Peace Talks With The Virus

Losing a war, you

Sue for peace so

They've set up a committee to

Negotiate but

What terms to put to such a foe?


The offer of a Non-Aggression pact?

An appeal to our common heritage?

Hints of retaliation in kind?

Debt forgiveness?

A favorable Trade Deal?

A new World Order, even perhaps

Membership of the Security Council or as a last resort

Immunity from War Crimes prosecution?


First thing on the agenda is

How to communicate, then

Agree upon a neutral venue.

But what fool would risk his neck

By attending such a Conference?

And if they did show up, (which is

Doubtful), a confirmed pacifist

Would have to fight to

See eye to eye with a billion

Enemy envoys sitting in

An empty chair


enemy envoysimmunitypacifistPeace talks with the viruswar

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