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I have learned my lessons

Hard way or easy way, I’ve learned

Curiously or experience, they’re all lessons

Academically or life wise, dear I’ve learned


Of all educators, fathers are greater teachers

Little emotional, but you will learn

Experience is most brutal of all teachers

It will hurt, but you’ll learn, dear learn


Don’t say I am watch...

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Also by Lucas Chihinga:

My Pain | 'Could've Been |



Out in the fields

you will find

traces of trails

just faint bending of grass

underneath sight

a way in the dirt

from place to place

where something has gone through

enough times the same way

to leave their mark

the fields are full of roads like this

left by creatures of the night

busy at their work

comings and goings

paths toward escape

or home.


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Also by d.knape:

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Palestine protesters demonstrating outside H.S.B.C.

Girls certainly know how to shop,

As into our shopping precincts they drop.

They carry more bags than us men,

Filling their bags agen and agen.


Girls you keep our economy alive,

Without you it would not survive.

Males purchase probably one in ten,

Our economy would be dead if it was up to men.


Colourful accessories you girls do buy,

To attract the attention of ...

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Also by hugh:

A political plea.ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! | Friday the 13th,a sad day for Sammy the skeleton | Friday the 13th,female integration | Breaking news,passenger flies plane from Manchester to Alicante | How old? | Homelessness | Souper wit | A rat's prayer | Aspirations of a Refugee | Vote Remain |

a view from the Mainland

A shortie using tanka template:


we had to return

this one last time to listen

to the black head gulls

and watch the otters bobbing

in the ripples of Harray.


the loch was calmness.

as clouds scudded from the West

and the wind grew strong

we folded umbrellas.  it’s

raining now and Hoy is gone.


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Also by Rick:

I looked up (final version (for now) ) | I looked up | broken home |




I have lately been contemplating taking my life

The question is, how?

I live on the seventh floor with a veranda

The falling is not bad I shudder by the impact

Also, upsetting people.

A shotgun in my mouth blowing my brain out Is too ghastly,

 Ernest Hemingway did it shoot himself

Blood and gore all over the place.

A 22-calibre pistol should do it, but I dis...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

looking for serenity | sleepless | flowers | a notion | Jacob's ladder | blowing in the wind | as the wind blows | future | reality check | consensous | the collapse |

Why is Britain in such a Catastrophic Shambles Over Brexit?

entry picture

Why is Britain in such a Catastrophic Shambles Over Brexit?


Australia has a variation of the Westminster system


It has a written constitution which all elements of politics must comply

Only the people can amend this.

That is, the people have sovereignty


The British system does not have this


Australia has a long history of referendums which bind the Parliament


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Also by Don Matthews:

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Lonely by definition

A pseudo ground between life and death,

Frozen in the Magistrate,

Free me from the shackle.


The winds shift,

Side to side,

Bristling against the window at night.


Gashes form in heart of gallor,

And candles lit,

Melting streams of wax and fermented apathy.


Gather what remains,

In a pitiful puddle,

And sing to the wallowing winds.


They look,


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Life is cruel |

Psychotic Girl

lying in the bath, curled in a daze

staring at my hand, ring finger twitching

eyes losing focus, antipsychotics sedating

right foot twitching, clinically agitated

stomach protruding, appetite increased

screams of bubbles bursting, whispers intruding

scent of my body, artificial strawberry

ignore the shouts, but they hurt me

mountains of bubbles, naïve body purifying


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mental health issuespoetry and mental healthPsychosis


entry picture

I chose to sit in this gloom...to find an empty room.A comfort to cling hold of.Safer than being happy and giving in.... To your love....to your forgiveness.

A blackness that prevents any feelings. Deep inside my sinking head. No longer accepting that there’s any hope. And watching a world float by. Full of nothing....just imitation well being. It makes me so overly sick to see it Take it away ...

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Also by Harvey202020:

Fast Forward | New grass |



The pomegranates
are ripe on the tree
across the road
and the swallows
are skimming beneath the power lines
and the soft blue sky
The washing on the balcony rail is dry
The village dogs bark
Church bells summon summer in
and the early morning peace
is broken as a tractor heads for the fields
The sun heats the soft grey
feathers on the pigeon’s back
and he leaves his chimney perch

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countrysideFlogitaGreeceSundayvillagevillage life


A small, soft rose

petals shining in the sun

beautiful green leaves

but thorns strong and vengeful


you have no idea

of the horrors that await

only a few months away

in the dead of winter


but when spring comes again

so do you

your petals grow back

your dead thorns grow alive


so continues the circle

that encompasses life

you live, you suffer, ...

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Also by CharaOfNothing:

After The Life |

At Last

I can’t believe I found you at last. I haven’t seen you since I was 17. 

