Snow In Summer

Snow In Summer

     I have no will to speak of,
So upon these walls my door is open,
     I have no will to speak of and,
I am sure you will take what applies
Without a fight.

     I have no funds for burial,
So let the sky be my only cover,
No hole worth the effort and, the flies
Will want of nourishment, they at least,
Thankful for my, presence.

     I have no family to speak of,
For the state has ensured all love
Be eradicated, no Son's or Daughters
To attend the passing and as you know,
The woman loved has found anew.

     No monies will bear my existence
To the World, and I am sure all written words
And music will be quietly disposed for,
     I have no will to speak of,
And no will to see a 'life review' for
Pain has had more than its day upon my
Sense, upon the heart that speaks and feels
For people.

     I am dismissed and hope, hope
I recieve a grade known 'F' for time and heart
And sacrifice for, no-one, could truly marvel
At a World that kills and eats our own -
     And now, this lightness seeks no memory,
No gates to state a right of passage to the stars,
No life review required, no life review required,
     No graded studies of what we do unto our own,
For fail, is all this Universe needs to know,
     About this planet going stark.

     No judgement, no judgement is ever necessary
Or adequate, or just, for people, who
Are controlled, by nothing more,

Than abhorrence.


Michael J Waite 10th May 2020

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