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To whom it may concern

you know just who you are

the one I craved affection from

but we fought like in a war

little did I know then

your inner demons and battles

had I been aware, so different 

life would be, to me maybe life would matter

im sorry for the torment

From my end, and any pain

i may have caused and it 

couldnt have helped when 

i’d Find ways to compl...

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Also by Christine Elizabeth:

You win |

A Green Planet

A Green Planet


War has been declared on all fossil fuels

The planet must be protected at all costs

Too little, too late

For centuries we have littered the world

It has been used and abused

Ocean beds are covered with sunken ships

Unexploded ordinance lies deep in the soils of many lands

Chemicals have scarred the home of humanity

Fish grow into grotesque mutations b...

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Mandy's Girl


should a mermaid you befriend advise you-
trim your sails for home.
Let the irresistible force 
meet the immovable object.
Never mind who is who, right or wrong;
seagulls aim for both the same.

Let's hope rainbows from teardrops reveal
that power residing in simple things:
your quiet word above the roar,
your face in the aperture.
The seal imprinted on your heart
you'll n...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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The Darkness

Darkness, something as a child we learned to fear. 

I would call my mom into my room to check for monsters in my closet or under my bed but, I soon realized the monsters weren’t under my bed or in my closet they were laying next to me in my bed. 

I reach for you for safety and you weren’t there, you left me in the dark searching for a new monster to comfort me while I slept in the pitch bla...

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Also by Makayla Chavez:

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Invisible Driver

entry picture

On hearing driverless cars witll be on the road by 2021, a bit of poetical flash fiction....

No foot

On the pedal

No hand

On the


Was this

Driverless Journey

The last one

They'd take?

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For all me life I have been living among 'em:  savages. savages in suits.

Now they are becoming increasingly loathsome to me.

As a kid in bed I was alone, like a boat afloat in the sea.

Spotted land? Savages abound, in the suburbs, in the town

Savages abound.

Cultivating selfishness, meanness and spite.

Their unholy trinity: y've made yer bed, now lie on it,

spare the rod and ...

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The Monster

entry picture

The Monster came out of the deep dark cave.
It ate everyone but me.

The following day the Monster once again came out of the deep dark cave.
It ate everyone but me.

The next day the Monster emerged from the deep dark cave.
It ate everyone but me.

For you see, I am the Monster.

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The Colour of Balance

entry picture

I have found

the blue sea of balance and tranquility.

It rests inside of me.

I float through its silver mists of hope

and flip, flop my feet in its depths.

Bubbles of content come to the surface and pop!

I have found myself clothed in equilibrium 

and the colours suit me well.

Faith and love give me buoyancy and

I am held and nourished by your belief in me.

Serenity a...

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Also by Jill Ashforth:

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Untitled (stranger conversations)

“She was so tired most of the time she did not even pretend to feel anything.” - Joyce Carol Oates

He told me I’m supposed to be a ray of sunlight, but the only time I see the sunshine is when it rises, passing over my windshield and reflecting across my rearview mirror. I watch my life disappear behind me, dusty roads from a town I no longer know growing hazy in the distance behind ripples of ...

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Also by Emilia Callahan:

walls of glass |

Two-Part Harmony



is not

is so-

is not


I'm right

you're wrong

my view is superior

yours is inferior


far left

far right

mine is better

by Far


split your peas

split the difference

no one's always right

no one's always wrong



or fall off

the deep end

can we talk?


you might be right

if I listen

I might hear


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As The Sun Rises

I lay on a hard mattress curled in the foetal position,

wrapped in a chrysalis of darkness.

A fancy metaphor could not explain the meaning of life,

it had simply become irrelevant.

I had become so skinny that my skin was pulled

guitar string taut over aching bones,

that doctors had threatened to hospitalise me.

But now, allergic to life, my skin peeled at the thought of being.


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Also by Marina T:

Psychotic Girl |

mental healthmental health issuespoetry and mental health

rumbling in the night

Rumblings in the night


I was trying to write the words on the screen turned

into spatter of blood, darkness descended

A woollen mass pressing me down, I screamed

Of fear and my brother came and laid beside me.

A young woman. who had been thrown out of her?

Uncle’s house came with a tray of bacon & eggs

I grabbed a piece of bacon, but the woman said

It was not for me bu...

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In the life span of an average

householder, assuming they

live to the ripe old age of 70,

each must send an opt out

form to the post office every 3

years using the householders

own paper and to request 'no

junk mail' be posted through the

senders letter box. (In other words

they hypothetically need to write

23 times in just one life time to

avoid stuff they immedia...