A few times I felt you near, but couldn’t see you because I was blinded by my attachment to shining knight fairy tales, white picket fences, and the American dream. 

What a relief to know you never really left. You have been here all along, patiently waiting for me...

to smile at my reflection in the mirror.

# # #...

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Also by Vautaw:

Interpretive Dance | Can We Pretend |



I’m no one trick pony!

I saddled, rode and tamed you.

Walked through the fire & spit out the ashes then bathed with the smoke and that was just in passing. 

Lifted up other when I was in the trenches.

Soared over heartache-deflected all pain.

Only taking a break to feel the rain.

You see I never said I was perfect nor claim to be.

Just a lady with many layers, 

so many it a...

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Also by northern_nay:


The speech of angels

entry picture

"Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche 


A waterfall of notes, rising and falling, 

Splashing into mind, heart, soul. 

Music will never grow old. 

Arpeggio series of broken chords rising descending

Into and out of order. Plunging into minor keys, rising into waves of luminosity.

Notes that compose a chord are played or sung in a rising or descending or...

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Also by John E Marks:

Who the hell can see forever? | Sister poem | An adamantine distress | For Al-Mu'tamid (Seville, 1040-95 Christian Era) | Lotus flower | Final solution | Victorian Gin Palace | Bobbins |

Numero Uno

From early childhood

Til our days are done;

We're conditioned to strive

For 'Number 1' ;

Anything less 

 is incompetency;

Everyone thinking

Of Me! Me! Me!

A society rent

By competition;

Virtue displaced

By blind ambition;

A victor's not the one

Who wins first-place;

All are winners

Who finish the race!


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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

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The End

The End


Bombers race in unison along

expectant runways

Laden with a deadly nuclear cargo

to dislodge our planet from its axis

As we are cast like confetti

into an inter galactic gloom

Leaving our earthly home abandoned

desolate and forever stricken

Leaders shout the futile slogans

of their defunct ideologies

Beauty is gone in a blinding flash

verdant meadow...

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Also by keith jeffries:

My Other.... | She Died Recently........ | Our Destiny | A Spiritual Home | Needless Burdens | The Final Blast | He Stepped Inside |

A Birthday Blessing

entry picture

              A Birthday Blessing

            Birthdays are special events

            To be celebrated with laughter and cheer.

            We share these special times in life

            With those love ones so dear.


            When a life touch’s so many.

            This special event is a birthday blessing.

            The longer the life

            The more ch...

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Also by Belinda Sue Kiser:

You Found Your Way Home | Life is a Chain Reaction |

Wakey, Wakey


Someone, anyone. Not rich or famous
but very, very fortunate.
Awoke somewhere, well, it was a hospital.
And someone, it must have been a doctor
said simply "You're cured!"
The patient, flooded with relief, was unable to speak.
Later a nurse arrived with a bite to eat.
The patient smiled and, feeling unworthy
lowered his gaze. Obviously he would have to
offer a pro...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Future Is Another Country | Power In The Eyes | Quiz On Greek Gods |


It is my favoured walk – the

one that takes me from St John’s

towards the Mapledoram route

which I traverse on foot and wonder

at the scenic seasonal views – for

autumn now begins to stir and

berries line the brambled boughs in

thickets by the water’s edge and

jam makers appear with jars in

hand to crop the bounteous fare

which beckons all to share their


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Also by Philipos:


Be good individual

entry picture


Thursday, September 12, 2019

11:25 AM

Be good individual

Saturday,14th September 2019


I am no exception

honest and simple clay man

very eager to maintain the cordial relation

and proud to be a good citizen too


very much prone to get tempted

even without being attempted

life seems very much empty

but seek always solace from an almighty


I need ...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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entry picture

Poem 120 of 230: A GOOD SEASIDE DAY - AUTUMN 2000

Via the art gallery,
Blackpool how it used to be;
Via a famous tower,
The Blackpool of the hour.
Via a maritime Mount,
Fleetwood with its channel out.
And, via a coastline tram,
The autumn-night lit-art jam.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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is this the hope-ward road?

through wastelands

of ruined love

sorrow my only luggage

deceivers have stolen

every one of my hearts treasures

now they are dancing partners

with the inflictions of memory


am I ever to leave

their traitorous damaging's

far behind

in my rear-view mirror

or go on forever trying to cry away

the distances I am travelling

on this highway of blue shadows?


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Also by Rose Casserley:

with hAvOc as a memory | inexplicable entities | unforgettable underdogs aka real human beings ( a just HAS TO BE for all on WOL ) | weak days | withdrawal |


All I want to do is hold you close and show you.

Because with all of this space between us...

Sometimes words are not enough.

Sometimes words are too much.

