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mona s on Oblivious (1 day ago)

Do.RoThY on Oblivious (1 day ago)

Jason Bayliss on Oblivious (1 day ago)

mona s on Haiku - True Self (1 day ago)

mona s on Haiku - True Self (1 day ago)

mona s on Haiku - True Self (1 day ago)

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Do.RoThY on Haiku - True Self (2 days ago)

Jason Bayliss on Haiku - True Self (2 days ago)


Sun shines.. 
Oblivious of the glowing  warmth it endows. 
Love conquers.. 
Oblivious of the sacrifices it often follows. 
Sea glistens.. 
Oblivious of the gentle play of myriad hues of blues
Child smiles.. 
Oblivious of the broken parts of soul it glues 
Betrayal hurts.. 
Oblivious of the strength it sculpts to endure.. 
Beauty charms.. 
Oblivious of the spiritual notes it allures.. 

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Haiku - True Self

So many miles covered.. 
leaving self to discover.. 
Shadows haunt no more.. 

Charades played in vain.. 
Comfort in finding true self.. 
Finding peace galore.. 

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The Bars

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Invisible bars, held fast since long ago. 
embarked on, admist one's loved ones.. 
Silently creeping in one's thoughts and being 
A forced shelter suffocating one's well being.. 

Reason and protests died untimely death.. 
Defenses lowered by purposeless contentions 
Legacy of rigidities plastered mind's growing rigid walls.. 
How swiftly the bars become succors, it truly appalls.. 


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Across the shores

Sorrowful narratives may move you..
Sordid tales may disgust you.. 
Innocent laughter may amuse you.. 
Painful longings may stir you.. 
Pregnant silence may discomfort you.. 
lonely passages of time may haunt you.. 
Humor of destiny may tease  you.. 
Magical connects may enchant you.. 
Reckless ways may bewilder you..
velvety words of solace may calm you.. 
Turbulent waters of past may d...

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