He looks he stares
He's kind and loving
His heart is pure
Strong and mighty
Can he love forever or
Will he lose his passion for loving
He wanted to reach for the stars, but his mind and soul wouldn't let him flow.
He was changing before his own eyes
Falling apart at once
Couldn't find who he once was or even who he is now
This man is lost
Trying to pick up pieces that has always been broken.
Will he find himself again, with having all odds against as he stands.
Searching for hope the hope he saw as a child with cheerfulness.
Trying to build up all of his brokenness
Scared to death that he too might just fail again, but this time what he didn't notice is he have his rib.
His rib that cherish his moves and thoughts
her loving passion will set him off high
She hold his hands very tightly telling him he is bigger than what the world has offered him.
God sits high and looks low so your shinning days are coming soon.

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