Sometimes when it all feels too rough.

Sometimes the only thing that will suffice is touch. 

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A Bag Of Spuds And A Swede (part 1)




A Bag of Spuds and a Swede (part 1)


It was as if his birthdays had all come at once

Double family allowance, and double dole

But now he’s down to just twelve and half pence

Sat alone in the watering hole


He’d been up since the crack o’ dawn that day

And snuck down as his family all slept

And he rifled through Annie’s old handbag

Where her most prize...

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new dawn

the infinite dawn

pale light too the horizon

destiny boding

to the rise of the dreamtime 

of eternity’s extent

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catcher of my shadows | narcotic |

Death of a Flame.

Two hearts.

One sky.

Two souls. 

You and I.


One moon. 

Four young fists.

Two Lips.

Long lasting kiss. 


Once a flame, now a smoldering blaze lasting long after the sunrise.

Throw your matches into the fire, take that chance and pray they won't burn out.

Run with me beyond reality and back. 

Hold my hand and pull me headfirst into the oblivion of us. 


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Finlay Milo

Fair haired boy.. soldier a cart he does pull
for the cart holds his dreams
brightest of light so bright ...never dull
beautifully fair with angel tone skin
The boy he does care
deepest love from within
protect him and love him
nourish his soul

the boy he sees through you
He speaks to your soul
a spontaneous loveable summer time child
clear sounding tones in his voice gentle mild

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:




Who is that man, I need to know

The one who makes me tremble so

The one who makes me quake inside

When he looks into my eyes

The one whose voice I just adore

Leaving me with wanting more

That man, the one who's so aloof

The one whose smile is the proof

He is the one I wish to hold

The one for whom I feel so bold

Perhaps throw caution to the wind

All with just the s...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

The Moors |

My first poem

entry picture

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What is home?

sometimes I feel I have a foot in each country,

my legs lay witness to the vast unknown of the sea

I visit one, and live in another-

yet I never feel like I truly belong.

In my birthplace, I am asked: 

Where are you from?

And yet, I was born not 20 miles from where we stood.

in the land of my ancestors,

there too I am asked of my origin

So, I am left wit...

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The Wait

The passing of time marks a path to martyrdom 

I have been a martyr since seven am.

Five hundred steps trod by a medium-sized foot from Hell to Home

One hard labor-filled day's worth of patience to determine who I am.


She said "They will come in the afternoon".

Not precise enough to keep my hand and mind steady. 

I push the minutes as the hours dawdle; He whispers: "Soon..."


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Also by Mae Foreman:

I Refuse | Wedding Wish |

My Place

Stand at a high place and look.

Hair-rush winds lung freshen.

Wind, neither warm nor cold, they’d call a gale.


No bother weather that’d put the good folk off.

Stand in a jumper when they’d insist on a coat.


Wind: releasing tension’s grip;

ferreting out knickety burr-wrinkles;

soothing skackety skick-crinkles.


Breathe Height; ride groundswell.

See aeons str...

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What more ?

The garish lights,

Artistic banners,

A milleu of intellects.

such well chosen melancholy music.

The costliest bouquets.

Dear society!

What more do you need

in your funeral?


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Indelible | Some Scars,Some Joys | Seeking Help |


entry picture

My darkness reaches new heights, 

I let my demons loose and they begin to take flight. 

Ascending, as the volume of my innocence tries to resist and put up a fight. 

Though it’s too late...My sins envelop me and I lose the part of myself which was once light. 


Image: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.disclose.tv/amp/315540

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Desires (part II)

I dream to be flying free

Over distant lands and sea

Roaming around in unknown streets

Exploring countries and wild trees

The forest dense and constructed sites

Discovering people and their unique lifestyle

A sudden urge to break the boundaries

And visiting places that my heart desires to see

World is beautiful with its beauty strewn around

Picking up pieces and making m...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

Happy birthday dear You!!! | Happy birthday!! | Exam fever!! | Frozen!! | Flight of fantasy!! | Castle of love!! | Memories for rest of my life!!! | Midnight!! | Crippled!! | Journey!! |

early brew

Coffee ☕️
It’s much too early
For mundane things
Dream of night
Each morning brings
Too many thoughts
This thinking stings
☕️ coffee
Hot, sweet, full
Bodied flavour
Brew a new....
Of old and borrowed


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Good bye old thoughts

The  pain that is  inflicted upon us

Leaves  our mind full of ruckus 

The fight between wrongs and rights

Can keep us dwelling and awake all night


Walls they cave in on top

We ask our minds to stop


Tossing and turning frantically 

Visions of pain played out dramatically 


Worries and fear 

Won't disappear 

Because we lend a listening ear

To those who ...

