The end of the world as we know it?

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The end of the world as we know it?

Early hours, I check the clock
A vivid dream has woke me up

Bizarre times, now par for the course
Yes, I‘m not dressed up, and I’ve nowhere to go

In a couple of hours it’s time for work
It’s like groundhog day, but in reverse

A bit of breakfast, watch the news
No daily commute, no traffic queues

So here we go, it’s back up the stairs
No need to shower or comb your hair

My back bedroom beckons me in
I’m lucky I can work, but it’s wearing thin

I can’t wait to finish and go for my walk
Watch A Place in the Sun or Tipping Point

Nowhere to go, no petrol in the car
Drive to the supermarket, and that isn’t very far

But what for the future, will it ever be the same
Keep your 2 metres distance on a mile long train

Bigger classrooms to sit kids on their own
Close all the offices, we’re working from home

No doctor’s appointments, they’re all on Zoom
No picking up germs in the waiting room

Don’t need new clothes, cut your own hair
One shop a week, which I quite like to be fair

Don’t need new suits, new dresses, new shirts or hats
The latest fashion is the latest mask!

Social distance football, can you imagine the sight?
Arms length Punk Rock just doesn’t seem right

So no live gigs, no festivals or plays
But crown green bowls and fishing are okay

Credit cards only, nowhere to spend cash
No drunken revellers out of the lash

No need to shop and avoid the crowds
No dining out or going into town

Just radio for company, repeats on TV
Political broadcasts we don’t want to see

Music and films will never be the same
Get down with the kids on their video games

And you’ll have to watch your comings and goings
Unless your name is Dominic Cummings

No flights, cruises or holidays abroad
It’s a caravan for two on the Norfolk broads

But no hugs and kisses for those who we love
No hustle or bustle, you can’t push or shove

Unprecedented times, but we’ll get through this
We’ve all had our own battles and we still exist

But were REM right? Is it the end of the game?
One thing’s for sure, it will never be the same…

Jeff Dawson May 2020


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Jeff Dawson

Sun 31st May 2020 07:56

Hi Mortimer, thanks for reading, glad you like it, strange times!

cheers Jeff ?


Thu 28th May 2020 23:45

This pandemic seems like it's here to stay and yes you are right to get things up and running we must adapt and change life as we knew it

A lovely poem

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