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Also by Philipos:


Monday blues

My alarm clock beeps at 5 a.m.

Back to square one, I go again

An ungodly hour to start the day

But what to do? I've got bills to pay

No time for morning civilities

"Has anyone seen my friggin' keys?"

Stuck in traffic for almost an hour

Arrive at work in a mood quite sour

Phew! Just made it: it's five-to-eight

The boss glares at me: "You're bloody late!"

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entry picture



I am a tongue-in-cheeker

From down south Aussie way

You need to get to know me or

You could get led astray


I am an avid cheeker

(Or tonguer if you like)

The trouble is I bite them both

(Gives probs at open mic)


If you share my problem

Teeth getting caught in cheek

You'll know the agony, the pain

(Gosh this poem's weak)



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...I’m Tired...

I’m tired of unloving the forlorn root of the combustible star. Infancy of immediate wisdom.

Tell me how the air was sweet under the dew of agony feeling the light.

The heart; a rose trembling. The sky loves you with tears in innumerable cloud, condensing into streets.

I am tattered and torn; evaporating into red sleeves upon arms.

My dress sways like midnight on nights unhemmed.


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The Stigmatisations

Hello Ralphie.

How you been?

You’re looking well.

Perhaps a little thin.


Yes. I’d love to meet you for lunch.

Give me a week, I’ll give you a bell.

No, I can’t come out right now, Ralphie boy.

I won’t sniff around to your smell. 



Lovely to see you again, Mr Dartford.

It’s been the longest of times.

I bet in preparation for this interview

you’ve hoove...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Jesus Drives a Hyundai |

Piggy Puppy

entry picture

Soft and warm like little pigs,

Belly warm and milky,

Tiny paws soft as velvet,

Wine gum nose

And beans for toes. 

Caterpillar tails with a tiny twist,

Thrashing and dashing,

Wriggling and dancing. 

Breath like popcorn,

Buttered and spiced. 

Little murmurs, squeaks and purrs,

Scratches, snuggles baby cuddles. 

Tiny needles line soft lips,

Claws like diamonds


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Also by Louise Hogg:

Find the Light |



In years to come they'll probably talk about when

Some MPs got together, led by someone called Benn,

To put into play a wheeze they had planned,

Designed to make the government go cap in hand =

To plead for more time from the supranational EU

So the latter could keep telling us what to do!  



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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Today is for today

The world may while away

But here it's just today

The heat builds and browns

The toast runs round and round

Time laughs at my face

And I rest in pace

What is it?

Another cloud past yellow

Curving over the horizon 

Where all the prettiest clouds go

There is no detail in memory

Just what mirrored in the soul

Reflecting out on all those 


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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Stupid Happy Writing |


Therapy’s been fine but it’s not fixing my problems.

Each week talking about something new, but we never actually solve them.

Mr. Joyce tells me I need to let my emotions pass through me.

But my emotions make me who I am, so I know I need to disagree.

My identity has always been important and, honestly, I identify as depressed.

That as well as anxious, lost, and always stress...

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Also by Gunnar Payn:

Burn |


House of Cards

Did we ever stand a chance in a paper world

Where every fold, every tear really hurts

Creased and crumpled, a throw away line

Ripped and torn we limped over to mine


A tempestuous relationship, cruel and hard

We unravelled, fell apart, in my house of cards


A paper plane, an origami creation

Travelling light in a floating paper sensation

Tripping the light fantastic...

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In or Out?

My ambition is a total ban

or at least have my profile deleted

but I'm just too compliant

I follow all the rules

though this piece might break them

but if it does I'll apologise

I'd sooner stay inside and rhyme

than be on the outside and whine

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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New you, same canvas

When reinventing yourself 
Grab a colorful canvas.                                

A blank canvas                                                                      does not signify a new beginning.
It symbolizes complete erasure of what was and attempted to create to what is. 
A colorful canvas 
accepts what was and incorporates it into your is 
resulting in a new beautiful mistake. 


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Inner child

entry picture

I have a  really little child inside me who wants her all the time and if she don't get it she cause all kinds of emotional havoc and chaos.           She wants to center of the attention all the time and if she not.                   She do best to make me misable.  So I try to tell her everyday.                    That she is in loving way that I am in charge and not her.                        ...

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Also by Julie La Rue:

Bunnies are magical |







causes of conflict

frustrations thereof

hopes for world peace

always out of reach

just autumn leaves

that served their purpose once

like silver tongues

sacrifices to the Gods.


blind alleys

slave galleys pulling together

for the cause no-one can foresee

in the crows nest of my life

it all seems much of a m...