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Also by Lysa d:

No time to pause | Mind over matter | Time is precious |


entry picture

Sometimes you can surprise yourself at what you can acheive when you ignore your so called limitations...


Bumblebee's body

Is way too heavy

It's wing span

Far too small


This little fella

Can't fly

But he doesn't

Know that 

At all

He keeps flying...

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Friday 13th | Bridge Of Forgiveness | Older | Selfie Obsessed | The Magician | Climate Change | Her Dog's Voice | Mixed Messages | Bad Brexit Romance | Poetic Pianist | Woven song titles | Never serious, Never settled | Warrior of Spirit |

#poetry #motivation #inspirational #nature

Little Bird


Fly, fly Little Bird

Your time has come

Go up and beyond the horizon


Your tears are done

Your pain is gone now

You’re free and ready to fly


Spread your wings Little Bird

Don’t fear fly to our Lord

He awaits you with open arms


Angels will welcome you

Mother Mary embrace you 

Your new life has just begun


We’ll miss you Little Bird


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Also by Julia:

Invitation |


Tucked in the shadows of some apartment complex on Baymeadows that consumes itself with tonight in order to forget about their tomorrow’s. I of course are one of these blokes, that tends at the shit hole bar that serves all of these folks. Happy or content, I’m not sure I know I know the difference. See I was talking to Jeff at the bar who made me think about what I’m missing. Surely I was made fo...

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Have you ever seen an advert to bring you up short:

An invitation in plain English: " Old poets sought"?

If you have, I'll say bravo (and not be satirical)

To salute what is surely a literary miracle.

For no matter where you might be found

Scribbling at sea or with feet on the ground

Whether you be close by or maybe far-flung,

Poetry offers preference to those who are young.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


the fallen

Listen to 

Your prophets 

However they may 


Listen to the 


Which blow inside the tower

That is 

Your mind 

Listen to the rain 

The wind 

The snow 

The mountains 

And the trees 

And if you can’t 


At least 

Stop talking 

For a moment 

The sea is the sea

The sky is the sky 

And somewhere 

You can float



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I wonder if she knows

what she has stolen from me

my hands tremble as i try and swallow and consume all the thoughts running through my mind

what she didnt realise is that she drained me, 

drained me of my peace, my soul.

he once sat in front of me, on his knees while tears ran down my face. 

" ill never hurt you, your pain is over"

fast foward a year or so and its all faded away

as he walked in th...

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Thorn in her side

She drifted in and out of view

passing from gossamer to stone,

floating and then, sinking down low,

singing the words you wrote for her,

the sound now a sick cacophony

mocking your emotions,

stabbing at your heart.

Holding the now faded rose

that you had pinned in her hair,

but truly, a thorn in her side

had been your gift to her,

the beautiful bloom

was invisib...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Turning my back | Confess |




turn towards the door
don't have words anymore
wouldn't stay
didn't ask anyway
couldn't keep up with this charade
best plans laid
what can i say
watched our dreams fade away
was only us
in the dust
nothing to cloud
our vision now
air's cleared
except for the tears
seeing it disappear
was my biggest fear
had to face the truth
long ago we were through
ships passi...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks


The daily landscape changes

With scholastic intent,

As myriad masses make their way

Through streets aroused from summers break.

Now wide awake, and drenched in dew,

Autumn term begins.


Mornings populated by procession

Of those now proudly in possession

Of shiny new uniforms.

Worn by children, some of whom,

Summer somehow forgot to nurture,

Seeming too small...

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Also by trevor homer:


The Upside Down Girl

Her skin is pale in the early evening
hanging upside down
from the foot of an unmade bed
feeling weightless
watching the world beyond the window
where Autumn rain falls upward
and lights divide

No appetite in this dark room
no appetite for days
friends all kept at bay
no rubber masks, just patches of ice
no fireworks, only fallen leaves collecting
passing headlights flood the room

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Also by Tom:

My Prescription | Shedding Skin |


Where’s me head? [Where is my head?]

entry picture

Where’s me head? [Where is my head?]


Where’s me head? … It’s in the sand

Its life has gotten out of hand

Things very rarely go as planned

If I do or I don’t, I end up damned


Where’s me head? … It’s way out west

It’s tired of people who know best

It needs a break, it needs a rest

It needs to get shit off its chest


Where’s me head? … It’s lost the plot


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Also by John McDonough:

Noongar Rage - sometimes sorry is not enough |

depressionmental healthmental health issuesru ok?suicide prevention

The Attic Night

My little spot to hide away from it all.
My Lennon and T.Rex posters on the wall.
With sloping attic roof, not much space!
But I still love my little secluded place.

