Accrington ,loose wire fear!This happened Saturday afternoon

On my way to post a letter past  Peel Park school,

Fell flat on my face creating a blood pool.

Tripped over some wires dangling from a house,they shouldn't have been there !!

Damaging my nose,knees and shoulders ,gave me a scare.

Lost consciousness for a moment but soon got it back,

Face down on the pavement suffering a horendous whack.


My blood poured out at tap like pace,

Lucky for me a van pulled up,the man was ace.

Escorted me to his house rang 999 for me to be treated;

Thanks to him and his wife my trauma was depleted.

Another Samaritan from nowhere did arrive,

With a wad of equipment to help me survive.


When the ambulance arrived I felt more at ease,

To tackle the injuries to my shoulders ,nose and knees .

We took my dog to my house through the back gate,

He was concerned ,but at our house he would wait.

We soon arrived at the hospital and joined a short queue,

Sat in  a wheel chair watched over by the crew.


Blood pressure was taken and a brain scan,

Brain was okay but the blood still ran.

Doctors and nurses were full of compassion and care,

Thank goodness the health service is still there.

My daughter arrived and was amazed at the bleeding,

And the instructions for the medicine we both got reading.


A nurse patiently attended to my blooded nose,

Hopefully in the future no problems it will pose.

My nose at the moment looks as if its been in a fight,

But hopefully Ibuprofen  and paracetamol will soon put it right.

The loose wires that evening on Surrey street did disappear,

All tidied up now hopefully not to reappear.






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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 26th Sep 2019 10:44

I hope that you're feeling better now Hugh. You did amazingly well to recount the event in a poem so soon afterwards, it got your brain going anyway!

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Tue 24th Sep 2019 10:58

Thank you,just re posted the letter in a fresh envelope as the other was splattered with nose blood. On Saturday before the accident was going to collect my bike and cycle 8 miles back along the canal after posting the letter.I call it" canycling,"do it regularly accompanied by my black Paterdale. Bike will have to wait to be picked up for a while until I mend,chained up with two chains in Burnley.

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Candice Reineke

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 02:38

Yikes! 🤕 Wishing you a speedy recovery, Hugh.

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