Narcissus In The Age Of Plastic

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Narcissus In The Age Of Plastic


Beauty is skin deep

Layers of paint and plastic

Daubed with unsteady hands


Glance in the mirror

see the full bee-sting lips pout

and fake eye lashes


the tattooed eyebrows

filler in the crows-feet cracks

tell-tale nip and tuck


Nemesis smiles and

Avenges fading Echoes

Of a youth gone wild


When you are old dust

All you will leave behind you

Are man-made remains


Gods laugh at beauty

despise human frailty

give you age and death


For they fear mankind

Transcending beauty

Overthrowing time


So they let you cut

Implant carve remove destroy

The gifts they gave you


We always decline

Our god given right to sit

Among the bright stars


We always spoil fruit

Tarnish it with necrotic

Spots of vanity

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