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True Nature Too

entry picture

True Nature Too


Amazon tribes feed

Their babies with hot ashes.

Charcoal promises


South Pacific tribes

Sort the fish from the plastic

On littered beaches


Children of the world

Put their blind elders to shame

As the planet chokes

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amazon burningchildren protestclimate protestsplastic pollutiontri-haiku

True Nature

entry picture

True Nature


A wolf howls skywards

To tell the pale, waxing moon

Of the solar death


The raven squawks in flight

As it tells the morning star

Of the sun’s rebirth


A man cries alone

Unaware of dark or light

In his Brexit hell

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Brexitcrowmoonsuntri-haikutrue naturewolf

Old Men's Tears

entry picture

Old Men’s Tears


With hearts as heavy as thunder clouds

What once were torrents

Are now just trickles

Reflecting our futures

In the silver shimmer of our past


And they come

In stumbling honour

And their humility

Denies them as heroes

For the heroes were left behind


In voices cracked with age

They tell their tales

Of simple duty

In the face of...

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d-day commemorationheroesnormandythanksveteranswar

Comedy Hitler

entry picture


Comedy Hitler?
Freddie Starr? Charlie Chaplin?
No - Nigel Farage

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brexitfreddie starrhaikuhitlernigel faragesatire

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High) [MUSIC VERSION]

entry picture

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High) [MUSIC VERSION]


You said that you wanted a land fit for heroes,

a place to call home that they’d show off with pride

but somewhere along the way you forgot

the reasons they fought and the reasons they died.


They thought they were fighting for honour and justice,

suppressing the tyrants and saving our land -

but returned ...

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anthembroken promisesfestivalhomelessmining communitysocialist valuessoldierswakefieldwith banners held high

Immortality Methodology

entry picture

Immortality Methodology


Always remember -

endings are new beginnings.

Here’s to the future,

where an ending waits for me

while my words live forever.

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day 30epitaphimmortalitylegacyminimalist poemNaPoWriMo 2019tankawords


entry picture



We Humans are immortal if we choose to be

Drifting on the ether or the digitised streams

Of social media networks and video channels

Whilst our bodies turn to dust beneath the soil.


Our likeness Our actions   Our spirit        Our thoughts

Our friends    Our interactions       Our choices  Our life


Free spirits inhabiting the space we call Home


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day 29deceased accountsdigital footprintmeditation on a themeNaPoWriMO 2019public accesssocial media

Nunquam Iterum!

entry picture

Nunquam Iterum!


Dear Wilfred

Thank you for your honesty

Without your vivid colours

These experiences would be shadows

Colourless and somehow unreal

But now we see sickly colours of the gas

We feel the helpless panic of the scurry

We touch the comrade writhing in the deadly sea


Your stressed heartbeat

The hopelessness of loss

Despair at the trudge

The d...

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day 28dulce et decorum estmeta-poetrymetalNaPoWriMo 2019never againpoetry about poetrywilfred owen

Sonnet 91 In The Age Of The Slow Departure

entry picture

Sonnet 91 In The Age Of The Slow Departure


Some glory in their birth, some in their skill,

Some like to brag of money that they make

Some just want the power to force their will

Some never choose to give but only take.

And every politician takes a vow

To do the people’s true will without fail

Yet what are all these promises worth now

The desperate cry is screamed to no...

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brexitday 27NaPoWriMo 2019reimaginingshakespearean sonnetsonnet 91 first line

Jimmy Is A Ghost

entry picture

Jimmy Is A Ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Of the man he used to be

He sits in the rain

Drinking second hand tea

And he hopes that his kids

Will never have to see

His hands outstretched

In an ignored plea

Yeah Jimmy is a ghost


Jimmy is a ghost

Off of Oxford Street

He has nothing left to barter

He has nothing left to eat

Just threadbare dreams

And train...

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#we shall overcomeday 26ghosthomelessnessNaPoWriMo 2019repetitiontragedy

Why Do They Call You Summer?

entry picture

Why Do They Call You Summer?


Why do they call you summer

When your name is April?

Your fragrant scent of early roses

Permeates the room

And sunlight cuts across

The blue Axminster carpet

Bleaching the swirling dust

And warms tables to the touch.


I long for your cool hands

Across my fevered brow

But all you give me

Is clammy, blanketing heat.


I ...

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all the sensesday 25NaPoWriMo 2019record breakingrhetorical questionseasonsspring heat

A Rose By Any Other Name

entry picture

A Rose By Any Other Name


If I were a doctor

Treating your wounds

And infections

Your bile and liver

You would welcome me


If I were a restaurateur

Feeding you for free

Flavouring your drinks

Would you not welcome me?


I am clockmaker

Yellow gold

Like summer sun


I drift

On the breeze

And still

You do not welcome me


I am the l...

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dandelionday 24dictionary inspirationflowerNaPoWriMo 2019randomweed

Nature's Banquet

entry picture

Nature’s Banquet


I am the humble Wildebeest -

Mother Natures moving feast.

My mother warned “Don’t wander off

or you’ll end up a Lion’s scoff”.

