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The Pride

The Pride



This old and gummy English lion

Feeding on the tears of little girls.

Finding its bravery in packs

Of like-minded scavengers

Who prowl and growl

And claim a foul

For every perceived slight

In history.


Huzzah! Hurrah!

We won a contest

Prejudiced by racist taunts

And sieg-Heil accusations

By the Nazis

Towards the reconciled.


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englandfootballhatrednationalismracistsshamethree lions

How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

How Did It Get So Late So Soon?


The man who scared the ghosts away,

The woman who healed wounds with a kiss,

I think of them more nowadays

In sad and troubled times like this.

No longer there to hug the pain

From tired bones and broken hearts,

To shield you from the winter rain

That permeates where old age starts.


The back garden is over-grown,

The kitchen i...

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ageingold ageparentstimeyouth

Little Crowtown

Little Crowtown


Little Crowtown is a place

I go to in my mind

It’s ten miles off the beaten track

And very hard to find

I guard all of its secrets well

just invite the chosen few

who will respect its heritage

good folk like me and you


It has a quant olde English pub

And a tea shop for cream teas

A curry house from Kashmir

And a place that deals in chee...

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# False Prophet

# False Prophet


Sitting in a one room flat

In underpants and tin foil hat

Scrolling through free thinking sites

To share the memes of acolytes

About the risk of wearing masks

And why nobody ever asks

What’s in the Kool Aid we injected

To stop the world from being infected


While every government on the planet

Vaccinates – you want to ban it

After all you a...

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antimaskantivaconspiracy theorycovd 19false truthfree thinkers

rag and bone

rag and bone


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’


on the day he died

the sky was cloudy grey

heavy with grief and tears


the day we buried him

the rag and bone man came


‘rag and bone,

rag and bone’

echoing across the back yards


taking him away

in a long black car


we didn’t talk about it

our grief absorbed

like damp earth on a casket


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I have been posting poems during lockdown based on the concept taken from a much earlier poem called 'Cycle Of The Scarecrow' a fantasy piece which tells the tale of a scarecrow who is brought back to life by a witch and walks the fields of Albion. It is a reflection on the changing seasons and of growing old - and the premise of 'what if I had my time again?
It was released today as a digital do...

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