I see the Sun peer through the skylight.
Framed are the stars, in the attic night.
My television set needs just a small screen.
It's all peace and quiet up here, so serene!

Up the ladder I go, on the steps so steep.
To chill ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Death of Meredith Hunter |

Wing and fin

Wing was the queen,
of her own world,
chirpingly happy with itself.

Fin too was a queen,
of her own world,
uniquely calm in itself.

Amazing they were unless,
they tried to be queen,
in other's world,
and lost themselves,
the wing and the fin.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Classic and commercialization | Sand | Dreams and desires | Hope and sunshine | Equality and empowerment | Partition: Nightmarish verity |

Schrödinger's Squirrel

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, chère maman,

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, there’s a pome!


Well, so what, cher Henri,

Cher Henri, cher Henri,

Well, so what cher Henri,

Well so bloody what?


I don’t bloody well like it,

Chère maman, chère maman,

I don’t bloody like it,

Not one little bit!


Well, say so, Cher Henri,


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Also by Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh:

In Memoriam de Jo Cox MP | Bon Appétit Monsieur Le Tory! |

alliterationassonancebimoraic dipthongseuphonymetonomymetreonomatopoeiarhythmSchrödingersimilestone

Bloke Walks Into a Pub

Is this the place for the poetry night?
Is it you that’s in charge?
Can you put me down for a spot on the open mic?
It’s Publius, but I use the stage name Virgil.
Can you put me on early?
I’m a little bit nervous.
I haven’t read for two thousand years.
Three minutes, is that all?
I was hoping to do a longer one.
It’s called The Aeneid.
I’ll just do book two.
There’s a good bit ...

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Chance to connect

On ordinary A4

a notification in the newsagent's window


followed by lower case lettered brief contact info- 

Poetry club meetings

Mondays 7pm

Community Hall

( behind Tescos )


The colourless flyer almost hidden,

by others more eye-catching 

but just about manages to catch mine

on this dark cloudy day to work.


Why does this simple ad


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Match night ( back then ) | The Self only family | Not in my extinction rebellious name! | Warring with bereavement ( fictional ) | Exiting prospect of singularity | Oh thank you! thank you! my newspaper enclosed gizmo selling mag! |

Look No Further

Look No Further 

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low 
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now on your way child go.

I need someone to help me
Whenever I go wrong,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to be there
To help me every day,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child on your way'

I need someone to be with me
To make sur...

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Christianguardian angelHeavenly FatherJesuslord

The Cutter

A ripple of air gently cut by his slow moving hand,

The pin sharp slicing of the hubbub by the ringing of a chime,

The cut of a suit made specifically for the man,

As sharp eyes take note of the second hand slicing time,

All angular, all blades when there are no blades present,

Yet the deep cuts exacted by the keen edge of an incisive mind,

Leave others slashed hard in a way they...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Lead Me Not | I Bought A Kayak | A Stone For The Miller (Collaboration Feat Mae Foreman) | The Key Fumbled |

September 2019 Collage Poem: Out of Line

entry picture


Don’t pick up hitch-hikers

Whether at high noon

Or covered in red petals and blood

Dreaming of American skies


Trusted positions to make you relax

Be careful not to mention the Karma Sutra

Or a mobile phone will ring

Or a bluebird sing


Basildon bonds & lined paper

Snowflakes fall between the lines, melting


Oh Walter, dear husband of mine

Stiff as...

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collage poemout of lineseptemberStockport WOL


entry picture

Into the deep twilight

Frayed edges of flames

Take peace from fright

Until Moon’s shadow returns

Silver ferns and black bracken  

A canopy for creatures

That will run with me

In gothic garb we parade

Until the day alarms

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Which style of clothes we choose to wear

Are those designer labels on show there?

Or supermarket jeans with matching top

Did that bag come from an online shop?

Got to dress-up that look, make it “you”

Designer a must, branded training shoe


Myriad of gadgets await our pleasure

How exactly to enjoy our leisure?

Binned phone, new model pride of place

How is it better, ...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Art Of Being | Island of My Mind |

# nature#protest poem#truly living


I searched the aisles at Asda for Persil Bio which is supposed to be good for removing stains.


I was sceptical but thought I'd give it a try.


It didn't work, as I feared.


Walton on Thames, on the other hand, had completely disappeared.

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Also by Brian Maryon:

ALPHA MALE | Kemo Sabe | ...contains scenes of a sexual nature. | Girls Night Out |

The Farce of the Fright Brigade

Apologies to Alf



Half a brain, half a brain,

Half a brain forward,

All in the vale of Despair

Groped the six hundred.

“Somewhere the Fright Brigade!

Run for the hills!” he said.

Into the vale of Despair

Groped the six hundred.


“Fumble, the Fright Brigade!”

