Turn the Tide

You couldn’t blame the RMT
For threatening to go out on strike 
To protect the public
After people got told to return to work
But not use to public transport
Only to then do so in London.

You couldn’t blame the unions for Education
For pleading with the government 
Not to let schools reopen
At the beginning of June 
Until a full roll-out of a national test
And trace scheme was in place. 

Taking away another element 
Of everything you knew every time 
You read about another rammed train
Whether in London 
Or near where you used to work 
Only a few years before 

Disembodimening reality 
Causing the world to shrink
Further and further inside yourself
When you read about a night club
In South Korea
Which shut as quick as it opened.

Discharging my trust in everything I read
When I see pictures of people 
Shoulder to shoulder on the underground or bus
And thinking the stiff British upper lip
Will pull them through this,
Failing to realise this will not turn the tide. 


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Andy N

Thu 14th May 2020 09:38

That's my next concern Nigel for people. I think this will be geting wrote shortly enough. Terrible times.

Thanks for the comment as always buddy. A

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Nigel Astell

Thu 14th May 2020 02:55

Stiff Upper Lip says
follow my example
just found out
he can't go to work
because he has lost his job.

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