FAT CHANCE (or "Only in America")

I get email promotions about gadgets and gizmos seeking funding.  The latest aims to "treat your fat" via the

"Cryofreeze" method.  The link provides big glossy pics (plus prices and promises!) - New York/USA based,

promoting a waist-belt device and accessories that are offered as aids to reduce fat via so-called "freezing".. 

A thought about how frozen water becomes ice has me wondering what happens to the so-called "frozen fat"?

Hardly a weight loser surely?  I felt inclined to pen the following - starting with its promotional lead line - to...

Treat your fat with therapeutic Theralight

(Cryofreeze your stubborn fat),

But food is energy and needs to be slight

And that is all there is to that!

Fat tends to accummulate around the waist

And down around humongous hips

So eating too much won't see its haste

To go when gulped between greedy lips.

So - eat LESS and keep your work rate UP.

To see the fat begin to go

A lot less of what you like to sup

Is really all you need to know.

The body is just a fuelled machine

So, be mean to yourself - and you'll get lean!






Sun 17th May 2020 22:39

I totally agree with you, balanced diet with little exercise can do wonders on your body. You don't have to use crazy gizmos to achieve it.

Great insight!!

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Hannah Collins

Sun 17th May 2020 20:30

A lot of good advice here.
Made me smile.


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 17th May 2020 15:54

Po - the site in question doesn't accept replies but it did provide me
with the inspiration to add my poetical response here and keep the
brain busy!! No bad thing...especially now.😔.

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Sun 17th May 2020 13:11

Did you send it?


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