Rhyming dream

When the night grows dark

And all return home after long day task


And the moon rises high in the dark black sky

Studded with stars creating a magical high


All the yester years memories creeps

Into the room where we are lying asleep


From the eyes, into the deepest mind

A dream grows into a reality keeping spell bind


The sleeper carefully speaks and play their part

Lost friends and heaven gone dear ones return in heart


Enlivens the vision and helps us live once more with them

Giving solace to those grieved souls whose memories like broken hem


Leaves a person devastated to bring the loved back in life

Making all out efforts and praying hard with mighty strife


A reality rises like the glorious sun in our lovely dreams

Wherein each loved one lives again with flashing faces like moon beams


What a wondrous sight it surely is that lives within our minds

Opening a whole new realm of worlds and life earthly kind


Laughter and joy fills the night as we live in a wondrous world

An era new begings and plethora of good news heralds 


Untill the day breaks quietly when the souls return back in the bodies

Lost in dream thoughts on waking again mapping the night path like roadies


Glimmer and shine of the morning sun sprays vibrancy

Colourful imageries spills the earth with memories of fantasy


Untill the soul renews their strength to greatly spend their day

Labouring hard to create memories new with words of love they say

◄ Just truth


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Thu 28th May 2020 08:28

This is wonderfully written.

So much truth within your lines jasmine.

The last line sums it up so succinctly.

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