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Also by ray pool:


Just for now

Just for now
I am enough

that come and go

in the ocean

on the beach

passing through

a snowflake
here and gone

the least and the most
cells ripples grains air

a snowflake
here and gone

I am enough
just for now.


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Also by Fred Nicholson:

Love | a Living Paradise |

Convoy To The Mekong.



Forty trucks, one mile long.

Going down to the Mekong.

ACAVs at the front and back.

Just in case of a VC attack.

Six Gun Trucks are there too.

Spread out amongst the queue.

The convoy commander, in his gun Jeep.

Giving out orders to keep things sweet.

Engineers and Mechanics came along.

Just in case things go wrong.


Carrying s...

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Also by Mick Stewart:

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I know

entry picture

Fading memories

my soul concealing

hurt from my

aching heart

I am soaring

with majestic

angels on a bright red

persian dream

In a dream

where you never leave

In a dream

where you are still holding me

Tranquil sounds...

with every key

it moves me

further away from you

Paralyzed with fear

of forgetting your beautiful face

I know I will always

feel your love

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Also by Alta H Mabin (Ally):

Ancient love | The hope of a sunflower | Battlefield | Infinite beauty |



Poems are like moons
reflecting past light
back down towards me
when I choose to look

Mind and creation
at a respectful distance

with so much space between us
I no longer live
through the poems
they’re just reflections now

Beneath the busy sky
I’m free
and living life...


(Inspired by Cynthia's moon poems)

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Also by Tom:

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The God in the Mountain

Flogita - 13 September 2019

It stands

a great sail fin of rock

high towering - dominant

cloud mazed

haze hidden seat of hidden gods

and we,  yes,

we would rise to their heights,

stand in their pantheon

to observe the tiny world


For from this seat

Prometheus set forth

and with Athena

set us in that tiny mortal world -

yet now we stand

proud o...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Sunday |


Pass away

Fractured into a million pieces 

and grown in the shade of the Apple tree


The world wakes in windows and pains


Knees buckel beneath the weight of life, 

gashes forming in solid iron! 


Goo fills the void, 

and what little remains evaporates into the air


Treasures dig deeper into an unknown category,

calling me mother, 

and the boy father. 



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Also by Alita Moore:

Godly | Lonely by definition | Life is cruel |

Being and Ridiculousness

In that book, Nausea, Jean-Paul Sartre’s
Antoine Roquentin gets kind of freaked
Out just looking at the root of a chestnut tree.
I thought it was pretty weird at first,
Because how can you get through life
If you freak out every time you see a
Tree root or some fool thing like a tree root?

You couldn’t go on, could you? It’d just be
One crisis after another until you went
Insane and did...

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Also by Randy Horton:

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Zoology: Lesson One

A clam is a bit like an oyster,

   A clam is a bit like a whelk,

A clam is a bit like a cockle or mussel,

   But nothing at all like an elk.


An elk is a bit like a bison,

   An elk is a bit like a ram,

An elk is a bit like an eland or deer,

   But nothing at all like a clam.

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Also by branwell kent:

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But I...

Sparkle the prism paints my wall

sign of the cross, a plus

rays thru crystal, enthrone my sill

minding of gain, loss...

yes, the fussers and their fuss


But I...






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Waste no time

Open your mind

Now is always the moment

Do not hesitate, investigate

Every second is new

Resplendent in its ability to inspire curiosity



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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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As you stare at midnight          

Sleepless eyes upon the clock   

do you sense with comprehension   

that; from this life you are lost

and as the darkness takes you

that your standing all alone

innocent and naked 

born from life, your soul

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pebble | fat man | insatiable | autumn haiku | friction | new dawn | catcher of my shadows | narcotic |


entry picture

There is a little band of people that I constantly wish dead.  But it’s growing.

It comprises several who are still vertical and a small number who have already been promoted to glory.

Be assured, I don’t do anything physically to bring their deaths about (-this is, after all, not America-) but simply enjoy the satisfaction of it happening when it does.

And let me say from the get-go (and...

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Also by John Coopey:


parting thought

I would not mind that much

if some killer sneaked in

and shot me through the head

while I was fast asleep.


I would kind of welcome

dying by ‘friendly fire’

say an old amigo

taking aim, waxing me


‘pro bono publico’.


