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Thank You WOL

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I just wanted to write a little thank you note to everyone at WOL.

As some of you will know I am very new to poetry and only started writing at the start of lockdown.  Since then I have written around 130 poems, most of which have been shared on WOL.  Right from the very start of joining the site I was made to feel welcome and many of you have written kind and generous comments and awarded some...

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The Butterfly Tree

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Spikes of purple blossom

Feeding butterflies and bees

A hive of buzzing activity 

Nectar rich Buddleia trees


An Indian summer frenzy 

Every size and type of bee

Butterflies dance like fairies

A colourful spectacle to see


A fanfare farewell to summer 

Lazy nights and hazy days

Soon to be lost and forgotten 

As Autumn is finally on its way

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Hands, Face, Space

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Wash, wash, wash your hands

keep them nice and clean

warily, warily, warily, warily

be sure to practice good hygiene


Cover, cover, cover your face

your mask is your screen

cheerily, cheerily, cheerily, cheerily

although your smile can not be seen


Keep, keep, keep your space

two metres is the scheme

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Hands, face, space the...

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just for fun

Here I Sit

"Here I sit, broken hearted

Paid a penny but only farted"

Have you ever read this little ditty before

It was etched on the back of a toilet door

Vandalism was common way back then

Graffiti often scrawled in marker pen

Alongside a declaration of I ❤️U and

A heart drawn around the initials of two

I woz ere, me4U and 2gether4ever

It was never big, it was never clever

I p...

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just for fun

Autumn Scene

entry picture

Embattled Church parapet

The home of St Mary’s bells

An Autumn backdrop setting

Rusty shaded trees and fells


Roof tops and chimney pots

Cattle in farm fields of green

Stone walls and slate roofs

Capturing a view rarely seen

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In a moment of madness 

I don’t really know why

We shared a fleeting hug 

As we said goodbye


When the deed was done

We had broken the law

Quickly apologised to each other 

Guilty of what others saw


Always made so welcome  

Every visit we make

Hugs come naturally to us 

A gesture we give and take


Walked away, head held in shame

How did I forget ...

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The Rule Of Six

In the pandemic tombola

he pulled out a six

Picked the magic number

from his box of tricks


He gambled with lives

rolled a six sided dice

Cards on the table

six of hearts looks nice


It was lucky for Henry

but not for his wives

Ruling only six to mix

will protect all our lives


Keep six feet apart or

end up six feet under

A master plan or


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just for fun

The Hokey Cokey

You kept your whole self in

You ate out just to help out

In out, in out

Your mind is shaken all about

You do the hokey cokey

And u-turn around

That's what it's all about

Woah it's not a big jokey

Woah the rules get smokey

Woah join in the karaoke

Rules bent

Rules stretched

Ra Ra Ra


Should you keep yourself in

Should you stop going out

In out, in ou...

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just for fun

Market Day

Crowded, busy, bustling with smells that delight

The weekly Turkish market is a wonderful sight

Every type of fruit and vegetable, as fresh as a daisy

A variety of pulses and nuts, enough to drive you crazy


Olives small black, garlic stuffed, plump olive green

Ripe, juicy watermelon, the largest I have ever seen

Fresh herbs and dried spices, range from strong to mellow


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Too Late Too Soon

Inspired by a quote posted on Facebook today.


We forfeit our health

Searching for wealth

An expensive price

We choose to sacrifice


On the road to success

Encountering much stress

Fret about future days

The present lost in the haze


Our time on this earth

Is assumed from birth

Death is our sure fate

Too soon it's too late

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Move over Saudi Royalty

we have a new super yacht in town

Apparently Roman Abramovich

has stolen the Princes crown


In the battle of the mega yachts

Eclipse trumps Al Salamah hands down

Nice of them both to come visit us

and our little Turkish town

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Every Cloud

Every cloud has a silver lining

I struggle to find one in these difficult times

The regulations change daily

A challenge to adapt to new rules sometimes


Today I found that silver lining

I conform and wear my mask with grace

Because it hides the horrendous cold sore

That has been blessed upon my face



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just for fun

Turn Back The Clocks

Little puffs of powder

Little pots of paint

Make girls complexion

Something that it ain't


Are you old enough to remember, this little ditty

When make up was all it took, to make a girl look pretty


Laughter lines wrinkle

And crow's feet crinkle

Creases and frown lines

Laughter lines so fine

Dark circles and puffy bags

Jaw line droops and sags

Dull compl...

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Money, Money, Money

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I bet all of you, wish you could be me

Perched high and mighty above the sea

I look down upon those who have not

From my monogrammed pool…. aboard my giga yacht


I bet all of you, wish you could be me

I can have anything I desire you see

Anything money can buy I can choose

I am winning at life, then again.... I can afford to lose


My fortune made from drilling soil


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Boat Trip To Gumusluk

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We meet on the quayside, where we begin our day trip

All aboard the day boat Ispita, Captain Izzet is our Skip


We set off in bright sunshine, under cloudless blue sky

On calm and tranquil seas, waving to others passing by


Sail in to rocky coves, take a leisurely swim or a dip

Negotiate the wooden deck, carefully, avoiding a slip


Gumusluk Bay is our destination, the...

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Day Trip To Bodrum

entry picture

A stroll around old Bodrum town

busy, bustling, shaded yet so hot

Designer brands, Channel, Dior

Luis Vuitton, you can bag the lot


Every make of t shirt, Nike, Adidas

Polo, Lacoste and Georgio Armani

Shades of blue denim, designer jeans

Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Versace


Don't be fooled by all these labels

A bargain could be a costly mistake

Cheaper than Pr...

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