Was there a plan arrayed?

Not that the Members knew

Someone had blundered.

Theirs not ...

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AlfredBoJoBorisBrexitJezzaLight BrigadeSwinsonTennyson

Finders Keepers

I have said many times 

My way out has been determined 

Though they still doubt it to be true

I have the keys to all those locked boxes 

I know how and where to place a needle 

My advice would only be to the oncoming crew


Make sure you do a good truck check.


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Also by Emma Cordova:

Stickers | Confessions | Richard and Dolly | These Hands - Part III | Still counting | Que Sera Sera | Fixed Me |

twilight verbosum

dimly lit before dusk, i sharpen my wit on my entropy bestowed husk

my volcano glass heart pumps through my black ice veins

headless horseman with, lumps of coal ahead, hanging off of his reins

so many gifts, treats tilting out, self slain while ego remains

the moons silhouette looms in the daylight as the sun rays;pulling me deep into my worst of days.

frozen comets and craters, ...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

prismatic beings |


Images of white people (dying)


Spose all those 
sci-fi movies were trying to tell us something unmentionable in mixed company

Sometimes I feel connected
To everything
But I don’t feel the universe
Loud enough in your porn 

Do you think those people 
Really exist 
All tiny dogs flags 
Big hearts and meth

Praying for the hand
Of god to slap them
Hard across the face
-I wonder

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Primitive | The Question Always Is | For everyone’s benefit | Tips | All in all | Flipping Switches |



Narbonne 1987


At eight in the morning, after coffee

we must leave the House of Friendship

to pass the freezing day the best we can.


The Mistral is relentless so wine is bought

from a supermarket. All of us adrift

in the pointless boat of this town's winter.


Watching the more fortunate as they pass,

we wrap up well and comment on life;

we ...

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Lost Love

She went away in winter when the leaves are hung with snow,

I searched for her and searched for her as I could not let go,

And finally when I found her after fifteen years of fret,

She looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry, have we met?"

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Also by branwell kent:

A Cautionary Tale | Hedgehogs On A Plane | Chacun A Son Gout | Ambition |

Long Days Disapearing

entry picture

When summer turned to autumn

It took me by surprise.

It made me feel so sad.

It made me feel so wise,

To smell the fallen leaves

On the misty morning air,

To think of coming winter

And not to really care.


There's a beauty and a sweetness

In the dying of the year.

There's a mellowing completeness

As the long days disappear.

There's a turning, tur...

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Also by afishamongmany:

A Conversation | Squat Frogs |

autumnharvestmorning airroots

i wish!!

I wish I could scribble all my feelings

Write each word that flows within

Without fear of disclosing my desires

That burns within the depths of my soul


I wish I could share my thoughts so true

With someone who would care to listen

To all my fancies blocked within

Patiently bearing all my tears and laughter


I wish I could speak myself to someone dear

Who would n...

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Time doesn’t exist 
outside the mind 
past and future loop 
to form a circle 
upside down 
you can see marsh 
in hearts too dark 
to dance entranced 
stars leave light marks 
upon the air 
8 travels there 
where the sun burnt black 
cuts shards across the grass 
there be a pyre 
light me a match 
a firefly a firefly 
a jar to catch 
watch time pass 
a movie reel revealed 
to all...

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A movement amidst the ripple, 

reflective of the paradigm.


Such an intrinsic 

placement of motion.


The essence

of our heavenly body,

suspended in the calamity

of catch and release.


To the eyes of the Master;

to the heart of the apprentice.


Our malevolence

embraced by compassionate word.


A step after the preceding,

a glance through the...

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Also by Chaz Allen:

Celestial |

No Comparison

And if i said

that the breeze

lilting and chill

brought more evening peace

even than the quiet pools

of your orange-rimmed irised eyes

that the wasp buzz

near silver rim cider

hummed cool fermentation

of celebration more joyous

even than shower songs

wet and resonant

on love struck Sunday

that legatto triads

of birdsong

chippered away

at melancholy d...

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

The Swallows |


Trapped in an industrial freezer

the shelves announce no room for me here.

As the walls start to cave in,

the fear and numbness begin.

Crys only heard among these four walls

searching for escape before the night falls.

Piles of ice scrape to the floor 

no longer the nails that have been there before

banged and bruised, knees ever so sore.

Soles that I walk, no longer bar...

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Also by Maya Zeedee:

A Sense of Security | Angel |



You were chasing dreams that were beyond your reach so you laid in unmade beds with bed whose touches you could not feel, which made you lie till the lies became your truths and the truths became your stories. You wear the scars  and carried the weapons to tend to the heart that is no longer yours. And cried the tears of someone you longer knew to fix what is left but what is left is nothing but  ...

