(I’ll want this back if we split)



It was written

In bubblegum wrappers 

And Sunday advertisements


There was some confusion

Misdeliveries, malfunctioning

Prototypes, and rain


But we can see now

How the shapes come together

I don’t know how to explain 


I was made for you


It takes a bit of getting used to

No owner manuals,  instructions

Or how-to’s


I might run hot or cold

On occasion and release

Deadly fumes 


But the shipping 


is correct


I was made for you


You were convinced

You’re one of a kind

Fragile; a taste to be acquired 

That much is true


But there’s a hitch 

That connects to a catch 

Deep in the back 

Of my mind that fits


That makes a whole bigger thing 

From another point of view


The whole is greater 

Than the lonely little bits 

I admit


I was made for you 

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