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You've got enough years on the clock to wonder, "What's the moral of this story?"

To bring your fable to the table and lay it down before me,

With a sense of, "Priviledge," that having lived it, you deserve some answers,

Some meaning that goes beyond. "I made my plays and took my chances,"

But the truth is, I don't know any more than you,

And maybe that's surprising but the fact is it's true,

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've learnt stuff, but just enough to confirm that I don't know,

Maybe we're all just taking chances on the plays we made, and that's just how it goes,

The only thing I know for sure is give it your heart and soul,

You're the lead character in your life so don't play it like a, "Bit role,"

And whatever paths you choose to walk, walk them with conviction,

'Cos any less than your absolute best would be a dereliction,

So no, I can't tell you if life has some hidden meaning,

I can say, have some dreams, but don't get lost in dreaming,

It's a shit show at times, but you may as well give it your best,

Just put your own house in order, don't worry about the rest,

Be brave, 'cos whoever you are there's some tough times on the way,

Don't put off 'til tomorrow what gives you joy today,

Respect others, respect the land, respect the worldly wise,

Open your heart, open your mind, and above all, open your eyes.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 21st May 2020 14:01

Thanks Po, glad you liked it my friend.

J. x

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Thu 21st May 2020 08:18

Some really great sentiments and home truths here.

I had to just read it again J.


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 21st May 2020 05:55

Same back at ya Martin,

J. x

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Martin Elder

Wed 20th May 2020 19:54

Respect brother
nice one my friend

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