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Also by Rick:

a playtime in the rain (1958) | demob happy | A view from Mainland | I looked up (final version (for now) ) | I looked up | broken home |

year old

chair seat high and beloved


starting to be yourself

in the unmapped territory of your own home

little explorer


each day making new discoveries

that will in time explain themselves better


how your intentions of conquering the need to understand

will blossom

and how fortunate for you

that your early days will not disclose

the worst of fears to you


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Also by Rose Casserley:

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It is more accurate to say that I was consumed by,

rather than saw, the pre-dawn work of countless arty spiders

spread as far as my senses could stretch without causing them

to rupture. I was, at the time, struggling to decide whether I had

finally freed myself of the novice’s need for a homebase for thoughts;

one from which collaborative mental exercises could, early ...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



Climb the hills that you can manage, stand upon the pinnacles,

Find the will to fight the damage levied by the cynical,

Their perturbances don't matter, the lyrical don't shout,

Their disturbances, the chatter of stereotypical doubt,

Concentrate on the peak but be sure to enjoy the climb,

Contemplate the oblique as you endure the passage of time,

There is no use pushing on so har...

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Happy Splashing

entry picture

Tyre cuts through puddle

Tsunami drenched to the bones

“You Fucking Wanker!”



My third crack at the Senryu poetry form. 3 non rhyming lines, 17 sylables arranged  5,7,5

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Also by John McDonough:

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Happy SplashingJohn McDonoughSenryu

If You Only Knew Me

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we argue about the give and take

it's upsetting that i can't stay awake

and afterwards when you're not here

i can't get back to sleep my dear

i think about the things i could have done


and the words i should have said

now that you're not here to hear them

they're doing cartwheels in my head

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Also by Eiren Water:

Sometimes |


why do you write
there’s nothing to do
the tv is broken
books I own are too small to read
goats already scratch the ground

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

the internet | You’re (still) wrong | so beloved | Primitive | The Question Always Is | For everyone’s benefit | Tips | All in all | Flipping Switches |


The year is 2019

The U.K and U.S have been taken over by xenophobic sociopaths with floppy hair

People haven’t got time to notice the absurdity, because they’re working 6 jobs

The retirement age is about to be raised to 103

My mate John paid more tax than Amazon did last year - John is a cleaner

We all still miss Freddie Mercury immensely

There’s an app that can track planes acro...

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Did You Pack a Whistle?


You are not lost yet

You can still retrace more steps

Botched blazes be damned



© Candice Reineke 2019



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Also by Candice Reineke:

Florida Birthday Girl | Sea Oats Already Know |


I am a wordsmith,

Thats all I know.

Your liking or disliking is yours.

Your indifference hardly pinch me.

I feel an affinity with words,

Words make me restless.

Thats the blessing to me.

I am no poet,shall never be.

I am a Wordsmith .

Like clouds I make collage of words.

numberless collage everyday.

I write to provide nutrients to my soul.

I write to sustain ,to...

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River In Me | Search | Escape | What more ? | Indelible | Some Scars,Some Joys | Seeking Help |


entry picture


Oh! My Dear

Will Welcome You

But of late,

Please Wait.


A lot of work

has to complete,

a lot of things 

to accomplish.

Know  my tenure is short

every where has to faught 

to achieve  the target

would not lament.


Expections  of friends

aspirations of parent,

desires of children 

 hope of society and its men

has to be fulfilled


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Also by ajay kumar sahoo:

Death |


Just take my heart out 
Leave it on your fucking kitchen table
So leave Kentucky today 
I'll leave my gun under the pillow
I won't make you sorry that you loved me

Smoke good kush 
Get money
These actions never led me back to you

I'm a fuckboy but I never hurt you in any way
I self-harmed again
You fucked my best friend again
You only talk to me when you're bored
So hide all my fee...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

A day away | Karma |

Another Missing Poem

I miss you like daylight

Warm and inviting

Flowers stretching their arms to meet your sky 


I miss you like the ocean misses its sense of calm

Like a tide, gentle and restless 

always coming just to leave again


I’m driving home and suddenly

I can’t remember which direction you used to go to take me home

But I would always end up there


You always brought me ...

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Also by Sarah Mae:

numb |

GW Park 9/15/19

I loved looking at him 

the way his eyes crinkled at the sight of the sun 

our white shoes getting messy in the sand 

The sound of the lake water hitting the shore line

 No communication just sounds of nature filling our ears 

She loved him more than she could fathom 

But he was too busy to notice 

So she took screenshots with her mind

to remember his face and the way she f...

