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December Poinsettia

Earlier this year I celebrated
My poinsettia made it to June
I said that if it lived until July
I would be over the moon

I thought I'd share good news
Here we are in late November
The leaves turn green to red
As we head into December

My husband is celebrating
Pleased my plant is dong fine
No need for him to buy another
Saving a grand total of £1.99

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Why Has Christmas Come So Early


Why has Christmas come so early

Evidence seen on our walk tonight

The calendar is still on November 

Yet festive houses light up the night


Trees are up and dressed in tinsel 

Fairy lights draped on garden trees

Holly wreaths hang on front doors

Hear jingling of bells on the breeze


Garden centres open in lockdown 

People in a hurry to deck their hall


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Vaccination prediction cheers up a nation
A nation waits in anticipation of confirmation
Confirmation is temptation for a celebration
Celebration of a population held in isolation
Isolation stops the circulation around our nation
Nation longs for termination and elimination
Elimination requires introduction of vaccination



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just for fun

Lockdown Birthday

Thankful for all my lovely birthday wishes

Sent from family and friends far and near

Just like everyone else in lockdown 2020

Birthday celebrations are cancelled this year


I have never cared much for elaborate parties

Today I am happy celebrating in my own style 

Glamorous as ever, fleece and walking trousers

A touch of mascara, tinted lip balm and a smile


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Late Autumn Scene

Early afternoon down in the valley
A blackbird breaks the silent sound
Low sun filters through hazy cloud
The naked trees stand their ground

The River Lune meanders to the sea
Through the patchwork fields of green
Grey stone walls stitch them together
A calm and gentle late Autumn scene

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I Miss You

Son, I miss you very much

I hope you are doing okay

I hope you will be home soon

Back home for Christmas Day


I follow posts on Facebook 

Instagram and Twitter too

I search through the photos

To catch a glimpse of you


Mum, I miss you very much

I am fine, everything is okay

I should be home very soon

Back home for Christmas Day 


You won’t see me in ...

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Where, What, Who, When

These days
It is normal to raise a question or two
We wonder
Where can we go and what can we do
We query
Who is to blame and when will it end
We ask our friends
What are you NOT doing this weekend

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After Show Party

Just imagine the after show party
happening now in the sky above
Many greats have passed away
variety acts that we grew to love

Des O Connor the charming host
classic double act, Eric and Erne
Freddie Starr politically incorrect
Bobby Ball doing a comedy turn

Les Dawson playing out of tune
Ken Dodd waves a tickling stick
Brucie is playing his cards right
Tommy Cooper attempts a tric...

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Social Media

It used to be simple and a bit of fun
to check our social media each day
It used to bring smiles and laughter
seeing celebrations shared this way

It used to bring a date for our diary
to gather together for a special day
It used to bring a glimpse of sunshine
seeing friends and family on holiday

It used to bring happy memories
good times shared from the past
It used to bring lovely r...

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Go On Now Go

Cummings has gone and left the building 

Boris has sent him on his merry way

No time for excuses or smart comments 

There is nothing left for him to do or say


He checked out of 10 Downing Street

By the front door for the world to see

With the contents of a cardboard box

And his trusty backpack for company


Maybe he will be working from home

Adhering to the lockd...

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World Kindness Day

A gentle reminder

to always try be kind

You can never see

inside another’s mind

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Lockdown Strictly Not Dancing

Keep dancing as they say on Strictly, every Saturday night
Lockdown closed the dance halls, so instead I sit and write

Start off with some ballroom
The Waltz, revolving, gliding, smooth, rise and fall
Ride the crest of the wave
The Viennese Waltz the most graceful of them all
Then hot to trot like a fox
Foxtrot, slow, quick, quick, slow, all under control
Quickstep the pace up a bit

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Don't Say Goodbye On Christmas Day

Just like Any Other Christmas
Carol singers at the door tonight
Start with O Little Town Of Bethlehem
finish with O Holy Night  

Do you remember our Last Christmas
in the Snow, just you and me
We were so in love and happy
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

I held you in my arms
said I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
It was the most magical Christmas ever
it was perfect in every wa...

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He Came In Uninvited

He came in uninvited
under darkness of night
He came in undetected 
sneaked in out of sight

He is so inconsiderate
one thing on his mind
Helps himself to food
any crumbs he can find

I have never met him
I don't know his name
I have never seen him
I know he is to blame

He lives here rent free
has the run of the house
He is not welcome here
that pesky little mouse

An engineer...

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Remembrance Day 2020

We will never forget
Their bravery and the sacrifice they made
We show our respect
Across the country poppy wreaths are laid

We will never forget
Though we may be gathered at a distance
We show our respect
Today in 2020, on this day of remembrance

We will never forget
Stand together in silence to remember
Come what may
Eleventh hour, eleventh day, eleventh month of November

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A Poem A Day.....Before And After

I can't write today
I struggle for words to find
I can't think today 
nothing comes to my mind

I can't smile today
no matter how much I try
I can't laugh today
if I did it would be a lie 

I can't face today
there is no reason why
I feel sad today
all I want to do is cry

But then

I wrote this little poem
a few words I found to say 
It made me think a bit
a few thoughts came ...

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The Brink Of A PandeMINK

Are we on the brink of a new pandeMINK? Denmark is about to slaughter its entire 17m mink farm population after finding mutated strain of Covid that may be resistant to a vaccine... No wonder fur's flying


I woke to the news today
mutated virus found in minks
Another strain of Covid 19
once again the news stinks

They plan to cull them all
those innocent little minks
Seventeen millio...

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Penny For The Guy

Bonfire night in lockdown
just a bit different this year
No gathering around the fire
or stray bangers sparking fear

No spinning Catherine wheels
or rockets aiming for the sky
No fountain shower of sparks
or Roman candles shooting high

No potato pie and pea supper
no parkin cake or treacle sweets
No black peas in a plastic cup
no neighbours to meet and greet

Some of us may still ...

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The Danish word Hygge
a new word I heard today
How to bring comfort and 
wellbeing into every day

The secret of happy living
to me it sounds like a hug
Warm, cosy and comforting
like hot chocolate in a mug

As we head into lockdown
I feel it could lead the way
It may help us all feel better 
even on the gloomiest day

Treat yourself to some hygge
snuggle under a knitted rug

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