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Downing Street party allegations 
resulted in police investigations
Today we hear the revelations 
as they are revealed to the nations
As the results are reported today 
in the report written by Sue Gray 
Will partygate news be swept away
and will the PM be allowed to stay

Apparently he was unaware 
that any parties took place there
To our parliament he did swear
his assurance he d...

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The Corpse Prayer

Inspired to have a go at my own version after reading the Brian Bilston version which includes music acts and groups. It is just for fun, no offence intended. 

Our Finger
who heart in human
hammertoed be thigh frame
thigh duodenum gum
thigh will be bum
in birth as it is in human
Gut us this disc our brain and head
and forgive us our bodily gasses 
as we forehead those who bypass vein...

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Just for fun

Our Garden Right Now

The light grey clouds are descending
like a natural roller blind 
Blocking our familiar view 
fields and fells lie hidden behind   

Dampening down my mood today 
the May drizzle constantly falls
Globules form in lush Hosta leaves
and slowly drip from dry stone walls

The garden a green potpourri
verdant shades and hues please the eyes 
A stark contrast to the backdrop
of the pillowy ...

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Chuffed To Bits

Today I received this lovely card from Her Majesty The Queen after I sent her my Jubilee poem. 

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Cup Of Tea

Sometimes a nice cup of tea
is just another nice cup of tea  
Sometimes it’s a big hug
in your favourite personalised mug
Sometimes it’s an afternoon treat
with sweet delicacies to eat  
Sometimes it’s the moon, stars and earth 
just minutes after giving birth 
Sometimes it’s an early wake up call 
served in bed, could be the best of all 
The best cup of tea today
is the first one after...

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Mud (Ten line challenge)

It was a Friday in late May
and it had been raining most of the day 
Fine drizzle had fallen for hours 
which was good for the grass and flowers 
As the grey clouds finally blew away 
a bright rainbow came our way 
There was no pot of gold to be found 
where the rainbow’s end met the ground
We searched and searched as best as we could 
but all we found was puddles of mud

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Seaside Stroll

Deep cobalt fades to turquoise 
pales to shallow powder blue 
A cerulean rainbow
makes the most picturesque view 

Low wavelets break on the shore 
as the sea breeze lightly blows 
Fine granules of light blonde sand 
sprinkles through fingers and toes 

White foam caresses my feet
washing my footprints away
A short walk along the beach 
my souvenir from today

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Sahara Safari Day Two

Sahara safari day two
the alarm clock wakes us at four
Bleary eyed but excited 
for what the day ahead has in store 

A brief stop to watch the sunrise
as we greet this brand new day 
A quick photo opportunity 
before we carry on our way 

We travel to the vast salt lake
which was once covered by the sea
Strange how mammoth empty spaces
are such amazing sights to see  

The flat lan...

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Sahara Safari Day One

A 4.30 alarm call 
for our busy day ahead 
A beautiful sunrise greets us 
as we rise from our bed 

First stop is the colosseum
so magnificent and grand 
The third largest in the world
much of the old building still stands 

Next stop was quite the opposite 
underground houses so neat
They keep cool in the summer 
and in winter they hold the heat 

Moving on to the Star Wars hotel

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Spaceman Aims For The Stars

The stage is set in Turin
for the musical event of the year
The UK is launching a Spaceman 
for the whole wide world to hear 

We normally don’t hold much hope
nil points is our usual score 
The year expectations are high
and the dream is for so much more 

All around the world  
Eurovision celebrations are planned
National flags will fly with pride 
in every European homeland 


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Travel Stress

Prepping for a holiday 
with military precision  
Check, check and check once again
is tonight’s pre travel mission

Proof of vaccine documents 
mobile boarding cards and passports
All these and more are ticked off
before heading to the airport 

Alarm set, we can’t be late 
hope the roads and motorway are clear
Until we fasten our seat belt
we suffer this stress and fear

Adding to...