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- for a friendfirst loveromantic


entry picture

Close your eyes,and image you're me.                                                                                                                   Open your brains let my thoughts capture yours.                                                                                                  You might see things you don't want to,but it's an option.                                              ...

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Also by Blackrose:

+DEMON+ | ~FOR_YOU~ | GRAVE | Broken |

am i failing

am i failing

falling, but not in love

eye watering pain

knees buckling

itchy brain driving the buick

skin cold under a hot sun

swimming just to move

knotty and gnarled pine cane, beautiful leaning against the piano

titanium nylon knees hip shoulder

this tin soldier takes an accidental bow

positioning needs titanium cane

falling, but not in love

am i failing


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As Autumn starts to come this way

It is time to reflect upon the day.

Do you see the leaves fall to the ground?

Softly, gently, without a sound?


Do you see the frost and mist and dew?

Do you hope the sky is still blue?

Do you feel the fresh, cool, crisp air?

And shall you find warmer clothes to wear?


Hibernation starts at these times,

As small creatures hope fo...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

To Live or not to Live? | Listless Life | Waterfalls | Romance and Me | Life for Everyone | Shakespeare |

AutumnSeasonsStuart Vanner

As far as the eyes can see

The days

Spent embracing the unknown skies

With a curious, youthful, confident gaze

Expecting more, ever more

From nature

And the unseen

Are long gone


The times now

Are not propitious for clear sight

The teary eyes struggle

Through the crowding haze

The expanse of the horizon narrows

The light dims


The other weakened senses take over



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Also by Jeannot:

The science of aging |

The Finding of the true cross(Meskel)

entry picture


From the 4 corners of Addis
Sunday school students
At a Meskel Square make a throng
All the way beating a drum
Ululating and singing a song
With a passion strong.

"Queen Helena (Elene)
Mother of Constantine the Great
Found the true cross
Buried under
A dump-mountain long
By those who  read  Jesus
The incarnated word wrong."

"Advised by a monk
Led by an incense smoke
The whereab...

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early bird
gets the worm
slept in
missed my turn
no vision
no foresight
dreams took
like a
lead kite
didn't think
things through
bit more than
could be chewed
left with
chances few
no second
in a web
diving in
head first
or worse
never looked
before i leaped
landed in
too deep
nothing sown
less to reap
one ste...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

True Nature Too

entry picture

True Nature Too


Amazon tribes feed

Their babies with hot ashes.

Charcoal promises


South Pacific tribes

Sort the fish from the plastic

On littered beaches


Children of the world

Put their blind elders to shame

As the planet chokes

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

True Nature |

amazon burningchildren protestclimate protestsplastic pollutiontri-haiku

Fade Away



It's been countless days since you left me,

And I know that… 


Like seashells dancing in the ocean

the tide that brought you in,

Came back and swept you away. 


Like clouds drifting in the sky, 

The wind that carried you in, 

Carried you past me and far away.


But it is the touch of time Lover,

The same hands of the clock that brought us togeth...

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

Thunderstorm | Sanctuary | Ours |

forgetlostLovemoving on

The Ship

Here comes my ship,

She roared blissfully,

Steaming in on a golden sea,

But wait they pray, be what may, 

Girls don't board ships and it should stay that way


Here comes my ship,

She danced with glee,

Sailing in on a pale blue sea,

Stop! They spray, don't go that way!

Good girls should stay, darling what will your parents say?


Here comes my ship,

She clapp...

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#womenequalityfeminismwomens rights

Decisions! Decisions!

If I meet a stranger in the way and he asked me for my name,

Should I tell him with a sad sad smile that we are all the same?

When a ravenous roaring lion comes hurtling down the street,

Should I stand my ground a trembling and sweep him off his furry feet?

If our pearls of wisdom scatter, strewn askew on stony ground,

Should we weep and wail, O woe is me!, or act like are fool...

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Also by afishamongmany:

Long Days Disapearing | A Conversation | Squat Frogs |


This modern day government are glorified Hitlers

I know little facts about war today
without facts in reason
i know enough
I know in school
they teach us in history of evil Hitler
How he murdered millions
children women men
the gas chambers
the injustice
vile despicable creature
"That will never happen again"
"how times have changed "
or have they ?
yes we are a modern world
computers updated typewriters
things are different now

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


political poetry peacewar

Love Letter to My Muse

All day long 

I think of you. 

I can’t wait to get home 

to be with you,

to feel your ink drip 

between my fingers.

You are my love,

my passion,

my muse.

I know you will 

never leave me. 

We are bound 

by a legacy of words, 

that braids our soul.

