Pouring Rain

The slump she had been in for weeks didn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon

Another day of work where she felt useless

Another day of nothingness inside

Another day of getting slightly more numb to it all

She had been here before

Typically she wouldn’t want to go back, but today she was too tired to even care

Maybe she had not cared enough for too long, maybe she had cared too much for too long when others had not

Either way, she clocked out, walked down the empty hall, and opened the back door to the building

After running through the parking lot, rain hitting  her face, she turned the key and began her drive

Red light, stop

Another red light, stop

Yet another red light, stop

There was something different about this light, something inside her told her to get out

So she did

She walked into the middle of the busy road and simply stood there letting let the rain pour down her face, her neck, her back, her legs

Her entire body was drenched in water 

The water was cool on her warm skin and her clothes hugged her like she needed to be held, tightly without a release in sight

Every ounce of emotion she had been holding captive in her cage of a heart, her hidden thoughts, came flooding out all at once

She stood there as all the tension flooded out 

It was as if she was a glacier and suddenly became an ocean

All the tension in her shoulders fell to the ground

It was as though she had become so light that she would float into the clouds

Everything had disappeared, it was just her and the rain

In that instance she became free, free the worlds expectations, free of her thoughts, free of the judgements, free of insecurities, free of her past, free of the need to be perfect

She was finally free of herself

How did she not know she was in the middle of the road, cars piling up, honking and yelling at her to move

How was she so oblivious to the world, that she would remain standing in the center of the intersection

Had the release of everything been enough to block out everything around her, or was she just too deep in her head to even see

It was then that she realized she was still sitting in her car at a green light and the guy behind her was honking at her to go

It had all been in her head, and for a moment she still felt as though she had gotten rid of a part of the slump feelings

But then she pressed on the gas pedal, wiped the tears as if they had never appeared, and felt all the tension return into her body

The mind can be a beautiful place, yet it can also have a way of destroying you

So, where will your mind take you to

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