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mona s on Enchanting (11 days ago)

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Jason Bayliss on Enchanting (12 days ago)

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mona s on Soul mates (14 days ago)


Waves of colours cruising across the passage of time.. 
Crimson violent rages of youth determined to wipe out grime.. 
Yet xanthous cowardly and naive 
To unlearn safe lessons to
Uplifting hues of orange turns addictive.. 
Materialism and fame gets alliterative 
Leaden grey old age brings listful weariness.. 
Rainbows of life are mere shades of misery and ecstatic happiness...

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#poetry #lit #creative #writing #pain #misery #voi


A door slightly left ajar to let escape.. 
A heart slightly frozen and agape.. 
A mind slightly bent to the doomed fate.. 
A life slightly in threshold to actuate. 
A moment slightly unreal to capture
A love slightly tarnished for hearts to rapture
A road slightly twisted to lead to destinations
A pure soul slightly alloyed to let in aberrations  .

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entry picture

Bubbling, surfing ocean of the mind ...
Frothy, foamy laughter  always shined...

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#tyburn #ocean #laughter

The haunted

Childhood memories brings a face never forgotten.. 
It comes alive with all its contortions in the dream
The face with a hideous grin, staring in the darkness with a strange and satisfying gleam.. 
Thoughts conjure up images of it so vivid
That smirk, that deliberate smile so abominable.. 
The encounter was oddish and so unreal.. 
Memories being blurred, yet encompassing and intolerable.. 

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Was it me or was it you who died that night.. 
Those bridges mended weren't strong enough.. 
The bonding could not ascend any dizzying height..  
Was it me or was it you who died that night..
It wasn't a dream ever to expect a shining armor knight 
Our alliance to the world outside was a simple and charming bluff.. 
Was it me or was it you who died that night..
You lost my trust yet we are ...

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# pain #treason #poetry

Paralysed - A monorhyme

Stroke of time has played a brutal stroke.. 
Mind and body arrested in a stifling choke.. 
No words to articulate yet the spirit never broke ..
The body has stopped listening, cannot be evoked.. 
Lying on the bed, angry thoughts  provoke.. 
Not fair,as destiny has partaken a cruel joke ..
Nevertheless the spirit dare not paralyse... 
To give in now, will be a grave revoke.. 

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Right to write

The world so soaked in gory blood and violence...
Dormant lies the virtues of love and benevolence..
Cacophony of deafening debates and discussions.. 
Have choked and silenced our inner expressions.. 

There is an inner voice which impregnates the apodectic soul to have the right to write what truly is our creation
About tales of our simple lives, crafting joys, trials and tribulations......

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#violence#inner voice#write#poetry

Like me..

I had never met anyone so much like me.. 
This strange rumination comes to me often..
A mirror of mine reflects all shades of white and grey.
Perceptions  almost align and sing in unison. .
Times when boundaries truly get blurred.. 
Yet there  are ones which bring solace that it's really not me.. 
An illusive reality that sets my conscience carelessly free.. 


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#illusions #conscience #poetry


The windows to soul lightening up.. 
The swim of laughter and the mischievous wink
The shine of innocence striking up
Stealing hearts with a single blink.. 

The connect is simply an unfathomable one
The cross-eyed look when she peers into the soul
Watching that funny face of my little one.. 
Parts of me are purloined, enchanting them into whole... 

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Someday the lights will slowly dim away.. 
Someday the spirit of life will gradually ebb..
Someday you will degage and walk away.. 
Someday the quest will die enmeshed in a web.. 
Someday the reverie  will shatter into million pieces.. 
Walking away from the dreams and crazy caprices.. 
Someday the chapter will find its last remnants.. 
 But then that day my soul will float in a complete ab...

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Soul mates

The ebbs and tides of a heart full of passion.. 
Emotions lie dormant within the depths of those ravines.. 
Only few can interpret the complexities and it's abstractions.. 
The tuggings felt by another soul, innocent and pristine.. 
An unknown  transcendent script to decipher.. 
Takes a profound  and a true heart to unravel it's mysteries 
And lifetime of wonders to encipher.. 
The one who ...

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#heart#soul mate#meaning#poetry


Eyes don't bring sleep and comfort.. 
Nights are long and engulfing as an avalanche 
Days devoid of fervor, just drifting from one to another.. 
Mind plays pain and sorrowful notes in a never ending track.. 
Unrelenting tears brings no solace but just a barren, blank state.. 
Strong urge to let go surfaces like a gust of waves
Not a flicker of hope to keep the spirit alive
Dreary dull momen...

