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Never cast a clout

The saying goes, never cast a clout

until the last day of May is out

May has now gone

every day the sun shone

June brings cold rain, ending May's drought


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Short Funny Poems

My left hip

Why does it hurt so much? my left hip

Lately it has given me a lot of jip

Sometimes I groan

And let out a moan

The hospital, I fear, will be my next trip

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Short Funny Poems

Dear Kate

Dear Kate

The challenges of the jungle, have stood you in good stead

little did you know back then, a greater battle lay ahead

As a celebrity in the jungle, your personality shone through

supported by your lovely family, justifiably, so proud of you.


The interview this morning, so touching, presented in your style

despite the pain and suffering, you still managed to raise a ...

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Pruned, miniature, shrub, bush or tree

climbing, rambling, wild, growing free

A natural beauty, with a heavenly bouquet

a gift of celebration for that special day

A silent token, that can represent so much

petals like velvet, soft and gentle to touch

Each colour signifies its own special meaning

a show of emotion and how we are feeling


Romantic red, a passionate l...

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A Stroll Around Kirkby Lonsdale

A stroll around Kirkby Lonsdale with me

Take-away a bacon butty and a cup of tea

Start at Devils Bridge among the motorbikes

This is where we will begin our short hike


The pathway along the River Lune is our walk

Ending up the Radical Steps, breathless, unable to talk

A view made famous by Ruskin and Turner long ago

Across to Underley Hall and the Lune Valley below



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Please Take It Home

Next time you take a picnic on your day trip

Remember the outdoors is not one big skip

So give it some thought

Take home what you brought

Leave your spot like you found it, not like a tip


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Take That Lock Down Gig (In Case You Missed It)

No ticket stress, no queueing at the gate or arena door

A concert like no other we have ever attended before

The front row of my kitchen, sat in my favourite chair

Glass of wine, singing loud, waving my arms in the air

Take that, reunited, straight from their home into mine

The Greatest Day of lock down, together they did Shine


Vintage Mark, up his ladder, in his garage full...

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Clap For Key Workers

Ten weeks on,

clapping for key workers is coming to an end

Clap your hands,

in appreciation, for their dedication we commend


Every person,

old and young, women, men, girls and boys

Clap your hands,

whistle, shout, cheer, together make some noise


At the window,

by the front door, on the step or in the street

Clap your hands,

bang a drum, beep a horn and st...

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Grown From A Seed in Lock Down

Rooted and grown from a seed planted long ago,

hidden away, buried down deep in the soil below


Under the cover darkness, black as a moonless night,

emerge tiny green shoots, enticed by the warm sunlight


Leaves gradually uncurling, flatten, gentle and slow,

veined, green, vital organs, enable the plant to grow


Stems growing up straight, sturdy, strong and tall,


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Lock Down Bank Holiday Let Down

The bank holiday, just like any other it would seem

People lined up for burgers, queued for ice cream

Traffic jams and chaos, they raced to beauty spots

Roads filled with cars and bikes, so few parking slots


They parked on pavements, blocking walkers' way

Locals wished the tourists had not visited that day

Was it too much to hope, common sense would prevail

I wish that th...

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When you see a rainbow

A rainbow appears when there is sun and rain

The weathers equivalent of joy and pain

Grey clouds may come to darken your day

Sunshine and blue skies, will light up your way


A spectrum of colour created by reflection of light

An optical illusion, presenting an arc that delights

The rain subsides and the rainbow fades away

The sun breaks through, revealing a brighter day


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Shopping At A Safe Distance

Standing in line, besides my disinfected trolley

In the supermarket car park, under my brolly

Distance shopping, it is the new normal

Two meters apart, so serious and formal

I quickly pick groceries, for others and mine

I queue down the aisle, it's a very long line

The assistant sits safe, behind a plastic screen

Sprays and hand gel, making everything clean

I miss the old d...

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The Lock Down Bank Holiday

Hooray, the bank holiday is here at last

Like no other we have endured in the past

No fairground rides, no trips to the zoo

No standing in line in a never ending queue

No party in the park, no festival by the sea

No soggy picnic or polystyrene cups of tea

No melted ice cream, no fish and chips

No worrying about a lifetime on those hips

No steam train journeys, no rides on t...

