Unfriendly Skies


Do not fly

man was not meant to

no man was meant to

be packed into a cylinder like a sardine

even sardines should have leg room


the Boarding Pass allows you time

to sit and think about what you are about to do

allow some person with a cap

to take command of your life

and cram you into a seat designed

for maximum discomfort

next to a fat guy with body odor


a plane is just a metal tube with wings

that sits on the tarmac

waiting waiting

for the signal to takeoff

is there a bomb on board?

the crew is late

got delayed in Cincinnati

so sit and look out the window for an hour

at pavement


there is also the restroom issue

a stall so small you cannot turn around

or relax enough with people banging on the door

yet it is still very popular

as people line up to use

you can only hold so much Coke


then watch out for the mad rush to exit

as people pour out of their seats

and clobber each other with bags

that fall out of the overhead bins

excuse me, that's my bag

and that's my foot you're standing on


the passengers couldn't wait to get On

now they can't wait to get OFF

get out of the way

it's a mad rush

to get to the baggage area and

stand in glum silence watching the turnstile

where they wait again

hoping their bag will eventually show up

wait, did that guy just walk off with my bag?


Friendly Skies?

not since the airlines figured out

they could stuff

more sardines in that little can

and charge a higher price.



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lisa donohoe

Fri 13th Sep 2019 08:30

You captured the crazy hustle and bustle of flying ?
The ignorance of many can make the journey awful and yet there is the odd person who will talk for hours about there life and leave you with new perspective.
Flying thought me patience ?
And to escape from life for a holiday you gotta pay the price. Sore toes ' cramped legs and the worrie of not receiving your luggage. Sure who needs belongings anyway ?
I really enjoyed this. Great job ❤

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Don Matthews

Fri 13th Sep 2019 00:50

Air UK I love to fly
Hostess's are terrific and trim
They bring round my coffee and sandwiches (cheese)
I specify hostess's she and not him......

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keith jeffries

Thu 12th Sep 2019 14:01


A really good poem, the sentiments which I wholly agree with.


Thu 12th Sep 2019 13:31

Flying off the handle on Flying.?

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