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#lonely #loneliness #depression

The tracks

Sitting by the window, she looked out and somewhere, look beyond. Life has been fair to her in more ways than one. She has been blessed with a good health, family in the prime of her profession yet a deep longing throbbed in her heart. An unquenchable thirst.....
The distant sound of a train echoed and her back from her reverie.. 
Like the two parallel tracks,they both were together Yet distant....

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The far away

There is calmness when he is around.. 
An aura of warmth which is so alluring 
A balm of intimacy that pervades and surrounds 
Life is crazy and beautiful in thousand ways.. 
Slowly seeping into the core of my existences
He has filled my darkness with splendid rays
A connect felt so acute even from far off distances 

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#poem #love #emotions

The farewell

There was no time left to repent.Her time had come.. 
Her serene face made one quiver
All those years of going away made this parting so painful..
Her face will haunt always in the years to come.. 
Her transgressions all forgotten 
yet the happy memories almost obscured by the time when all it was a vacant wall between them.
One wonders if they had more time together, would that have led to ...

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#Life #Real#pain#farewell

Restless soul

Restless soul drifting from days and nights.. 
The agony, ecstasy and euphony of all those delights
Vacillating from one predicament to the other.. 
Roller coaster ride of anguish and rapture.. 

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A triolet

I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart.. 
Knocking  on the vestige of conscience is incessant ..
The euphoria and the magic though they impart.. 
I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart..
One hears the mellifluous notes of the Mozart...
But the fate is sealed from the very start.. 
All those dreams are nothing but effervescent.. 
I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart..
Yes, the...

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#love #romance#poetry

The Bending..

The bent of path changes the destination.. 
The bent of light alters the reflection.. 
The bent of state chaperons life into motion. 
The bent of mind culminates a distant vision.. 
It is the unique bent of life which transforms.. 
Creates an amazing collage of diversiforms..... 

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# poetry#journey #destination#Life #Real


They trickle  down ebbing the pain of bygone days..
They celebrate joyous times fervidly
Silent spectators, intensely flowing with craze.. 
They best know my soul and captures it so vividly ..

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#emotions #love #poetry #female #poet #expression#tears

Meandering paths

Twisting, turning, dwindling lanes of the city.. 
Passages down the dwellings, never stirring lives
Superciliously cutting across the heart of the town.. 
As the sun rises the trodden path watches the spirited steps marked with joy and fervor
As the sun goes down it watches the weary steps lulling its walkways.. 
It dorns the silvery light watching the romance sizzle up in the strolls.. 

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Glistening sand spreads like satin around.. 
The azure sky resonates with Jays 'chirpy sound..
The play of myriad shades of blue are a sight to enshrine ...
Pages of the sea promise scapes each better to outshine... 
The lined up pine trees sway in a surreal dance..
Slice of heaven is what it seems at a single glance... 
The beauty encapsulates this moment in time ..
The horizon sparkling w...

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#seaside #travelogue #beach

The Dining room

Clock chimed on a distant wall. Notes of a distant song echoed in the dining room 
They are part of yet another routine meal with that deafening silence around them
Not a murmur of any conversation ,not an anecdote shared, not a memory relived... 
The silence is almost like a being breathing heavily down upon.. There is no comfort in its embrace
What surrounds is aloofness, a certain  detachme...

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Irresolute days

More I look beyond, he captivates me even more.. 
More I turn away, he holds my gaze even more.. 
More I assume to live without him.. 
More prominence he earns within 
More I feel defeated and lost 
More his winsome sparkle alight my path.. 

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Soaring and tumbling 
Those mindless hopes came alive
Naive ones doomed since

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Sand dunes

Close to those dunes lies a clusters of palm tree
The sparkling water of the pond sets those mind free
That hallucination is far better than scorching real dryness 
Sets the tone for rise of the impending shade of happiness .

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The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
Years go by in a rusty daze.. 
The mind is feeble but heart goes braver. 
 The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
No regrets to spend it differently ever.. 
Days are just another passing haze
The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
The spark and zeal  keeps throbbing still however... 

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Beginnings and endings

The new beginning to end the darkest of nights.
Sun rays penetrate to reveal the spectacular sights..
Life has abrupt beginnings and ends..
Journey of sorrow and ecstasy, the unique blends..

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