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AmeriKKKan Trilogy version 2.1 (updated)

an updated version of an earlier blog entry - with audio. The US have resolved their corrupt president, are making inroads into their race issues - but when they ask 'what can we do?' as another 21 citizens are killed by a gun toting maniac - the answer we shout back is - 'You Know What To Do!' the third part of this trilogy deals with that - I am not able (at this time) to add the latest attrocit...

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us gun law

Red Flag Blues

Red Flag Blues


Through a rose tinted haze

That barely warms my heart

Comes a lukewarm reaction

That tears my beliefs apart

Nothing to vote for

No contradictory views

Politically impotent

Red flag blues


Insipid humility

Nothing new to say

Trading in ineffectiveness

Another grey day

Gets rid of opposition

Spectral on the news

leading blind acoly...

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new labourred flagsocialismno choicekeir starmer

The Battle Of Holbeck Moor

The Battle Of Holbeck Moor


The day the Fascists came to Leeds

And faced the Yorkshire grit

Of local folk who travelled there

From every mill and pit

To face them down on Holbeck Moor

and still their twisted tongue.

That day a famous battle would be fought

And would be won.


The Leylands had been daubed in paint

Swastikas and the like

But in the pubs and fa...

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holbeck moorantifascistblackshirts

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