Some folk call me a Gnu,

I’ve heard it all, there’s nothing new

In puns that you may decide to frame

around this inauspicious name.


I guess I’ll never have a life

of family bliss with kids and wife,

cause every da...

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animalscullday 23NaPoWriMo 2019naturewildebeestwildlife documentary

Girl With Tear

entry picture

Girl With Tear


She was having one of those bad hair days

The crystal blue eyed girl

The perfect lashes

The cultured brow

Outside the sky was the colour of slate

But the diagonal screen kept the night away

All she wanted was some square jawed Joe

To trample into her simple temple

All she ever got was schmucks

Them’s the breaks Daddy-o

Her face like some sunburn...

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#metooappreciate another art formday 22Girl With TearNaPoWriMo 2019Roy Lichtensteinsadness

Monday Morning - 9AM

entry picture

Monday Morning – 9AM


He calls the meeting to order

The alligator with the human skin briefcase

Teeth like buzz-saw blades

She raises the first objection

The girl with butterfly wings

Muddy puddles for eyes

The maggot takes the minutes

Slowly chewing the page

Drizzling ink-blood on paper

Smudging ideas


A firefly drifts aimlessly

From subject to subject


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board meetingcorporate animalsday 21dream-logicNaPoWriMo 2019wild surreal images


entry picture





He did everything backards-road round

Put on his coit

And pulled his hat on his eead

Washed his face wi’a wet dish-claht


And I’m like Whatever


Kids were art laiking

Mucking abart

Ran off darn a ginnel


Roobub pie

Waiting back at home


Some spice afore then

A ha’porth’a Spanish

Wash it darn

Wi’a sup er watter



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chatday 20dialectNaPoWriMo 2019poem that talksspoken languageyorkshire


entry picture



America -


























Whitehouse -




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abecedarianday 19NaPoWriMo 2019trumpusa

Elegy For A Ghost

entry picture

Elegy For A Ghost


Some say ghosts are chilling things

Ethereal and fleeting

But they’re not


They are the empty chair

The pint not bought in a round

The hiss at the end of a telephone line

The deleting of a mobile number


They are the sad spaces

That once held you

On the terraces

At the bar

In the conversation


Ghosts are sad things

They h...

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day 18elegygriefNaPoWriMo 2019remembrance

Down At The End Of Lonely Street

entry picture

Down At The End Of Lonely Street


Sat in the Tupelo hardware store

Waiting for a buyer to arrive

A price tag hanging from my neck

Six dollars ninety five

When a woman and a scrawny kid

Come through the big glass door

Her name is Gladys the proprietor says

And they both look run down poor


It’s January nineteen forty six

Close to his birthday I’m told

He com...

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day 17different perspectiveelvis presleyfirst guitarNaPoWriMo 2019

From The Attic

entry picture

From The Attic


A wooden chest, labelled ‘Uncle Jack’

Slowly I start to unpack:


Inside there sits some dusty books

Carefully placed so if someone looks

They will not see what’s underneath

A collection of human teeth

A fine, silken, black top hat

A jar half full of congealed fat

Some boiled sweets in a paper cone

Something that looks like a finger bone


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attic findday 16jack the ripperlist poemNaPoWriMo 2019


entry picture



T’was the twenty fourth of February,

eighteen thirty four,

when the Tolpuddle sheriff

came a’knocking at my door.

Served with a warrant

I was swiftly hastened away

for taking an illegal oath

to challenge my meagre pay.


You see we were only paid six shillings a week

for working the squires land,

so we set up a trade union

and in our little band


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day 15from speakers perspectiveNaPoWriMo 2019tolpuddle martys

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High)

entry picture

Raising The Standards (With Banners Held High)


You said that you wanted a land fit for heroes,

a place to call home that they’d show off with pride

but somewhere along the way you forgot

the reasons they fought and the reasons they died.


They thought they were fighting for honour and justice,

suppressing the tyrants and saving our land -

but returned to a country tha...

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day 14homonymhomphone. homographNaPoWriMo 2019socialist perspective on historywith banners held high 2019

The Turning Of The Tide

entry picture

The Turning Of The Tide


… and the ocean’s spoke

in a voice of wrath and anger

that sounded like dark pebbles

rolling towards the shore

in a blood red tide,

‘You have given us your detritus

and so we return yours’.

And their tone

was accusatory,

and their vengeance swift…


It started on a sunny day

with naked bodies basking

in warm August sun.



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day 13destruction of oceansmysteriousNaPoWrirMo 2019plastic pollutionrevengespooky


entry picture



Moulded from my own fair hands

At the age of not very old

I still remember the cold, clammy clay

And the satisfying way

It was slice from the workboard

By a length of taut wire


Painted blue and green and red

And glazed with over ardour

So that the glistening sheen

hardened into rivulets

That have the appearance

Of old sneeze


Baked in m...

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ash trayday 12dull thing you keepNaPoWriMo 2019parents pride


entry picture



I cannot say for certain where I’m ‘from’

beyond the day I crawled into this world

and that’s the way I like it, truth be told,

to shape my own existence from the start.


