Life minus the subtitles

Slotted low between the flats 
just outside of your sight 
fast-forwarding a few days
and you could hear people
still not staying safe with epic chats
who clearly ain’t living together, 

You can hear the radio saying
out of your neighbour cleaning his car
Manchester is expected 
to follow Liverpool next
By refusing to send their children 
Back to School on 1st June,

Then your mate rings up
To say Germany have announced
They are going to resume football
Behind closed doors
But with no sign of British football
Starting up again,

and also have I heard about 
the protests in Berlin and Stuggart
Against the lockdown measures
And the rumoured ones
About to start 
In the centre of Manchester,

Flickering your attention
In-between emails from work
Talking about systems you can’t access yet
Almost like you are in a film
From a different country
Minus the subtitles, 

Wrapping emotions 
Barely free from your laptop screen
As you hear your neighbour rowing
With somebody who lives off the other side
Of your block
Over the volume of his music 

Holding life like driftwood 
on the edge of a huge fire
with every bit of tension you hear
flinging my shivers into terror
worrying just how much more
can we all take before
everything completely collapses. 

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Andy N

Wed 20th May 2020 19:21

Thanks for the comment, Tom. Usually with titles there are usually the first thing I come up with but that one came after. Kinda make sense I guess (:

Thanks also for the little verse, Don. Agree with you there (:

Thanks for the like Mortimer. Bit of a different poem to my trees piece, but I guess its covers the same feeling of isolation etc (:

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Don Matthews

Wed 20th May 2020 09:58

As poet I will document
What I hear and see
There for all posterity
In my poetry

About the 20 virus plague
Which turned world upside down
Killed people in their thousands
And came from China town....

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Wed 20th May 2020 09:23

Really like this Andy. As Hannah said, it really captures the experience. It'll be interesting to reflect on this time in years to come and poems like this will be a great document/record. I also really like the title too! 😃

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Andy N

Wed 20th May 2020 08:30

Thanks Don. Not been a big fan of over-long lines, I believe you can tell a decent line in 8 words rather than 16!

I'll get by. I'll probably write a line about grabbing the sunlight in my arms when it is fully safe for me (:

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Don Matthews

Wed 20th May 2020 00:37

Quite apart from the frustrating situation you are in I really like your style of writing Andy. Lines are short, succint, easy to take in....

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Andy N

Tue 19th May 2020 22:06

You are dead right here, Hannah. Very un-nerving what is going on at the moment and considering I am not meant to be leaving my flat really, really worrying.

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Hannah Collins

Tue 19th May 2020 21:27

Sometimes it feels like a bad dream.
You have captured the feel of the Lockdown here.


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