The Nape Of Her Neck

Festivity around the scene serene full of cheer

Hullaballoo! Everyone wanted to be there

She heard the noise outside from her balcony

White shirt and black trousers she arranged her hair

The lady looked pretty as she tied her hair

Oh, how beautiful was the nape of her neck!


She went amidst the crowd

Danced and danced feeling very proud.

The fiesta continued there for some time

Her hair untied and fell spreading over her shoulders

And she was soon the cynosure in her beholders

Fascinated and spell cast by the nape of her neck.


While dancing she tied her hair yet again

She went with the flow of dance insane

With the tied hair her face started to glow.

That appearance of hers was so mystique

She was looking beautiful and unique

And yet this time it was the nape of her neck.


Fascination ruled all along she danced on the street

She was all into a rhythm and so were her dancing feet.

Her hair kept doing the trick and repeated its play,

And she was no less either as she tied it with a clip

She danced and danced pushing her hair in a flip…

In between, the pull remained nape of her neck.


The party was over and the crowd dispersed slowly

The troupe of belles moved on and it’s when she was lonely

For the final time she rolled her hands into her hair…

Raising her stare up & walking back she tied them one last time

And I also entertained myself watching one last time,

The extremely pretty alluring nape of her neck.

beautiful woman

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