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To dive into the depths or be in the shallows of relationships..
To dwell in the past or to enjoy future's courtships..
To shine,dazzling in the limelight or be comforted in the lingering shadows..
To give in to the battle of egos or be steadfast as the pride billows..
To live in the lies of self hood or be in sync with one's true reflection..
To hold fast to the patterns before or be abandon...

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Ebbs and flows

Ebbs and flows of the questioning , restless spirit..
Blocks that stumbled ,gave eternal blows..
Were as precious as those attained amulets..
Time stands to witness the play of light and shadows
One learns to wade through the troubled waters of betrayal
Chiseled to shine by the torments of callous deeds and trials..
Last breathe would end this game of conquest and surrender..
Destined then ...

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Charades - A Haiku

Subtle ,cogent lies...
Charming notes deciphered..
Truth known,heart denies

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Silhouettes,shadows of those precious moments..
Agonies and ecstasies,the favorite constants...
Those, the only lived moments to cherish ...
Dying hope breathes,is yet to perish..

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More I look beyond, he captivates me even more.. 
More I turn away, he holds my gaze even more.. 
More I assume to live without him.. 
More prominence he earns within 
More I feel defeated and lost 
More his winsome sparkle alight my path.. 

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