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My poinsettia

In fear of celebrating to soon

My poinsettia has made it to June

I hope and I pray

It will out live May

If it survives June, I'll be over the moon

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I worry too much

I worry every moment

of every single day

about everything I do

and everything I say


I wish I was brave enough

to sometimes get it wrong

without fear of criticism

be confident and strong


For a moment I convince myself

no-one cares anyway

promptly returning to my worries

for the remainder of the day


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I really don't know better

We like to share a bottle of wine and quaff it down with ease

Should we have another? Go on then, yes please

When we think we've had enough

And in the morning we'll be rough

We pour ourselves another glass and stuff ourselves with cheese

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I Really Should Know Better

I really should know better

at the age of fifty three

But who am I kidding

I am talking to me


I really should know better

to say no to a glass or two

But you pulled the cork

so I am blaming you


I really should know better

it makes me feel so bad

I wake in the morning

sore head and feeling sad


I really should know better

to say no to more wine


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Home from Home

I long to be in Turkey

It seems so out of reach

Just to paddle in the ocean

And stroll along the beach


I long to be in Turkey

It is my favourite place

The sun is always shining

Love to feel it on my face


I wish to be in Turkey

I feel so out of touch

Delighting all my senses

I miss the food so much


I wish to be in Turkey

How long will it be?


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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea, a table for two

a special date for me and for you

A delectable tower, an edible treat

a delicate array of savoury and sweet

Picture perfect, feast your eyes

crustless fingers, mini cakes and pies

Egg, cress, grated cheese and ham

fruited scone, clotted cream and jam

Smoked salmon, tuna mayonnaise

strawberry tart with crème anglaise

Prawn on brown, cucum...

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Heroes In Blue

Heroes In Blue


Unprecedented times, the like never seen before

This pandemic has shaken us all to our very core

A whirlwind ripping through our cities and towns

The evil coronavirus wearing its invisible crown

It does not care if you are rich or poor

A Royal, a minister or the boy next door

No matter what age, wealth, colour or creed

Affecting us all, and with devastat...

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The New Normal

Help control the virus on our decent down the peak

Stay alert, the new normal, the keywords of the week


Anticipation grew around the map of our pathway out

confusing news filled us all with disappointing doubt


To mask or not to mask? now there lies a question

still debatable if they provide any medical protection


Return to work when able, keeping a two metre distan...

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The Tale Of The Year Twenty Twenty

The year twenty twenty, what a story to be told

When nature said enough is enough and put the world on hold

Mother Earth took a break, to revitalise, refresh and renew

Taught us all a valuable lesson, to give respect when it is due

She created the coronavirus, almost impossible to beat

The world paused for a while and considered its defeat


Is it a dream or a nightmare, becau...

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RIP Poppy

My house is so full of empty spaces

where you used to eat, sleep and be

My days are now full of silence

because you are not here with me


My thoughts are full of worry

was it too soon to say goodbye

My eyes are still full of tears

I hope you didn't see me cry


My body is full of loneliness

you were my companion to the end

My memory is full of good times


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As I walk my hour a day

A golden army line my way

Stood to attention tall and proud

Paraded together, a nodding crowd


Wild, strong and free they grow

Against stone walls and in hedgerow

Dancing and swaying in the breeze

Sheltering under the budding trees


A fanfare of trumpets, glowing bright

Dazzling rays in the spring sunlight

Elegant and ...

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Bluebell Woods



Bluebell Woods


In the enchanted forest, far, far away

Rabbits dress in waistcoats and chat about their day

Fairies live in toadstools, deep in the wooded dell

They sing and dance to the chimes of the quivering bluebell

An Enid Blyton story, a fairy tale or dream

Or closer to the truth, than at first it would seem


Down in Bluebell Woods, which is not so far ...

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Colonel Tom

Happy 100th Birthday Colonel Tom


What a legend Colonel Tom has become

The hearts of all our nation, he has won

To walk a hundred laps was his only goal

At 100 years old, it should have taken its toll

But Colonel Tom took it all in his stride

Filling isolated days with cheer and pride


The news of his challenge travelled far and wide

The media shared his story, prou...

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