Gen Zzz

I wonder how this generation, 
fresh out of school, 
is going to make it in the work world. 

There are exceptions of course, 
but most are selfish sloths. 

They have been coddled,  
argue Google makes them brighter, 
than professionals with a lifetime of experience.

Their attention span is shorter than an egg timer. 
You have to repeat instructions to them. 

Chained to their point of view,
with no clue.  

See them with undivided attention,
acknowledge, at any cost. 

Therein lies the problem.
They are the invisible generation, 

seeking validation, 
with a smart phone.

Dismissing higher powers,
wise counsel.


They have to find their way 
just like every generation 
before them. 

I wish I had the patience 
to mentor them, 

instead of wanting to
on a summer breeze...



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Mon 25th May 2020 00:06

Po, you already know. I love WOL, especially because of you! You always make a point to read and leave feedback for us fellow poets. They need to put you on payroll! Thank you for being a friend. ❤️

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Mon 25th May 2020 00:02

Mortimer, even your responses are poetic. I love the dandelion analogy. Thanks for reading and sharing your insights.


Sun 24th May 2020 10:43

Youth is wasted on the young, we are all careless eager to make mistakes, rush head first into everything or lay back and do nothing

Under the tender caress of time though, even dandelions find a way to grow through the thick shackles of concrete, life and will have a way of leading things, we can never understand.

A very truthful poem


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Sat 23rd May 2020 17:51

Thanks for reading and sharing your insights Jordyn, Abdul, Moongirl, and MC. This poem was a rant from dealing with moody teenagers all week. Poetry is the way I purge the negativity. It works every time, thankfully. I changed the accompanying video at least a dozen times. Started with the theme from Gilligan's Island, then moved towards videos that made it about the kids, settled on one with a relaxing theme that is more about me needing to balance life between work and play. WOL is a great escape!

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 23rd May 2020 17:13

Provocative but with that sting of reality. The Age of Aquarius is now
The Age of Entitlement. The accompanying music video seemed to represent an overwhelming trait today - loud and
people shouting their demands to be taken notice of. .

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 23rd May 2020 16:45


An arguement every generation grapples with about previous and successive generations well considered.

Enjoyed reading it.


<Deleted User> (24283)

Sat 23rd May 2020 01:30

Well thought. Every generation had their own pitfalls and struggles. Covid gen has theirs.... but they will get used to very soon, few will land frustrated, now parents have a big role to play in rightly motivating them.

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Sat 23rd May 2020 00:29

If you are here my dear, you are most definitely the exception! Write on. ?

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Sat 23rd May 2020 00:24

I couldn't agree more. Though I'm young I often find myself thinking the same thing, maybe that is why I'm no longer allowed at the kids table.

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