Our poetry echoes 

through time and space, 

leaves a soft place 

for broken hearts to land. 

# # # 


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Also by Vautaw:

Silent Light  | At Last | Interpretive Dance | Can We Pretend |



There is a certain light

which sits just on the edge of a cloud

more nuanced by the hues of blue sky

then the paler palletes of the further horizon


And you have seen the yellow flame dance

on the log 

whose sparks

rise and twirl into the deep 

crepuscular and cerulean blue

of summer’s twilight


And you have seen the golden 

grasses’ halo 

glow and circl...

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

Between | Grapes | No Comparison | The Swallows |

I don't know

I don't know how to not be awkward

I don't know how to format a good poem

I don't know how to apologise 

I don't know what to do 

But,I do know 

That I would never give up on you

That I would never stop needing you

That I will be there for you always 

I do know that  when you're sun goes down I will find you a flashlight

I do know that when your world crumbles I'll give ...

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"It” was unable to determine,
why everyone was disgusted on its birth?
Why mother hid "it" from the world?
Why "it" never got affection from elders unlike other kids?
Why world was different for "it"?
Why "it" was molested?
Why "it" becomes the object of cheap humor and lust?
Why "it's" desire to dress up was considered inappropriate?
Why "it" has to suppress the desires?
Why "it" h...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Desire for authentic amidst pretentious | Wing and fin | Classic and commercialization | Sand | Dreams and desires | Hope and sunshine | Equality and empowerment | Partition: Nightmarish verity |

The Wild Woods

entry picture

Some time ago I invented a cocktail:

But -

1) you don't Know the spirit used

2) you don't Know the mixer

3) you don't know the container it comes in

4) you don't know the price

5) you have to drink it outside in the car park

I've named it

"The Brexit"


Words and foto. Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

from over my shoulder | We've each got different partners now... |



I return to Brighton and I talk to the sea.

This time I am alone, no gangs, only me.

Out of season I tread on pebble and stone.

So disillusioned with life, I wander alone.


I revisit our Café for cups of tea and a pill.

No sound of laughter, just the ring of a till.

Only a few people brave the desolate shore.

A swimmer fights a wave, the rain does pour.


I walk...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Crossroads | The Attic Night | The Death of Meredith Hunter |

Footsteps of the Magdalene

entry picture

Are we not blessed to follow in Her footsteps,
The steps that stirred the dust in Galilee?
The feet that bring good news of Living Jesus,
The Light of lights arisen in you and me?
Her path is one of peace, of joy, of hope,
Breaching the walls of ignorance and fear,
And leads to the twilit Resurrection Garden,
See in Her embrace the Christ Light now appear; 
Magdalene, you show us this Grea...

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A Butterfly I Thought I Saw

A butterfly I thought I saw -

with snow-like wings the field explore;

the smiling grass you flitted on -

your fragile beauty caught my eye -

I then gave chase – with longing sigh -

but blinked then looked – and you were gone.


A spider in its place I found -

poised motionless; beneath – around -

was spread your soft, alluring web,

which with a thousand charms was wro...

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Also by Christopher Laverty:

Emelie | In Despondency |

a butterfly i thought i saw poem by chris laverty


The place where we landed seemed good.
There was water, and food, and air,

but others were there before us,
and they told us we couldn’t stay.

There’s no room here, they said.
We can’t help you.

So we,
the last humans,
went back to our ship
and continued our search
for a home.


(From the pamphlet 'Kiling the Piano', published by Half Moon Books)

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Also by Joe Williams:

Bloke Walks Into a Pub |

Those Puppet Strings

With tight Puppet Strings, it controls me,

It's iron fists strangle all breath from my lungs 

Its ink black tendrils cover my heart and envelope my mind.

There is no escape. 


I drown with no water about,

My tears come in rivers that stream down my face

and my screams, there in no more horrible a sound. 


My heart bears the pain of a thousand knives 

and my body, no...

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Also by Kate Hubbard:

Belonging |

My golden years

entry picture

Yes it was pleasant and amazing!

How i was so careless and naive,

And just enjoying my age, my precious times.

My innocence that i dont have to defend.


I go where i want to, I eat and play all day long;

I climbed the mountains, play in the rain;

Build a house in the bush;

Watch my favorite noontime cartoon series at four.


Listen to my grandfather's folk stories on...

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Also by meya:

Fantasy |

The school run

Mini-humans converge
drawn but not defeated by routine.
So much colour,
noise -
so much future in one place
cannot be discreet.

