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A Month Of Mixed Emotions

A month of mixed emotions
the right words so hard to find 
Through the most difficult days
hard to leave loved ones behind

Our travel plans were set
before receiving bad news 
Decisions had to be made 
there was no right way to choose 

We kept our travel plans
with an option to review  
Four weeks in our Turkish home
we had been looking forward to

Home was in our hearts and minds

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Testing Times

Remembering the good old days 
when travelling was fun
All you had to care about 
was not getting too much sun 

To travel in these times
has become a bit of a chore 
Tests and forms take up your days 
and are a bit of a bore

Testing, testing, testing
PCR or lateral flow
Please fill in your locator form
to keep us in the know

Tell us where you are coming from 
and where you are g...

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Saturday Morning Sailing School

Saturday morning sailing school
small white boats line up one by one
The sea is still, calm and tranquil 
under the bright October sun 

Voices carry on the slight breeze
as the young children have their fun
We stand and watch for a short while
as they follow on one by one 

We carry on with our walk
on our return they are done
As sailing school comes to an end
small white boats line ...

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Gem Of A View

Here we stop just for a moment 
to admire this gem of a view
Where the sea sparkles like diamonds 
above the deep sapphire blue

Villas spread across the hilltops
like small clusters and rows of pearls 
Pink ruby Bougainvillea
twisting into colourful swirls

Casting a molten golden glow
the topaz sun dazzles the sky
Trees and shrubs shimmer emerald green
sandy beaches glisten where dr...

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Yellow Summer Sky

As the yellow summer sun sets
and the evening comes our way
The clouds appear as inky swirls
at the end of a perfect day

The mirror sea reflects the sky
and the towns twinkling street lights
As the orange glow slowly fades
at the start of a perfect night


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Far Side Of The Bay

We chose to take a new route
for our morning walk today
It led us past Xuma beach  
across the far side of the bay

We reached a small shingle beach
with some fishing boats nearby
The sea calm as a millpond 
reflecting the clouds and blue sky 

There was a little cafe
wafting scent of fresh toasted bread 
We resisted temptation 
had water and coffee instead 

It was such a lovely wa...

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For Jake

Who could know on that morning
the angels would call your name 
Who could know from that day forward
our lives would never be the same


It’s impossible to find the right words 
to express the pain and sorrow 
to say how much you will be missed 
every day and each tomorrow

As a baby you arrived early
as a young man taken far too soon
for all those years in between 

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