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Dust and Ash

The men with the bundles of sticks

Came and went and have come again

They’ve come to restore a mythic strength lost,

Through blood, for blood

They’ve come to rebuild a legendary home fallen

Our soil! Our soil! They say

They’ve come to take all

As an offering to their dead god of perfection

Who is to stop them but us?

When is to stop them but now?

Their sticks may brea...

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Puppet Master

Make my eyes turn to sandpaper

Watch me cry my rivers dry

And leave

Me lifeless, gasping for air

Grin at my dying breaths 

And be the wind that makes my lungs

Balloon and burst

I am hanging by the last threads of my heartstrings,

So I beg, do as you will with me.

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I'll wait three decades to feel your smile underneath our sheets,

Where beneath all the world's burdens we find our peace.

If we stayed cocooned until we emerged anew as


Could we fly to the Beyond?

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Work of Art

~You let me into your intimacy

From a thousand miles away.

My eyes gripped the small of your back

And cried at the renaissance of your skin.~

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In Stone

entry picture

~Engrave your words in stone,

The soft ones too.

For foes old and new

Will never cease to twist and tangle,

Cut off and misconstrue.

Solid rock can not be so easily shaped,

Except by many waters.

But be steadfast.

The waves are with you.~

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~We talked in the silence of gazes and secret touches,

With inquiring eyes and fingers that gave

The blissful answers.

The world was noise

Until our quiet formed the gaps

And made music.~

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Skater Girl

~Nobody really sees her,

And I won't pretend to,

But she's not a poser.

The day I fell in lust with her choker

Is when I told myself I had to know her.


*I think she hides her distress in her skinny jeans*


I'm not a skater boy but I've done it a few.

The delightful terror it brings, she comes with it too.

Feet to the concrete and face to the pavement,

Bruises an...

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~If standing in solidarity with the marginalized is extreme

Then I Am an extremist.

If having empathy for the ostracized is radical

Then I Am a radical.

If standing unmoved in my convictions is partisan

Then I Am a partisan.

These labels don't deter me

But they embolden me

And they give me the strength to fight.


Embrace the ridicule.~




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Waiting for October

~When the midnight breeze struggles against the wrinkles of my windbreaker

But doesn't quite win yet,

I'll know that autumn's set. 

When listening to Aubrey brings the company of both friends

And endearing ghosts alike,

I'll know that early will come the night. 

The nights of campfire love songs and guitar rifs

And those of frat house trap music and police tips.

I am patien...

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Liberation's a Mosh Pit

~My heart's torn like the rips in my black denim jeans

Jeans tight like the constrictions and pressures forced on me

But they say that pressure turns coal to diamonds.

They talkin' bout the ten dollar diamonds that used to dance on my ears?

The ones that almost got me disowned,

With accusations of queerness and criminality tossed left and right?

Yet I smile.

Drain out bad ener...

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Dante's Inferno

~She says she's been fighting her demons for an eternity.

Waging war against her inner rage,

She only smiles to save face.

Its complicated,

she laments,

an interconnected mangled mess of self doubt, ((suffocating)) emptiness, 

and despair.

If only I could provide a restorative repair.~


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Black Bodies

~Black bodies stained red

By hands of those whom color has not dared touch

Black bodies left for dead

Destroyed, discarded, desecrated, and given to death's clutch

Black bodies have always bled

For the sins of those who are yet to be judged

Black bodies are hanging by a thread

Waiting for justice, but receiving none such.~


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Nights in Neptune

~Quietly floating atop the rolling fabric of navy

Blue like the absence of oxygen in the veins

Tracing a trajectory charted and discovered,

Re-charted and rediscovered,

I spend the nights in Neptune.

I find an uneasy peace as daybreak cracks and attacks the ice

But the deep fissures fuse ever stronger.

The ocean lulls my corpus into a drowsy state

As my restless mind rages ...

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What Do You See?

~When you look at me what do you see?

Do you see rivers and oceans

Or mountains and crevices?

Do you see the deep frown yearning

Or the sweet smile of satisfaction?

Do you lock eyes with the elixer of youth

Or observe the first wrinkles of death?

Or do you see right through?~

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Tennessee River

~He pretends the river is an ocean

When one can't have the potent dose

One makes do with the diluted potion

Caught between two jagged green coasts

The murky current slowly propels his motion

If he has a good, sturdy boat

He might just last to see his ocean~






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~A fractured mosaic staring back at me

Shades of blue, brown, yellow, gray and green

Are the stitching that weave this being together

A fabrication of vibrant parts synthesizing to make a real whole

The real me~

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self love


~The melodies of your tortured soul sent reverberating echos through the ethos  

Desperate cries intertwined in tunes unheard of 

Your cadences resonated with the frequencies of my essense

In perfect harmony

Setting my ailing heart at ease over and again.

As I gnash my teeth with bloody emotions

As I rage against the ultimate injustice

I hope you find rest in perfect harmony


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When will I see you again?

~When will I see you again?

Time keeps ticking, each second feeling like a solitary eternity

But do you know I've been waiting for entire lifetimes? 

Do you wait for me too?

I replay the recollections of time spent together over and over in my head

Like a broken record

I long for the days when my head would find comfort on your shoulders

When my hands would find your thighs


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Love not quite requited

Love Letter to a Stranger

~You're the feeling that makes my heart melt into a caramel abyss
I can taste the sweet demise you subject me to on the tip of my tongue
This sugary concoction flows out of your soul and seemingly by magic, or maybe alchemy, transforms into the feathers that come together like wings to lift me up beyond the natural heights of my masculine flesh
Bringing out the fleshly, carnal desires of my sou...

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Plastic Razor Blades

~It's that constant voice in my head,
It's my voice,
Illustrating the never-ending daytime nightmares that keep me up at night,
That keep me down at noon
I fall for these stories
The fabrications that knit the fabric of my life
It's the stories behind the gazes that cut the deepest
Everyday I fight through plastic razor blades
But I don't think I'm strong enough~

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social anxiety


~I'm the thin layer of ice that forms on paved surfaces
A slippery slope that can lead to ones demise if ignored
But you ignore me anyway, because I'm seemingly harmless
I don't think the camouflage I wear every waking day helps
It's a proactive measure I guess
You see right through me
Like I'm made of glass
I'm fragile, but you throw the stones anyway
Don't you know shards are deadly?~

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~The hot summers that make my skin sizzle
With the sun that exposes the melanin under the melanin
Windows down, AC on, an ice cold sweet tea
these are the only weapons available to me
the tools that wage war against the heat
It's only in this battle that I feel alive~

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