I understand.
Quarts trapped in pint-pots!
Spirits simply too big
to fit still-growing bodies.
So much lifeforce
escaping -
temper tantrums -
excess leaking from
unfinished containers.

Later, on the tram

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childrenSchoolschool run

Whispering wind

Soft swathes of September wind

stroke my welcoming skin,

its warm touch offers solace

to my stationary form.

A slow slight cadence

and a flighty rhythm,

this wind it soothes me.

Eyes closed shut so tightly

that sleep begins its

slow inward stroll

to silently steal my waking world,

and deliver me to the dream domain

where the calming wind

continues to hold me ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Morning sunrise | Thorn in her side | Turning my back | Confess |



entry picture

(From "Pieces of Me")



You can be anything you want, they said

Throwing falsehoods at her

Freedoms of youth

With a path yet unlived

Not even written yet


But when she tried to follow her dreams

They said slow down

Time is on your side

And knowledge only comes with age

You’ll learn


And she did learn

That time is against us all


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follow dreamslife


With the power you claim,

you must know the peril

of our divided bloodline.


You spoke with a whisper

and tore me in two.

One’s wisdom only

extends, until they realize

they have none.


How shall a descendant

march toward the light?

Should he follow bulb or candle?


Your quarrel

has left us here to ponder.

To bare the weight

of bickering childre...

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Also by Chaz Allen:

Day 3 | Dark Matter | Courage | Climb | CHI | Celestial |

Ode to Mr Jabberwoke - aka Jason Bliss

This speil was an instant response to member Jason Bliss's poem 'Lead Me Not'

Look it up 👍


Learning to Fly

My 'DragonFlyDark' was at top speed,
her wings spread out wide and full
rarely given the chance to fly,
and rarely to ever so Low!

But I caught her sharp, up on the edge,
and pulled upon her reins...
"Woah there my great black beauty"
today ...

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Also by Tui Dragonfly:

Comatose Kitty |

Ramblings of an Ambulating Mind

St. Kitts and Nevis Independence Day Poem

It’s Independence Day and I have something to say,

We are proud of our history and proud of this special day!

Liamuiga (which means fertile land) was the original name,

From the Amerindians that were here before Columbus came.

“This land is called Saint Christopher,” he soon proclaimed,

“I claim this land for the Queen of Spain.”

Then the English came Led by Sir Thomas Warner,


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CaribbeanCaribsIndependence DayKittitianLesroy MardenboroughLesroy Mardenborough PoemLiamuigaMiddle IslandSaint ChristopherSir Thomas WarnerSt. KittsSt. Kitts and NevisSt. Kitts and Nevis Independence DaySt. Kitts and Nevis Independence day 2020St. Kitts Independence day 2019Taj


Οn the sleek surface of the pupil of this marble eye which pulls us down

heavy is the water trapped inside the mist

heavy the living and heavy the desist

Heavy like Persephone's black leaden veil and wedding gown.


This life isn't for the faint-hearted; for death isn't only for the brave.

heavy is the joy, heavy the bliss and fickle

heavy is the jingling silver bending sickle


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Also by Mae Foreman:

The Moon in Me- An Epigram | My Faith and Inspiration Found | The Wait | I Refuse | Wedding Wish |

Love me just the same

If I lied

or made you cry

or didn’t try

would you still love me just the same


if you were alone

and never known

pick up the phone

and there you’ll see my name


a text

who knows what’s next?

always perplexed

every day is a new game


you say

we’re made to break

there’s no escape

I say I’ll take the blame


I dream

of you I scream


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Also by CharaOfNothing:

Cordelia | Haikus | Rose | After The Life |

Just for a moment...

entry picture

Just for a moment

We sit
On a cliff, on the north Somerset coast
We’re overlooking the Bristol Channel to South Wales
We eat, drink and talk
We try to work out where Cardiff, Swansea and Barry Island are
We wonder if those in Wales are doing the same
It’s easier at night, when their lights shine bright
The Sun is blazing down
Welcome but untypical for an English bank holiday
Kids are c...

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Little boy

Little boy going home crying 

What is home?

The house of tortue

Tools use to break down the little boy

The smell reeks of depression

The fear of not having true salvation 

Letting the spirits of the bottle run your whole nation

Using your hands more than your brain

Letting the little boy suffer all your pain

What truly do you have to gain?

Now you let the boy turn ins...

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Also by Ever Cruz:

Joker Smile | Hope | Number 2 |


It's dark here and cold

but that's ok because i'm not hurting anyone anymore

I miss my family

but it's better to be here so I won't cause problems

i'm constantly messing up

i'm constantly causing problems

I miss my dog


there's nothing here

it's just me

just me

just me




sometimes I get sad

I wish I had someone to talk to

or something to...