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Canadian Woodland

Just a moment of peaceful bliss 
listening to the birdsong on the breeze
A deep, lush green mossy carpet
forms the foundation for towering trees

A walk through this Canadian woodland
is a tree huggers paradise
Soaking up the magical atmosphere 
with views to exercise my eyes 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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The Memorial (Repost)

To mark the 60th anniversary this weekend 

Outside the Royal Citadel standing tall and proud
Backdropped by a stunning summer sky and dappled cloud

A memorial for those who paid the ultimate price
We remember them all, lest we forget their sacrifice

For the members of 29/95 Commando Regiment
Manufactured from cartridge cases fired and spent

A commando dagger, mounted on a pile of ...

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On The Subject Of Freedom (Not A Poem)

Made this quick note whilst watching Commando documentary last night. 

Clifford Coates aged 96 a WW2 veteran 
on a Commando documentary last night
When asked why did you do it
he said we did it for the young ones
so they could have an existence 
You don’t realise it at the time
but you are giving them something back 
something that money can’t buy, freedom

RIP Clifford

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Daisy Daisy

We planned our Sunday morning walk
thinking the bluebells would be the stars of the show 
All was going according to plan  
until this curious bunch came to say hello 

They wandered over to the dry stone wall
each one looking for a little affection 
Warily we stroked each one in turn 
as they gently jostled for our attention 

Today the bluebells were beautiful 
a vibrant and lush carp...

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Whelprigg House

The grounds of Whelprigg House
was the setting of our walk today
A Cancer Research fundraising event 
held on the first weekend in May 

We wandered through the orchard
by the most beautiful blossom trees 
Delicate cherry pink and apple white 
buzzing with busy bees

The majestic rhododendron 
gathered together in colourful crowd 
A backdrop of deep green foliage 
vibrant trumpets bel...

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Storybook Sunrise

A sunrise straight out of a storybook
the morning air already warm 
The woodland birds sound the dawn chorus
rejoicing, loud and proud they perform 

The trees show off their freshly sprouted leaves
lush sunshade all shiny and new
A season that sings with every day 
brings us this most beautiful view

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Freedom (Challenge)

My response to John Botterills 10 line challenge. 


I am here, do you see me 
Running fast, wild and free
I am here, do you see me 
Climbing the highest tree
I am here, do you see me 
Swimming in the deep blue sea
I am here, do you hear me 
Singing loud and proud in key
I am here, do you see me 
enjoying my freedom, as we all should be 

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It’s rhododendron season
mine are singing loud and proud
Clusters of bright red trumpets 
a colourful bursting crowd

Erupting from each flower 
these gorgeous tentacles grow 
Backdropped by deep green foliage
a vivid and vibrant show

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Eerie Mist

The clear dusk view dissipates
as blue sky turns hazy grey
Night time mist closes in
whilst we bid farewell to the day 

The late evening air cools
as an eerie presence takes hold
A scene that chills to the bone 
leaves me feeling spooked and cold

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May Time

Daffodils stems still standing tall
their yellow heads shrivelled and brown  
The trumpet fanfare is over  
now they have lost their golden crown 

Hedgerows and grassy verges
now take on a different hue
Once brassy cornets are silenced 
by vibrant bells, purple and blue 

Amongst the rich lush blades of grass
dandelions bright and yellow 
Spring time measured on downy clocks 
flying ...

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Mr & Mrs Smith

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Smith
on the first day of the rest of your life
We wish you good luck, health and happiness 
on your future journey as man and wife  

Friends and family gathered from near and far
on the occasion of your wedding day 
A truly beautiful ceremony
totally perfect in every way  

A celebration to remember for always 
as you embark on married life together 
We hop...

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Magnificent In Stature

A pair of steely deer
grazing in the sunset glow
Their presence quite imposing 
makes quite a splendid show 

He watches out on guard
whilst she feeds on lush pasture 
They make a perfect pair 
magnificent in stature

Photo credit Mr Robin Ree

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