Said the Lion to the Pig

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Said the Lion to the Pig


I love this covid virus

It's locked the humans in

Clean air we can now breathe in deep

Clean air we can take in


Roarrrr!..... Oink......


My roar does not now get choked

With soot and dust and more

Thrown up by all their motor cars

We love corona...Roarrrrr!




Our playground's much more healthy now

Lot's more people walking

Around our healthy countryside

They're even, pig, friend, talking!


Roarrr!.... Oink!...


I am a little worried pig (oink?)

When covid's dead and done

Humans will emerge again

We'll be back to square one



Why do humans muck up our playground lion?...


Because they're stupid pig....


But they're at the top of the tree?....


Who would have thought?...





Don Matthews May 2020



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Don Matthews

Thu 7th May 2020 00:11

Adam - thankyou for your like..a different take on the virus....

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Don Matthews

Thu 7th May 2020 00:06

MC you've presented
Another side of coin
Animals all lost-like
Altogether join

Where are all your fingers?
Pulling us, cows moo
You've gone and done the dirty
Left us in the poo

Sheep and sheep-dogs in a tizz
Don't know what to do
Please come on back you humans


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Don Matthews

Wed 6th May 2020 23:51

Hannah yes I like your comment
Roar!...Roar! ...Roar!
Please keep reading poet Don


Yours is coming MC

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 6th May 2020 22:19

But -
Cows are in a right old muddle
Gathered together in a huddle;
Soft eyes pained and gently pleading
For relief from milkies'' finger-kneading
While sheep and sheep dogs
Are clearly confused,
Over-looked and under-used;
No human hand to offer order
To woolly wanderers and collies (border) 😐.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 6th May 2020 19:59

This is great !
The other side of the Virus, the cleaner air, the safer animals.
Really enjoyed this.


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