Life Is A Slow Death (God Please Help Me)

I can't take it,

I'm only asking,

Please Lord help me,

I'm tired of relapsing,

Over and over,

My veins are collapsing,

I know you hear me,

I'm sorry for babbling,

I don't understand,

Why this keeps happening,

I'm covering the pain,

It's so everlasting,

The hurt burns deep,

It never stops dragging,

Life is a slow death,

It's truly a sad thing,

My hands are cold,

My heart is blackening,

I miss my love,

I know it's a bad thing,

It won't go away,

An eternal damning,

Save me please God,

It was a misunderstanding,

So whenever you can,

This will be the last thing.



MAY 10, 2020

DeathDepressionEmptinessGiving upHating LifeHeartbreakHopelessHurtLifeLostNegative thoughtsPainRelapseSoul Crushed

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Jared Harris

Sat 30th May 2020 13:43

Thank you both for your comments and feedback I really do appreciate it a lot...the words and thoughts that I write down come straight from the very deepest part of the person that I am, I suffer from manic depression and sometimes writting shit down can be a way of taking some of that heavy weight, the burden of existence off of my shoulders for a little bit....i hope you ladies read some of my other writtings as well, some are really intense but you might be able to relate on some level....thanks again and take care...


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Wed 13th May 2020 18:48

The words are mirrors reflecting myself....
Beautiful Jared.

<Deleted User> (24283)

Sun 10th May 2020 21:08

Mutual feelings

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