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Also by temper:

desent |

The Man

I see a man who has nothing

He wears a mask

I watch as he walks into an ocean of


Everyone he knows

Watching from afar

As I watch

I realize

That man is me


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Also by Daniel Amici:

Do I tell her |


entry picture

When the birds take back their language,

when the trees unloose

their tenderly hands from around you,

when the air doesn't breathe

and the seas are tearing,

when the flowers whisper:

No, you own nothing,

then remember:

You're visitor,

honoring the hospitality.

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Also by alexis karpouzos:


beautyfriendshipheartlifemetaphysicsmother naturepeacefulphilosophypoems on spiritualitypoetrystillnesswisdom

"You talk the talk.."*

"..do you walk the walk?"*

Principles are easy to talk about but hard to live by.

*all credit to Animal Mother and FULL METAL JACKET for the title and line in quotes.  If you think this applies only to men at war, heaven help us all for your duplicity.


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At end of day, man on his knees,

Cried out to God “Lord, help me please!

My sins are dark, that much is plain –

How can you pardon me again?”


And, like God’s kiss upon his face,

He heard “I am the God of grace”



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The loudest silence I have ever heard,

and dark, so black I hardly see the night.

No moon, and just a smattering of stars

whose ghostly glimmer casts a shimmered shade

among the trees, where night-birds sound their cry.

A rustle in the ferns belies the breeze

that barely moves the leaves, and signals prey

that prey themselves, and so the chain endures.


For I, who spurn...

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blank verse

Festival toilets

The weather is great

And the music is good

But I realy truly wish that I could

Hold it all in

But I need to pee

But those festival toilets are not for me

Because they smell so bad

And they look so grim

I feel like I'm going out on a limb.

It's too late I've breathed it in

The potty is filled up to the brim

Look at it it's overflowing

Maybe I should just get goin...

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Also by Andrew Mark Bedell:

Ordering drinks in a night club |

Eternal dance

Dancing and Twirling in the luminous lights.. 
Souls drifted to reach dizzying heights.. 
Not known are the  naive ways of heart ..
Tugging, pulling the forbidden silken threads.. 
Fragile steps learn the beats of art..
Bold cruising, finally the inhibition sheds.. 
Eternity it takes to end the marvelous quest.. 
Dancing in unison, symphony at its soulful best.. 

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If I Take My Leave

entry picture

If I take my leave of the green green wood

Home to Herne the Hunter and Robin Hood

Sunlight finding its way through the branches…magical

A living breathing ecosystem starting with the botanical

The symphony of nature provided by operatic birdsong

Natural balance perfecting, every creature does belong


If I take my leave of the green green wood

Would it cease to exist? I wo...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Labels | Island of My Mind |

#Ecology#nature #poem

Burning time

All my lights have been fixed

All the paths have been switched

I am here and still in a dream

or am I awake and fighting to scream


Now my eyes can see what's ahead

what I must believe and not destory myself again

I can't compell the shit I have lived ,all the tears that i have shed

alone in my bed and fighting to find a reason to not make this the end

I'm living now a...

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Also by Jaxx:

How do we know. |

A feeling inside VS my wondering eye

Day 2 day

A certain situation has been the same way

I try to act nonchalant as my mother would say

Hoping things will change as a Christian you know I prey.

Subconsiously knowing its inevitable cause that’s how he chooses to play and has my constituents in the matrix to put the icing on the cake.

She needs to fall back for her sake

crazy...if I was ther I’d never want to wake


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Also by northern_nay:


Never Closed Always Open

entry picture

Inside the grounds of a Children's Home in Liverpool a young boy plays - - -

Hideaway green

together fields

climbing grey

stone wall

young boy

eager mind

song writer

ideas grow

imagination adventure - - -


Years later

music lovers

singing Strawberry

Fields Forever

walking through

Fab Four

Beatles gateway

always open

never closed.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Moody Blue |

Old iron gates opened to Beatle fans

A Beautiful Fairy Seen

entry picture

Fascination gone into an admiration,

The new display is just an exaltation.

Like a fairy the new style,

Red lips and a pretty smile…

The image subjugates and conquers,

Hallucinates and confers,

The beholder’s thought with joy & tears.


A fairy’s descent with an advantage,

She places the world on a rampage.

With a revelation of her appearance

She adds more efferves...

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love poetry

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