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At Last

Breaking free through the thick ice
From the deep, dark depths below
Bright light stings exhausted eyes
Bathe in the radiant glow

Awakening all senses
Notice the pressure decrease
Draw in each breath of fresh air
Slowly exhale and release

Emerging from the darkness
Comforted, safe, warm and snug
A moment long awaited 
At last, embraced in a hug

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Come Dine At Mine

Their visits should be discouraged
but, they are so cute in every way
I love to watch two young rabbits
frolic in my garden every day

They come to help with the weeding
keeping the dandelions at bay
They bring much happiness and joy
like watching two small children at play

Teasing and chasing the blackbirds
a double act, a mischievous pair
Innocently flashing their white tails

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Escape Room

A short walk today
led us to a shaded dell
Where lay a vibrant carpet
of fragrant bluebell

Following the narrow path
treading carefully
Down to the shallow stream
beside the fallen tree

So peaceful, calm and still
no one else to be found
The gentle burbling brook
rhythmic hypnotic sound

Close my eyes and breathe
take a moment to unwind
Keep this image safe
the escape room in my mind


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Bluebell Woods

In the enchanted forest, far, far away
rabbits dress in waistcoats and chat about their day
Fairies live in toadstools, deep in the wooded dell
they sing and dance to the chimes of the quivering bluebell
An Enid Blyton story, a fairy tale or dream
or closer to the truth, than at first it would seem

Down in Bluebell Woods, which is not so far away
the magical spell of nature creates a myst...

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Tonight’s Walk

The end of yet another week
it’s been cold for the month of May 
A cruel mix of hail, rain, and snow
the skies mostly cloudy and grey

The weekend is now upon us 
and the sky is sunny and bright 
We enjoy a long evening walk
early evening on Friday night 
We cross over the old stone bridge
the shallow brook calm, still and clear
Curious young lambs take a drink
distant birdsong is a...

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Reasons To Be Grateful Week One

A task set to capture the moment
When I felt grateful in any way
I reflect on this week gone by
With a photograph taken every day

An evening walk along the river
The heron graceful and low in flight
The gift of a beautiful orchid
A favourite view comes into sight

Sunday dinner cooked just for me
A freshly made bed and a good nights rest
An appointment at the hairdressers
The result ...

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Little Robin

Look closely at this photograph 
A little robin you may spot
Nesting in the garden centre 
Amongst the ivy and the pots

Photo credit Mr Robin Ree

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The Fourth Of May

There is snow on the distant fell
The sky is heavy, dark and grey 
Cold, wet, dank and gloomy weather
My outlook for the fourth of May 

This view reflects my emotions
The world feels heavy, dark and grey
Cruel, harsh, mean and unfair real life 
Throws worries and concerns my way

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Dawn Chorus

At 4.30 I lay there wide awake
Not woken by the alarm clock ringing 
Wakened by the dawn chorus performance
Loud and proud the garden birds are singing

I wonder what they find to sing about
So early, each and every morning
Could it be they just give praise and rejoice
That another brand new day is dawning

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The Covid-19 Memorial Wall

150,000 lives are remembered
Illustrated by each heart on this wall
At over half a kilometre long 
There is a space and a place for them all

One minute on this memorial walk
Represents 15,000 lives lost and taken
One heart, one loved one commemorated
Lost too soon, gone but never forgotten

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan


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Old, New And Incomplete

Bridges span the river
Buildings rise to the sky
New, old and incomplete 
So much to meet the eye

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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