My mind

The things a mind can release
my mind is so brawled
it travels and travels for miles, it also bring tons of smiles
Gained so many rewards because I used my tool that I once thought was toring
Confused on certain thoughts, but I spoke them out anyway and they got rid of all my insecurities which was all just my lonely enemy.
the things a mind can release
my mind once broke me down but I took the courage to build my broken mind back
Power became Glory
pain became strength
weakness became courage
see nobody sees what the mind can do, but I told my mind this is my break through no more of losing
It's going to be more of winning
No more feeling sorry
because I can conquer all
Long as I have God my mind is glorified.
The thing a mind can release
see I had epiphany but my mind wouldn't let go, so I had to build up the strength in me to let it all flow.
I couldn't hold back anymore
I had to let everything in my mind flow
The thing a mind can release.


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