Broken at the same time

Stop blaming yourself 

It's her fault the feelings felt 


She doesn't know how to love you it seems 

I can't help but want to be in your dreams 


I hate her cause she hurt you so 

Now you just can't let this go 


I fucked it up its true 

Now I just don't know what else to do 


I need to find that special place inside 

The one that wishes you had died


I wanna touch that spot 

Clean out your nasty thoughts 


I know this isn't right at all

But I couldnt help it I just suddenly fall


You will never feel for me the same 

I was to scared to start or finish this game 


I am not the most pretty around 

But your eyes are the most beautiful ever found 


I would never speak this to your face 

I would love to move at your pace 


This is deep secrets I hold tight 

Just like I do you when I dream at night 


She was too selfish 

She couldn't have felt this 


No one else in the world understands the pushing away 

Even though desperately wanting someone to stay 


I can't bare to listen about her 

Cause I desperately wish I was there 


I am better at writing my feelings out

Cause speaking out loud fills me with doubt 


Friends say don't give up on you 

God if you could only see how badly I never want too 


I don't care if I never became your wife 

I just want you in my life 


Caught between wanting a change 

But fearing the huge rearrange 


If you only knew everything I told you 

Baby it was all so very true 


I can't help but wonder if I was to make her jealous

Lord knows there's never gonna be us 


She never loved you I know it's true

I can read between every single clue 


You never give up on someone you truly love 

It's not gonna fit like a perfect glove 


I know I am crazy for feeling this way 

But damn it I just wanted you to stay 


If you ever find out about this 

There will be no fixing it 


Rather have you as a friend 

Then risk you put a end 


My heart out will be poured 

With every click of this keyboard 


I know this is all wrong 

Who knew this and go along


I am sorry for all this 

I wish you nothing but a life of bliss


I am just a crazy girl it's true 

One of which feelings you have have no clue 


You did nothing but be yourself 

Lord knows how hard it is to be felt 



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Nigel Astell

Sat 30th May 2020 09:59

An emotional bomb must explode
to let all your feelings out.

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