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They loved to do the Palais glide

now it seems they've let things slide,

both recline with swollen ankles,

the slightest conversation wrankles.


Medals line their mantelpiece

a programme cover displaying Grease,

there's still a space where costumes hang

they wore to sing doo lang a lang.


Their style and flair caused much kerfuffle,

now they can barely do the shu...

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Also by ray pool:



Your whisper that tickles my ears

Your warm breath,it makes my body alive and my blood rushing.

Those almond eyes that looks at me so tender.

Your lips on mine that throbes my heart

Those tender kisses that melts every part of me.

The feeling of your body next to mine,

Your soft warm skin,

Those broad shoulders ready to be leaned on

Your embrace that had kept me safe

It ...

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plastic sensibilities

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Also by elPintor:

elucidate |

Moody Blue

entry picture

Silent invasion

alien spaceships

tense hystera


Moonlight fantasy

cloud formation

dark misconception.

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cancels sleepless night


I have loved you for years
but our love has been a rollercoaster ride
a battlefield of our souls fighting
our hearts breaking over and over

We both prefer our
it hurts less 
than for us to be together and 
fighting over a love that will remain
                                                              ... a battlefield

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Also by Allyzone Spoken Word:

Infinite beauty |


Fragments "The Unholy Madonna Of Absurdity"

My mind feels like someone is taking their hand out of a glove.

Spider enities tell venomous stories before disappearing.

I have created a penitentiary for penitence that mocks itself.

The universe is a vast copulation.

Adults are lost children denied temselves by denial.

We partake in the destruction of beauty's peak because it is so very beautiful.

I realised the danger of writ...

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Comatose Kitty

entry picture

You'll miss me

    if you leave...

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 Have you ever been in a race and thought, I am almost at the finish line? Telling yourself I got this. Strategizing on how to take this one home, so close to victory you can almost taste it. Dead set on winning that there isn’t a thought that you could lose. Then you look over and realize the whole time you spent preparing for this race, you never imagined the competition wanting it as bad as you...

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Room for creamer

entry picture

Eyes gone dull, receding into comatose
Fingers full of dirt and hope, spinning sunflower
Power and lack thereof, the perception of those above looking down at the masses
These clashes seem to me, a supply chain theory, I want what you got, bombs pour out
Military industrial ore, we pour out the lifeblood of our children for soil
Foil snake, famished toil, napalm boils your tea
Three, one two...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Spoken | TinSqr | Waterboard |

It is a Gift...

It is a gift you have.

you envelop me in your arms

and I feel emotion flood through my body.

Sadness bubbles to the surface and is gone.

Loneliness too.

Its strangling grip loosens,

falls away.

It has no hold over me when you are near.

Instead, you fill me with light and hope

and my heart sings a melody of love and trust.

The weight of life becomes a blessing to treas...

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We Were Who We Were

It was 1990 when we met,

before we were who we were.


The nineties were running through sprinklers

in summer,

playing whiffle ball in the yard,


make-believe games, stick horses,

and dances to Green Day.


The 2000s were much the same,

with crushes, dear diaries,

womanhood, and makeup

sprinkled about like the dandelion seeds

we used to blow into...

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poempoetrypoetssad poemssad poetry


Watch the water slowly flowing down,

Whilst it makes a soft and gentle sound.

This pleasant scene seems to speak to us,

To say, 'be calm and do not rush'.


One really must appreciate such beauty,

And may even say that it is our duty,

To witness such relaxing peace.

A feeling I wish would never cease.

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Romance and Me | Life for Everyone | Shakespeare |

Stuart VannerWaterfall

Twisting the Hermenuetic Turn

She said, “Jesus wept”
Was her favourite Bible verse,
Because it showed Jesus
Was human and shared
Our human feelings.

I suspected it was her
Favourite because it was
The easiest to remember,
But I guess it isn’t so bad.

It’s better than the ones
That command genocide,
Stoning children, or taking
Virgin girls as spoils of war.

But it isn’t as good as the ones
That say to turn a...

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i don’t know who numbed love for me first


was it when you took it from me and gave it to someone else?

was it when my someone else was just in need of a warm body?

maybe it was when i saw that all you’d feel for me you’d already felt 


was it when i realized bed sheets and everything in between

were most always misused, and all vanity?

was it when i realized when i love ...

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Liverpool Song

Liverpool Song                    



A city of wild hopes and dishevelled dreams,

Reclines by the riverside

Waiting for the tide of its times.


A seabound, wavecrowned, tidebound city,

City of white spray and foam,

Crested by gulls, and smiles, and screams,

City on its long way home.


A restless, relentless, unrelenting city,

Troubled by the sou...

