We've each got different partners now...

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We've each got different partners now
and we're having a real nice time
we both agreed to separate
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme

We both were once so in love
now we just stay in touch
we cherish the time we once had
as we don't see each other much.

I once saw her on the bus
contacted her on the phone
we've sent each other a couple of  texts
from work and from home.
We've each got different partners now.


words and foto Tommy Carroll


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Philip Stevens

Wed 16th Oct 2019 22:35

A poem that we can all relate to a sense of the past as it is now

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 6th Sep 2019 17:50

Raj your comments on "We've each got different partners now..." is most welcome and points a literary "think" that I appreciate.


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Tommy Carroll

Fri 6th Sep 2019 17:48

Martin you have it "We've each got different partners now..." sorted.


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Martin Elder

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 09:58

There is a very gentle and unhurried pace here which suggests to me no animosity but perhaps a hint of sadness mixed with fond memories and having moved on
Nice one Tommy

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Raj Ferds

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 09:18

I can't remember who said it but it talked about how we should not fearfully hold on to what was needs to end.
And that the familiar life disintergrates so that a new life can believe.

Wondering pondering over eh.

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Raj Ferds

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 07:25

Tommy, writing this poem is part of the healing process. And life's journey actually. It brings relief in a way.

Best of all, I like that undercurrent of expectancy.
Is there one bridge that hasn't been burnt?

Thank you for sharig this with us.


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Tommy Carroll

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:30

Hi Keith, no I'm not flaming, it was then and not now now. ?

Hi Jason, I think 'moving on' and scorch-marks says it .

Hi Ruth, I think the 'positive spin' echos Kieth's point, not wrong just behind my shoulder as I turn away.

Thank you all xxx

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:12

Positive spin on a usually painful subject, I like how you managed to create that effect Tommy

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 1st Sep 2019 22:39

Perhaps the old flame doesn't burn anymore, I read it as more of an acceptance of moving on, but it does seem that like so many of the rest of us, you happily wear the scorch marks. Really liked this.

J. x

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keith jeffries

Sun 1st Sep 2019 22:03

Does the old flame still burn? The poem implies a sense of hope, not entirely abandoned.
A good poem

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