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There he was flying through the air

without a single care

free as a bird


Holding my heart in his wings


Eyes of blue 

Heart of gold


I was told 

it would be like this


Something so pure

Something so true


How could I love you



Your small hands wrapped 

around mine

in a twine of joy


I so miss my grandson...be safe all


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Sing a happy song it won't take long

before your spirit lightens

brightens the day

Sing Sing a happy song

chase the blues away

choose to have a happy day

full of sunshine 

not gray


By Lynn Hahn

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Silence eats at my soul

Others share truths I can not reveal

blind to how the information makes me feel

Trapped in the truth

no way out

Held captive by the lies

I can not look the offender

in the eyes

And say "I know"

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