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Eternal dance

Dancing and Twirling in the luminous lights.. 
Souls drifted to reach dizzying heights.. 
Not known are the  naive ways of heart ..
Tugging, pulling the forbidden silken threads.. 
Fragile steps learn the beats of art..
Bold cruising, finally the inhibition sheds.. 
Eternity it takes to end the marvelous quest.. 
Dancing in unison, symphony at its soulful best.. 

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Rain rain... Nursery Rhyme

Rain rain go away.. 
Can't u ever wash the stain.. 
Hurts and trauma had much to play.. 
Rain rain go away.. 

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Sun shines.. 
Oblivious of the glowing  warmth it endows. 
Love conquers.. 
Oblivious of the sacrifices it often follows. 
Sea glistens.. 
Oblivious of the gentle play of myriad hues of blues
Child smiles.. 
Oblivious of the broken parts of soul it glues 
Betrayal hurts.. 
Oblivious of the strength it sculpts to endure.. 
Beauty charms.. 
Oblivious of the spiritual notes it allures.. 

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Haiku - True Self

So many miles covered.. 
leaving self to discover.. 
Shadows haunt no more.. 

Charades played in vain.. 
Comfort in finding true self.. 
Finding peace galore.. 

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The Bars

entry picture

Invisible bars, held fast since long ago. 
embarked on, admist one's loved ones.. 
Silently creeping in one's thoughts and being 
A forced shelter suffocating one's well being.. 

Reason and protests died untimely death.. 
Defenses lowered by purposeless contentions 
Legacy of rigidities plastered mind's growing rigid walls.. 
How swiftly the bars become succors, it truly appalls.. 


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Across the shores

Sorrowful narratives may move you..
Sordid tales may disgust you.. 
Innocent laughter may amuse you.. 
Painful longings may stir you.. 
Pregnant silence may discomfort you.. 
lonely passages of time may haunt you.. 
Humor of destiny may tease  you.. 
Magical connects may enchant you.. 
Reckless ways may bewilder you..
velvety words of solace may calm you.. 
Turbulent waters of past may d...

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They met ,silhouettes of caressing minds.. 
Fascinating rendezvous, one of its kinds 
Seldom strikes those Northern lights. 
Pure ecstatic emotion ignites.. 
No present,no past or future claimed.. 
Relation, enigmatic and unnamed.. 
Meeting, crossing those reality bridges.. 
Embracing, holding hands in admission.
in another parallel life and existence
Walking towards a spectacular horizon...

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Without you

Days begin and end with you.. 
You, a flicker of smile in times of blue. 
Reinventing life's chapters anew..
Sparkling exchanges always to brew.. 
Precious moments spent, seem only few
why we met, one is still to construe
Yet propelling  life goals to pursue
On blank canvas, hopeful images you drew.. 
Something  to be shared,which is due..
Life is simply clueless without you.. 

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Lancinating the fragments of  life
Childhood horrors of bruises and lacerations.. 
Innocent eyes capturing images of brutal strife.. 

Grappling the  distorted routes of right and wrong.. 
A maze, a web of dysfunctional paths
A prized possession yet for none to belong ..

Days of sombre silence  gathered and rusted.. 
Hiding in the corner from the ugly reality.. 
Air filled with seething...

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Alliterative Haiku

entry picture

Rhapsody of rays.. 
Ravine resplendent and rich.. 
Rapturous romance..

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#haiku #stanza

Life goes on...

There were times of splendor, times of fun.. 
Yet now faraway,dying and listless ones..
And the life still goes on...

Meeting and growing each day in love.. 
Yet now a silent song of melody fading off.
And the life still goes on....

Inseparable minds, inseparable bonds.. 
Yet now a pining soul  crying from distance far beyond
And the life still goes on...

Days and years spent weavin...

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Center of Universe

Trailing footsteps with her  unsteady tiny ones.. 
podgy fingers reach out to hold.. 
Her eyes searched in eager anticipation ..

Familiar voice broadened her smiles. 
Voice quivered at every  going away
Cries echoing in heart for several miles 

Queals of delight  and laughter on every reunion
Bringing joy to dear heart.. 
The bond of love splashed in such free abandon

All this chang...

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Silken threads of the dreamy states.. 
Brings alive the moments hidden deep.. 
Lulled senses waltz to the rhythm of night 
Churned past with present by the reckless sleep
Bridging distances loved ones meet from different times..
A reunion,unimagined,an experience so sublime ..
Unreal, yet nothing so real a world.. 
Silent spectator,entrapped by the subconscious 
Watching layers of random t...

