Mask of season lies

Tricks then treats 

I am the bitch which you beat


It's not Halloween

Take off your mask demons to be seen 


Bruses on my flesh and soul 

As you demons take control 


Grab me up for where I sit 

Beat hit me I am worthless


 Just look at my battle wound

The remind me inside death and gloom


Thump print you mark on my skin

I am not happy done playing pretend 


Evil in the dark of your eyes 

Demons swirl though your cracked mask hides 


I am sorry can't fix this shit 

I am worthless feeling in every hit 


I only wanted your love and time 

How can I love you in this state of mind 


My feeling are a ping pong ball

You bonce right back won't listen at all


You treat me with evil tricks 

You swore you would never do this 


Your mother warned me on the phone 

I didn't listen I chose never to be alone 


Now I am stuck on this Mary go round 

Way up so high I can't see the ground 


Can we go back to the start

Before your hands ripped us apart 


How does it feel now that I am done 

Watch just how far I run 


Through the woods out of sight 

Trust me fool that's our last fight 


Never to go through this again 

Watch how I make other plan 


January will look colder

As I grow alone and older


Bird will sing a song 

Once I am already gone 


No one to hold my hand and pray 

So I go off and leave this another day 


Under a bridge to sleep at night 

Cause you broke our home that fateful night 


I rather live alone it seems 

Then with someone who hits in between 


I might hurt you with my words 

You hurt my skin make it burn 


I swore I wouldnt go through this again with another man 

Nothing was said about a woman


I am destined to be alone 

For I will never have a safe home 


 Oh how things have so quickly change

Forced our lives to rearrange


I don't know where this rides going 

I live with fear never knowing


I try so hard to hold this together 

It's summer now tornado weather 


It came in like a hurricane

Blew thing to be forever change


I want of this ride to hell

As my eyes tears swell


Can we go back to yesterday 

Can't you find another way 


You hate yourself so much 

You take it out on me with evil touch 


Somethings got to give 

This isn't the way love should live 









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Nigel Astell

Fri 29th May 2020 01:04

High on the drug called life
wild and free
you are not.

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