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historyLiverpoolsocialistworking class

Finders Keepers

Hide and Seek

Put fear on the list of things you should lose

With odd socks and gloves and your second best shoes.

Let regret go with burdensome guilt,

Give them away with your second hand quilt.

Composure and peace can often seem hid,

Like the start of the sellotape orTupperware lid.

The loss of the key to your bike lock or shed,

 Is nothing to losing control of your head.


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If The Heavens Were Fair

It’s nearly time for your medication.

I’m drinking my seventh cup of tea

and thinking how much better you’ve been

since the start of the new regime.

That sounds like you’re sick,

or a political beast,  not merely slow

and easily distracted; the worst

combination of tortoise and hare.

If the heavens were fair

your sister wouldn’t grasp

the lion’s share of love and loom...

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Also by penguin:

I Live Over There |


He was electric, vibrant,

always painting his dreams on the clouds,

then tearing them down with the rain. 


She was centered, living in the core of the ground,

Keeping the whole world together,

Staring up at the sky wishing she could fly up some day.


They were always looking for each other,

attracted like magnets, bound to collide,

The whole world expectantly waiti...

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

Expectations | Sanctuary | Ours |


All Around

Whom I search hitherto all around
Is not hiding some where in ground
When ever got it -was just the ground
I tried to get upside down -found
Nothing which is bound
I searched for it in adhan sound
But theres just echoes all way around
Leading me nowhere just- turning round
Now all I am left all alone with hounds.

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Hello, little time man,heres my demand.Tick-tock,Tick-tock please stop the clock.where is the short hand,the long hand knocks.There is seconds aiming for the spot.                                                                                                    Hey little time man where's the short hand.                                                                                              ...

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Also by Blackrose:

Broken |

Duality Dissected

entry picture

Sometimes black and white become one. 

Gods omnipresecence is seen, white dancing across black. 

Morning comes from night. 

Day breaks and lights the dark. 

Half the world is light, while the other half is dark.

In the dance of shadows, white light reflects colors on dark night. 

Prisms take white light and reflect colors on black night. 

White light, dark night.

Black canv...

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blackdark side of the moondualityGodIntrospectionPink Floydprismreflectionspiritualitywhite

The Anniversary of a uninteresting event

When you walked out of my life
nothing really felt the same
I walked around the streets in the darkness 
looking for someone to blame
The windows of my eyes blacked out
The doors of my mind shut
I decided who was worth saving during the cut

I saw the end coming 
Feeling lonely, but not alone
Hearing you speak your Irish goodbye on the telephone
The mermaids siren song you sung
Now fel...

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depressionrelationship breakupthe end

Generation Atlas

You are generation Altlas

balancing the earth,

shouldering one massive burden

so trustful in its worth.


The summer's end it's coming soon now

and school 's gonna start again.

Fridays you'll be out on the street then,

protesting for this mess to end.


You see there's little chance for you,

so you take it into your own hands.

So good and righteous all your reas...

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Also by Amaryllus:

The bond | A better taste | King of No-Man's-Land |

Amaryllusfuture hopeskids

leap of faithfulness

Under pale moon I long for you, I would run, skip and leap, fast as the beat to the rhythm of my heart, if it would lead me to where I must be, through darkness abyss, with hunger for your kiss, where I’d tread, trespassing barb wire fence, reckless and free, like flickering fire, I’d take every chance for you, my one true desire.

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from over my shoulder

entry picture


I stood and stared-

a long time seeking a

welcoming gaze

that returned my greeting.


The World stared back

then went its way,

perhaps to lunch, perhaps

to play.


My friend the Mirror-

a listener of sorts,

in silence watched

and kept its thoughts.


I turned to challange the

darkness of those thoughts

that hid the reflection

of the life I...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

We've each got different partners now... |

Recovery Songs

Dear hearts. 


I’ve got just 10 copies left  now of pre publication copies of ‘Recovery Songs’ left. The book is not officially published until the 17th October.


If you’d like to buy a copy, they cost £11.49 (including first class postage) and you can get it here.




Here are some information about the book and some reviews:



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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Jesus Drives a Hyundai |

Dead heart!!

Disappointments after disappointments

Hurt after hurt, so much pain in my heart

Now i have come to believe the sad reality

You will never return to me ever again

Reasons could be any or many to name

But my heart is dead facing the blows of disappointments




Nothing grows on a barren land

A dead heart is like an unfertile land

You sow hope only to r...

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 It feels like a thousand days have passed

on each of which I’ve looked back and fondly asked

the question that is left of me and ties my tongue

and other limbs so long indentured now to

a devil’s throng of just my kind, each bound unto

the dark one as the price (and what an awful price)

for some brief relief, peace in my head for a day that offered

the fill...

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