Plastic Plastic

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Plastic Plastic


Plastic plastic I love you

Drifting near and far

Plastic, plastic I love you

You are my caviar


Plastic, plastic you do look

So pretty floating past

Multicoloured, red, white, blue

Must eat you while you last


Plastic, plastic I feel weak

I feel so weak? But why?

I'm eating food that's passing by

Why aren't I stronger? Why?


Plastic, plastic, why you praying

Round me as I die

You offered me a food source

And now you do this? Why?


Don Matthews September 2019

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Mae Foreman

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 09:56

Now this is excellent! Kudos Don🎈

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 07:06

Thankyou for your comments and likes.

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 02:22

Thankyou Do.RoThY. Yes, I am blessed with a creative mind. And thankyou for your comment which opened the gate for me to talk further on it.

They say there's a link between bipolar and creativity - Stephen Fry, Robin Williams, Virginia Woolf, Van Gogh etc. My 'problem', no, 'gift', is mania. I have to watch it carefully as it is a two-edged sword. Can create or destroy. I am grateful to WOL for allowing the positive creative side to be fostered.....

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 21st Sep 2019 13:14

Really good, topical and provoking.

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Sep 2019 11:54


Your comment interests me

"wish could read the poets mind"

A poet does not usually discuss his own work, but in this case I'd like to make an exception.

When I create I let my mind go free and see what it brings back, Sometimes comic, sometimes serious, sometimes shocking, many times surprises.. Rhyme can deliver any of these messages. You know what I mean.

I follow Jessica Masterson's "When your mind next wanders follow it round for a while"

'Plastic Plastic' fell out in 30 minutes. The fish made a perfect storyteller. Thought a new food had come it's way. Why were plastics praying at it's death? Was I unconsciously personifying them as us? Don't know. The mind is complex and mysterious.

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keith jeffries

Sat 21st Sep 2019 10:14

Both poem and illustration are excellent. I do like Jason´s comment, "we really are as thick as pigshit aren´t we". We damage the environment with impunity, but would scream blue murder if someone came along and damaged our house..

Thanks for this Don


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Graham Sherwood

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:48

I was listening to a chap on BBC R4 the other day proudly boasting how many satellites are now up in low orbit around the Earth. Seems we’ve already started screwing up Space too with our junk.

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:39

For, "The most intelligent animal on earth," we really are as thick as pigshit aren't we, the amount of crap we've dumped all over our planet, not just in the sea, but the sea's bad enough. So when anyone takes the opportunity to point it out, I think that's great, thanks Don.

J. x

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Brian Maryon

Sat 21st Sep 2019 08:54

Plastic? Oh no. Banned!

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