That blond boy there with freckles and basin cut,

a shy one, wearing simple NHS specs,

in clothes bought big so he could grow

to fill them on a diet of Yorkshire pud.


An artist’s bent...

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day 11NaPoWriMo 2019northern rootsoriginsselfself appraisal


entry picture



it were cracking’t pavements

the sky were chelsea blue

you were sucking cider

from an ice lolly

cos they said it made yer drunk

and we pretended it did


when yer scored a goal

on’t hay coloured pitch

yer mates were hot ‘n sweaty

and their celebrations

trickled down yer back

and salted yer lips


there were standpipes

at end’er sherwood...

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childhoodday 10description of weatherNaPoWriMo 2019nostalgiaregional

A List Of Things We Buried In The Garden

entry picture

A List Of Things We Buried In The Garden


- A photograph of better times.


- An empty bottle of scotch.


- A well thumbed copy of ‘True Crimes’.


- A useless, broken watch.


- Seven bottles of little white pills.


- A pair of latex gloves.


- A folder with a thousand bills.


- A bunch of dead foxgloves.


- The broken vase they occupied...

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confessionday 9humourlist poemmatricideNaPoWriMo 2019

Blue On Blue Contact

entry picture

Blue On Blue Contact


This blue on blue contact

is really rather fun.

Amber shoots at Boris

with her metaphoric gun,

Michael snipes at Dominic,

Andrea shoots from the hip

And Jacob assaults everyone

with his stiff upper lip.


This blue on blue contact

puts them under friendly fire -

the egotist, the pessimist

the naysayer and liar.

They all have an op...

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chaosday 8hostilitymessNaPoWriMo 2019phrase used in a professionpoliticstory government

Simple Pleasures

entry picture

Simple Pleasures


A quiet corner of the room,

curtains drawn to the night,

the gentle glow from simple lamp

that casts a magic light,

a book opened, page twenty three,

with hundreds yet to read,

the urgent ticking of the clock

muffled, paid no heed.


A glass of something warming

and shortbread on a plate,

the crackle of a fire

that dances in the grate,


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day 7NaPoWriMo 2019quiet momentsreadingsimple pleasures

Manhattan Morning

entry picture

Manhattan Morning


the cat was sick

I cared for it

which made me late

to catch the bus

which got caught up

in traffic jams

so I got off

to walk the last few blocks

which made me sweat

under the blue sky

my brow was wet

with perspiration

out of breath

I stepped inside

a coffee shop

and bought a cup

of Espresso

and spilt the lot

because I ...

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9/11alternativescouldday 6ifNaPoWriMo 2019shouldthe possibletwin towerswould

The Parable Of The Wolf And The Lamb

entry picture

The Parable Of The Wolf And The Lamb.


We are the men of peace, they say,

we hide in plain sight of you all

taking their innocence away.


We simply ask that you will pray

for those who sin and those who fall.

We are the men of peace, they say.


We ask for penance every day,

we prey upon the week and small,

taking their innocence away.


We look after th...

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catholic churchchild abuseday 5hypocrisyNaPoWriMo 2019paedophile priestsvillanelle

In Memoriam

entry picture

In Memoriam


The gravestones in this place are wet with tears

Of children, wives and husbands who have stood

Beside dark holes that swallow up their fears

Replacing ice water where once flowed blood.

November skies are grey and hold no lights,

The flowers flattened in a winter gale

That whips away dark thoughts the widow fights

To keep hidden behind her mourning veil.


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day 4grave yardgriefgrievingNaPoMoWri 2019remembrancesadsad sonnetsonnet

hide and seek

entry picture

hide and seek


one thousand and one

one thousand and


my head pressed against the bark

on the tree by the pond side

where the ducks quack back

at the boy with the ball

whose dreams are

not yet fully formed


two one thousand and three

one thou


sat by the brown muddy water

with schoolbooks spilling from bags

a kiss on the cheek

and we carve ...

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changeday 3familar placeshide & seekmemoriesNaPoWriMo 2019time passingunfolds over time

Time To Decide Patsy

entry picture

Time To Decide Patsy


I’m sat amongst the boxes

In my nest not in a tree

The November sun is dazzling

It’s nineteen sixty three

In the land of the brave

In the land of the free

I’m learning how to kill

In the book depository

I look down the barrel

To see what I can see

A woman dressed  in pink

Her hand is on his knee

I squint at his head

It’s just him ...

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assasinationday 2decisionend on a questionjfklee harvey oswaldNaPoWriMo 2019

Recipe For Disaster

entry picture

Recipe For Disaster


Make sure you’ve got a big bowl.

OK, we’re ready to commence.

Take a pinch of honesty,

add an ounce of common sense,

stir in bloody mindedness,

gently fold in care,

season it with integrity

(if you’ve got any spare),

sprinkle it with passion,

avoid the nuts and flakes,

put it in a hot oven

and see how long it takes

for it to become bu...

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day 1humourNaPoWriMo 2019politicalrecipesatiretory government

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