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A Limerick

There lived a professor who seem so abstracted.. 
Lost in his world, heavily distracted.
Marketplace he went and left his lad.. 
Mommy aghast, howled at the  poor Dad 
Got her sonny home, her darting cold looks he avoided. 

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entry picture

Stubborn and unyielding doors.. 
Not moving, even a small chip.. 
Constant knocks ..yet silently ignores
Hopes linger for the fortune to someday flip..

Guarded, reticent layers after layers
Rusted yet resilient bars of aging mistrust 
To unearth the mysteries is one of the silent prayers.
To unveil the tender heart within the hardened crust..

Promised treasures of the forbidden land.. 

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Encounter -A Haiku

A chance encounter...
Nervous laughter,hurried words. 
Long stories untold.. 

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Dear Tagore

entry picture

Dear Tagore 

Where the mind is without irrational fears..
You had imagined a rising nation full of hopes.. 
you had imagined superstitious walls to tear... 
The land filled with spirited humans, devoid of any mopes
Where you had imagined knowledge would shine in each one's path 
The country of yours has finally awakened to your dreams.. 
Has stood up tall against every cruel aftermath.. 

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entry picture

Storms outside 
Storms inside.. 
The creature within untamed and wild.. 
Nature destructs to avenge.. 
Cruel, insensitive games, too many piled.. 
Storms Outside 
Storms inside.. 

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There are those who love the sound of cheer and laughter.. 
There are ones for whom voices and noises bring nervous jitters.. 
Met such a girl with a sweet countenance ..
She dies daily admist chaos and worldly dissonance.. 
Pervading anxious thoughts eclipse her, to her chagrin..
Finds comfort and solace being more and more within ..
Each day,a struggle, she wages, to step outside 

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Happiness is about..

Happiness has to be about
Feeling alive in the miniscule atoms of moments.. 
Happiness has to be about
Chasing rainbows even across the clouds decadent.. 
Happiness has to be about
Creating ripples of pleasure in the ocean of misery.. 
Happiness has to be about
Dancing in the twilight, rapt in each other's discovery.. 
Happiness has to be about
Losing oneself in the rhythm divine.. 

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Senryu - Little did I know..

Little did I know  .
The disguises work wonders.. 
Hiding scars untold.. 

Little did I know 
Falsity wins veiled and draped.. 
Pure Heart deeply cocooned.. 

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entry picture

A home away from the cries of the maddening crowd.. 
Fragrant rose bushes and lilies it pleasantly enshrouds.. 
A garden gazing the silently flowing river.. 
Scenic scapes of  land makes the heart quiver.. 
Morn brings chirpy feathered friends to door.. 
Time for pensive thoughts and images to explore.. 
Noon yields to the languid dance of the autumn breeze.. 
Siesta brings peace and rushed...

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Tanka - Mesmerised

Words haunt more than eyes.. 
Mesmerizing to the core.. 
They lift the spirits high.. 
Captivating thoughts for days.. 
Perusing in endless ways.. 


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Tangled and bruised by the brutal truths.. 
Hiding in the warmly lit alleys of hope
Escape, seems a blissful route..
Comfort of illusions help to live and cope.. 

Reality strikes with consistently lethal blows.. 
Shattered, fractured, stifled moments.. 
Often leaving heart and soul somewhat hollow..
Mind awakens to unreal incitements.. 

Storm of the night left the branches barren.. 

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You would never believe me

You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
there are thorns in my conscience.. 
Of leaving faith and allegiance.. 

You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
there are hidden layers to the spoken truth.. 
Persistent lies lived in the times of youth..
You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
dark demons still reside in these caverns.
Dark and light shades of moralit...

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Each one seems to be a grave one to live with.. 
Each one seems capable to reach the conscious zenith.. 
Each one seems to lie as a thorn in the memory... 
Each one seems attenuating and blurry..

Each one seems to last a thousand lifetimes.. 
Each one seems to make one die a million times.. 
Each one seems to be kept preserved as keepsakes.. 
Each one seems to be forgotten as the day brea...

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The Soul

Estranged from one's own cognizance ..
Soul gets dissected away from the being.. 
True self fades, eclipsed by the lame arrogance.. 
Falsehoods cultivated by the gild's bullying.. 

