I Just Don't Get It? 1 & 2

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I Just Don't Get It? 1


A new law has just been passed in Texas

Making it easier to have guns in public

Schools, churches, foster homes, and so on


This week 7 people died in a shootout near Odessa

Weeks earlier 22 died in a shootout in Walmart, El Paso

College students are allowed to carry guns in the classroom


I just don't get it?


I Just Don't Get It? 2


We've got a little problem

Stockpiled too many guns

We don't know what to do with them

Please help yourself, take one


They have no scrap-iron value

(And what a waste if so)

They've still got plenty use in them

Much killing fire, to go


Just right for spraying bullets

Willy-nilly 'round

See how many fairground cut-outs

You can hit the ground


You could yourself end up on ground

It's all part of the fun

It's just collateral damage which

You gotta ex-pect some


So roll up all you firearm lovers

All those who'd like a gun

We're handing them out on the streets

For free, for you. Have fun


Don Matthews September 2019




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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Sep 2019 04:45

I both agree and disagree with you Lisa.

I agree people are the problem

But if no guns were available people could not use them. Therefore no 'gun problem'

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 4th Sep 2019 11:25

I don't have a problem with guns. I have a problem with people. Gun violence is definately an issue in America. And we all seem to be growing numb to it. I know people who have been in these random shoot ups...lucky to be ok. I also have a family member who was killed tragically and unnecessarily due to police violence. There are many good and responsible people I know who have guns for hunting, sport or protection. Guns are not the problem...people are.

Don...I honestly don't get it either.

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