Melancholy Relapse

I can't say this anywhere else
I wish you would have picked me
I wish I was good enough for her
I just wanted to be everything she wanted
I messed up and I lost her again
Why can't I just be good enough
Why dose everyone pick someone over me
I just want to be someone's everything
No I'm sentenced to a lonely life
I've never known what love Is
I guess I'll die alone not knowing what it is
Because I was never good enough for her
I will always be the lonely one
It will be the only thing I've ever known

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Fri 22nd May 2020 07:03

Damon, relapses are mostly temporary
and can be a worthy adversary.
An opponent that is almost matched
by your deft approach to it's mismatch

It, and you are not good bedfellows
soon your feeling will reside as time, it mellows
Your worth can not be measured in years
The past is the past, friend quell your fears

You will have another bite of the cherry
cast off your thoughts, again be merry
Poetry will grab for you a lover
As light follows dark you'll again discover.

New days cast, forged within your mind
You ARE everything as you will find
When love finds you and not you it
twill be true and not counterfeit.

I don't really like it sometimes when people write poetry in the comment section to another's poem. less it be misconstrued as brinksmanship

If this is how you feel then please just say and I'll delete it.

However this is one way I do find that I can say what I'm honestly feeling... As I am certain do you.

Be Well

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