dry and smiles grow

and the power of human touch

is restored in all its glory


skin on skin

hand on hand

heart on heart

the first human language is touch










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Hilary Walker

Tue 19th May 2020 07:22

Thank you for your kind comments 😊


Mon 18th May 2020 17:34

The power of touch goes far beyond intellect, reason and sense it heals wounds, helps soothes unreachable blisters and best of all it helps you sleep feeling secure and loved, great poem loved this one thoroughly.

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