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Slight shade in the brilliant sunshine..
Slight jaded is the blooming paradise..
Slight haze in the spectacular vista..
Slight marred looks the wide celesta..
Slight offbeat the rhythm of symphony..
Slight skewed is the path of destiny..
Slight shaky are the rippling waves...
Slight clamorous are those mind alleys..
Slight lost in thoughts
Slight wistful goes the heart
Waiting for the fo...

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The Dilemma

So much to learn,yet not much to say...
So much to yearn,yet heart betrays...
So much to unravel,yet that mystery to entice...
So much to admit,yet so hesitant to recite..
So much to ask,yet replies are forbidden..
So much to seek,yet beauty lies in the hidden....

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No lofty dreams to weave..
No grand conquests to achieve..
Just a little nod of admission..
Just a little promise to keep.....

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The unknown

Known are the unknown striking  ways..
Yet the charm and desire of knowing it all..
Subtle poignant daisies of hope..
Blooming to spread joy and enthrall...

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