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Approximately 1 million dogs in the US are named as heirs

Inheriting millions after their owners pass away

Now it does seem a bit ironic

Since dogs rest in peace every day

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Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion

That the human race has come to terms

That we forced ourself to this sterile life

And now are prisoners to the smallest germs

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Over  37 trillion cells in the human body

Being served to us on a great DNA platter

Sperm cells are the smallest of these guys

Fortunately size doesn't matter

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There should be just two countries in the world

One for us optimist, dreamers, and strivers to do well

And a much larger one is needed for pessimists and Debby downers

Because doom and gloom is much easier to sell

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Douglas MacArthur: Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword

Never encountered an automatic weapon

True but, don't ever underestimate the carnage 

From the hand with a pen at its beckon

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Another of my hobbies is playing tennis

And I realized that's the opposite of writing rhymes

Because some of my best poems

Come from aiming outside the lines

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I have a friend who originally did not care for me

I guess I was judged like the cover of a book

It's amazing what can be found

When checking out where you least want to look

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They make all kinds of days out there

Some days my ideas are better than sliced bread

But those days are considerably overshadowed 

By the days when even forward, is to far ahead

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The word oxymoron is a oxymoron in itself 

From Ancient Greece where language skills are strong

The word oxy meaning sharp and moron meaning stupid

 Making the use of that word, rightly wrong 


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When you remember a past event

The actual event you do not recall

Your brain is remembering the last time you remembered it

So perhaps it never happened at all

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The political times have changed quite a bit

With phone cameras capturing an interesting view

There once was a great value in who you know

But now, it's what you know about who

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The famous line from the play Julius Caesar, "And you, Brutus"

Shakespeare wrote for emotion and stark

What Julius Caesar actually said was, "You to, my child"

Followed by Oh, now that's going to leave a mark

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In 2009 Stephen Hawkin held a reception for time travelers 

He made sure that nobody else knew a thing

Sadly no time travelers showed up

They probably just didn't know what to bring

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A British lawyer wearing a kimono armed with a bat

Claimed he killed a fox that was on the loose

Now that does seem a bit strange to me

Since kimono wearers normally bludgeon deer, elk, and moose

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No Drive

Soon self-driving cars will be the norm

And we will long for the days behind

Because we are unable to just go for a ride

Without a destination in mind

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I Need a Raise

A single dose of Viagra cost fifty bucks

That price is quite a fright

Add in dinner and a prostitute

You're talking a very expensive night

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Looking Good

When looking for a new doctor

For me the best of all

Is one that's overweight and a smoker

And reeks of alcohol

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Perfect Strike

Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning

Now odds, 700,000 to 1 is an important detail

It still makes me stop and think

That God just may be a female

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