Seeking Help

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Every time I broke up,

I seek your help Poetry.

You are my balm.

I took up my fragile pen,

an scribble.

I dont know if they are poetry or not.

Just they are my life.

I seek your help Poetry 

everytime,in every rainyday.

I dare not ask me the reason.

I am afraid if I reply something more 

than Poetry somehow.

I just need your help Poetry.

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Mon 9th Sep 2019 18:14

Thanks a lot Philipos.Its so inspiring. Your comments are like fresh showers that keep my pen alive.

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Sun 8th Sep 2019 17:28

Seems like a bout of 'Love's labours lost' does this which most people seem to face throughout life. Shakespear appears to have had all the answers at his fingertips. Good old Wil' in his messaging to the world of his time. His Globe theatre offerings pure masterpieces circumnavigating the universe by word of mouth and still as relevant in the world of today. ?

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