Born to be free and realise one's destiny.. 
yet entrapped by these layers of camouflage.. 
Virtue cherished, not always acquired is an irony.. 
Aimless lives trudge on with materialistic barrage.. 

People w...

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The Tree

entry picture

Ruminating about the forgotten bygone days.. 
All shall perish,as what the nature says.. 
My thoughts go back to those vernal sapling years.. 
So tender, gusts of wind would tremble and bring on tears.. 
Whispering kind words, nurturing hands gave me strength and zeal.. 
The trunk thickened over time, my foliage had a strange appeal.. 
They took shelter and immersed themselves in my shade.. 

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entry picture

Before the engulfing darkness sets in.. 
Before the light dims and the night begins.. 
Before the oblivion finds its definite course.. 
Before the lassitude creeps in and endorse.. 
Before the thriving psyche is lulled to sleep.. 
Before the courage gives up to climb high and steep.. 
Let the entrancing twilight be the time to rejoice  .
To chase dreams and pay regard to that solemn inner v...

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Growing apart

Yes, we met to grow apart someday.. 
In the stillness of night, mind wanders to seek them.. 
who  became fond memories or subjects of condemn.. 
A quest to seek solvent to unsolved relation conundrum.. 
The life's core made by them bit by bit.. atom by atom.. 
Yes, we met to grow apart someday..

Their existence and vitality once made living reverberant 
Traces lying of them in the distant...

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What Dreams are made of..

Dreams are made of some fantastical clobber.. 
Pleasant encounters and sometimes real macabre.. 
A cinematic portrayal of happy and troubled days.. 
They bring out subconscious cerebration in endless ways.. 
Repressed thoughts and wild desires unleash... 
Dreams capture the tormentors to relinquish.. 
Dreams spin the wheel of time to reach exquisite destinations.. 
Walking by clear streams,...

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Nonet -Frangipani

entry picture

Night heady with the lingering scents.. 
The tropical breeze caressing
Senses awakened to the peak.. 
Frangipani blooms, falls..
Left spirit healing 
Under the tree
Hoping to

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Banks of river are never to meet.. 
yet the promise of splashes touching both ashore.. 
Far away distant lands, reach forbidden.. 
Yet undying wishes remain to explore.. 
Mirage brings the false hope of revival.. 
Yet quest goes on to traverse sands of time.. 
Millions of stars sparkling untamed in the sky..
Yet eyes seek to capture constellations sublime. 
Cold heart, too heavy to be move...

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Pregnant Blue

 ,Blue, the dispirited lifeless one.. 
Blue, the dejected throbbing of the heart.. 
Blue, the downcast sky of the obscure sun.
Blue, the blasphemous ideas to depart.. 
Blue, the aristocratic blue blooded haughty men.. 
Blue, racy and robust quenching  drink.. 
Blue, the puritanical tight laced to be dismissed again.. 
Blue, the dreary tears drown with every blink.. 

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The Portrait

I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
A face of youth,naive and innocently juvenile.. 
A face of graceful countenance,the  smile so alluring.. 
I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
There came a day the face changed its contours taciturningly.. 
The knowing wise look, so dark and sensational .
I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
Face ,a proj...

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I want to be magic... 
Enchanting, charming, casting spells of delight.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Swirling and shining like a crystal ball of light.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Unearthly, coalesced, in sync with the wider cosmos.. 

I want to be magic.. 
Spinning simple tales of lives, nothing any grandiose.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Absorbing  and enfolding myself  in the soulful poetry
I want...

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#poem #poetry #emotions


Clouds drifting across the  blue sky..
Shades of startling grey and white ..
They encompass such pent up, brewed up grudges.. 
Floating across the towns, cities and villages.. 
Advent is with those light, white and frothy cotton candies ..
Ushering life with foolish hopes and absurdities.. 
Clouds of dismal sheen soon start to appear in the overcast skies.. 
Embittered are they of the peopl...

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Pleiades - An enchanting valley

entry picture


Dazzling,twinkling, breathtaking valley..
Dusk and enchanting dawn so ethereal..
Daunting hills gazed admiringly.. 
Deodars and Pines surrounding the fluvial.
Droplets of rain and cimmerian clouds.. 
Dazed by the bewitching play of nature.. 
Devoid of the bustling, maddening crowd.. 
Destined to be the abode of a true admirer.. 

