The Emptiness of the Full Stop

Conclusions are often disappointing,
Long ago before the educated men climbed up from hell and solved all the problems of the world,
There was wonder in the cosmos and everything didn't have a goddamned equation to define it,

But that was before streetlights were there, for beggars and broken men to die beneath them
And as the street lights gradually brightened up the night, the stars in the sky glimmered down
Soon we realized those shining lights in the sky weren't gods or souls of better men
Instead they were just broken empty balls of light, gas and dirt just like us
And they all sigh at night crying about how disappointing conclusions are,



But let's forget that and talk for a second, about the people in the world,
At least them who have flavor in their souls and a lust for words

They sigh and swoon, of love that forever blooms, preferring fluency in verse
They want rhyme I shall give them rhyme I live to serve for that is my curse

Yet broken and battered verses of plain words plucked straight from the center of the earth
That is what I crave, what I pray I can learn

The heart now sighs black as a cigarette filter after one too many drags
The people prefer the glamour of sorrow rather than the truth of reality in the cracks

And so it is with me a fraud in all my writings
All these innumerable fantasies about my zeal for dying
In truth a young boy scared of picking the pen scared of fighting

Not what I have led myself to believe,
A knight of the poetic verse freshly anointed,
But then again conclusions often leave men disappointed

◄ Al-Barr (The generous and most courteous)

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Fri 22nd May 2020 14:31

You are quite right Po, True poetry is done after reading volumes and volumes of poetry,

It is one of the reason why I first wrote only for myself for 4 years in private and read works of poetry from all over, until I found my works somewhat worthy of being read.

Thank you for your words, happy fishing! may your nets ever be full


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Thu 21st May 2020 20:47

I almost missed this.

What a twat I am... honestly.

If you had not just liked my blog today I might not have passed this way.

You can learn so much by teaching Morty.

Read read read.... write a bit then read read read and read some more.

That's what I come here for.

I long to be a good poet... I have seen so much that as a poet I would never do... that I might have done had I not seen.

I desire to be a better storyteller a soothsayer.

The Old Master was a fisher of men

In this Aquarian age, I long to be a fisher of poets.

Keep writing


Thu 14th May 2020 09:52

Yes, disappointments are hard pills to chew. Some good verses here I find.

"They want rhyme I shall give them rhyme I live to serve for that is my curse" a poet's plight.

A knight of the poetic verse freshly anointed,
But then again conclusions often leave men disappointed......strong words, I must say.


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