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             Memories 10-13-2018


       I’m about to get out of my car& I feel the cool brisk air& also see the stars in the sky. 

     As I look at them I remember the night we stayed out on your back porch for a few hours and just talked& talked. 

     Oh, the memories. 

      The smell of a campfire reminds me of the air I smell & the coolness  that brushes up agai...

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As I Come To Terms Posted: 3-12-2019

             As I Come To Terms. 9-15-18


           As I came home yesterday, I paused for a few moments.... I reflect on what it is I needed to do... 

          I reflected  on the fact that reality is coming& that, I can’t believe I am going into this journey. 

         Yes, a wise few tell me don’t stress but it’s hard not to when you’re Mom. 

        I worry about not tucking ...

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Tonight Posted 3-11-2019

                 Tonight. 3-11-2019

As she gets up& gathers with her friends she says, I was supposed to not make it but I did. 

       I had been through heck and back and have been all over since I was young.

    I’ve been through sickness, loss,& haven’t had a break yet. 

      I’ve fought it and am here today to talk about it. 

         She then says, Happy birthday to me.. anot...

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As She Packs Her Bags 3-8-2019 Posted

          As She Packs Her Bags 8-31-18

As she packs her bags, there is one thing about this weekend that is definitely missing.... the tradition she had done with her grandparents and family for so long.All the road trips up the hill were so precious to me. 

    Camp. Camp was a sacred place for all of us... we would join and reunite with one. another. Now it’s just a memory.. a memory that...

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As She Looks 3- 8-2019 Posted

      As She Looks 11-4-2018




      As she looks up and sees tall trees around her  filled with color,

    Filled with life....

      Filled with understanding and content.....

  Filled with just so many questions as well as if they’ll survive or fall? 

     She shares a few words with a good friend about life. 

      It’s so serene how the leaves on the trees...

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Against What She Can’t Control

Against What She Can’t Help 2-28-2019


    She’s terrified of what may.

She’s scared this will be really 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 changing....

  She’s hanging onto every moment she can with what she has. 

She already has so much going and still going but sits to try and enjoy her lunch with and among her friends..😊

Instead of grading work.. she’s just there& conversing with friends. 

     A dear...

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Over It


                      Over It 12-15-2018


As she looks down the road she sees a bridge. 

  A bridge with two lanes...

Two lanes that lead right to you...

    This bridge has a new meaning to life... knowing that there maybe be water under that bridge, there is always you in my heart& thoughts. 

      We came to far to lose this... looking down the street now.. feels like ...

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Thank You For Being My Friend

Thank You For Being A Friend 3-7-2019


    Thank you for always being there... even if it wasn’t physically there.. you were always there for me in tough times.

     Never to judge.

Never to put me down.. 

Always lifting me up where it was needed& when. 

      Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing & pursue it 😊

Thank you for not only being my teachers but now life long...

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The Turtle Wasn’t The Point

    3-7-2019 Her Creativity Shattered In One Instance


      As she sat there and heard a story, she was amused with what was coming next.

       As the story was over of that turtle.. the  next direction changed her creativity forever with just those few words...

     She was given a picture of a turtle to color.. she then colored the shell all different colors to be creative.When th...

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             Sunshine 12-20-2018


A smile so bright, it fades away the dark clouds 😊

   Kind calming voice that fades out any angst.

        Kind wonderful human being that always is a joy to be around. 

          Always there for ya when you need her. 

    Has a heart of gold& a gentle ear to listen 😊

          Always knows how to turn something negative to a positive 😊


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In The Dark Skies

            In The Dark Skies 1-28-2019


     In the dark skies, she lets the darkness make her feel depressed. 


        When she said she can’t  wait to see you .....just lets herself shut  down. 


     She doesn’t cry for help , she just lets the dark soak inside and shut her down . 

         in the midnight dark I can feel her pain . 

       in the midnight sky I...

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Her Will

                    Her Will 3-6-2019


    Though she is caught in grey skies , she will be lifted soon enough around others that lift up Her mood.

  She struggles to stay afloat and she struggles to not let the winter blues take her away but it’s so hard to stay on top of the sails sometimes when the wind is pushing against her. 

      Sadness fills the air, sadness surrounds her & s...

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The Beginning Of A Great Journey

                  Distance Nov 14 2018

So much around,so little to know. Thinking that she did something wrong, said something to upset her.. not possible. This weather, season will be a different light. A light will soon go on in her mind that something is missing. Something missing like someone that she used to know. Used to know the norm, the norm that made her feel safe.. Feel safe that all...

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