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#nature #poem

The Angel

Her eyes would never see the rainbow and the light.. 
But by her, my soul was to be ignited and benight ...
Her tiny hands that day clasped unsteadily with my own.. 
Touching mystically my core in ways I have never known.. 
An orphan who embraced the world as if it belonged to her.. 
What vision dare not achieve, her touch unveiled and  gifted life to her.
Teaching her sounds and syllables, ...

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#poem #angel

Frozen time

Time freezes for a while every single day..
The moments lie in slumber when we are drawn apart.. 
The closeness pirouettes in an enchanting ballet.. 
Time freezes for a while every single day
These goings and coming back are known to heal and allay
Seasons spent in the light of each other bring joy to the dear heart ..
Time freezes for a while every single day..
The moments lie in slumber w...

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Closing eyes, mind brings spectacular sights.. 
Brightly blooming daisies and daffodils.. 
The flush of the roses ushering a royal light.. 
The sun-kissed sunflowers near the majestic foothills... 

Sweet scent of lavender renders beautiful nostalgia.. 
The bountiful blooms bringing joy and embalming the soul.. 
The efflorescence and magical spread of the acacia.. 
Painting the canvas of m...

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#nature #nostalgia #poem

The unsaid

Words die before they give birth to expression..
Days end with languish and thoughts of abandon.. 
Never a glimmer,never a hint of admission.. 
Like the desert soil yearns to soak itself in the mizzle.. 
Like the parallel tracks always meet in a splendid illusion..
Hearts sing in unison the notes the minds won't dare to reckon.. 
Love draws strength from connections and not from otiose affir...

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So where is this most talked about paradise.. 
To transcend the abyss of pain, will it suffice.. 
For there is a silent and willing victim of monotone.. 
Who finds the ideas of a better tomorrow slightly overblown.. 
The ticking of clock sounds like footsteps of an impending doom.. 
For him paradise is a conjecture of an idle mind bloom.. 
A wishful gigantic escape from all the present calam...

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paradise #poem

My reflection

when I look at my reflection, I find scars.. 
scars of torn relationships
when I look at my reflection, I find shadows.. 
Shadows of painful bygone days.. 

when I look at my reflection, I find memories.. 
memories of good lived and unlived times.. 
when I look at my reflection, I find peace.. 
peace etched out by turbulence of mind
when I look at my reflection, I find solace.. 
solace o...

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One day

One day
One day the unsolved riddle will find its clues out.. 
One day this anxious await will no more exist.. 
One day the truth will dawn with no trace of any doubt.. 
One day we shall be destined to cross the roads of desist.. 

One day the mystery of unknown will cease to allure
One day new dimensions will emerge to explore.. 
One day our rendezvous would not be obscure.. 
One day we ...

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Waves of colours cruising across the passage of time.. 
Crimson violent rages of youth determined to wipe out grime.. 
Yet xanthous cowardly and naive 
To unlearn safe lessons to
Uplifting hues of orange turns addictive.. 
Materialism and fame gets alliterative 
Leaden grey old age brings listful weariness.. 
Rainbows of life are mere shades of misery and ecstatic happiness...

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A door slightly left ajar to let escape.. 
A heart slightly frozen and agape.. 
A mind slightly bent to the doomed fate.. 
A life slightly in threshold to actuate. 
A moment slightly unreal to capture
A love slightly tarnished for hearts to rapture
A road slightly twisted to lead to destinations
A pure soul slightly alloyed to let in aberrations  .

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entry picture

Bubbling, surfing ocean of the mind ...
Frothy, foamy laughter  always shined...

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#tyburn #ocean #laughter

The haunted

Childhood memories brings a face never forgotten.. 
It comes alive with all its contortions in the dream
The face with a hideous grin, staring in the darkness with a strange and satisfying gleam.. 
Thoughts conjure up images of it so vivid
That smirk, that deliberate smile so abominable.. 
The encounter was oddish and so unreal.. 
Memories being blurred, yet encompassing and intolerable.. 

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Was it me or was it you who died that night.. 
Those bridges mended weren't strong enough.. 
The bonding could not ascend any dizzying height..  
Was it me or was it you who died that night..
It wasn't a dream ever to expect a shining armor knight 
Our alliance to the world outside was a simple and charming bluff.. 
Was it me or was it you who died that night..
You lost my trust yet we are ...

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# pain #treason #poetry

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