Do me in....

Do me in....


I am a lesbian, a communist and a subversive

I am a gypsy, I masturbate, I think I´m gay too

This should be enough for you to do me in

rid yourself of your conceitedness and prejudice

go and don´t delay, be spontaneous and have your way

Make the world a better place and do with me away

Clean up your town, turn it white and straight

and in so doing why not have a fucking good fight

The Establishment and Police are on your side

so there is absolutely nothing to fear or hide

Sorry to change - I am unemployed, watch pornography

I behave like a loony and write crazy poetry

This you can use against me on an oath to swear

sometimes I go naked to make others stare

I am past caring what others may think

to show I don´t give a shit and I don´t even blink

The world is so full of people up their own bum

they live in snooty darkness with no hope of any sun

So you can go ahead and do me in

if youré a believer then I know I´m full of sin

I am beyond redemption in the eyes of many

but to a down and out I´ll give my last penny

It took me years to be born again and new

I am now ready to go but I ask - are you?

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keith jeffries

Tue 24th Sep 2019 09:30

Desmond, Avishek, Julia, Ian, Don and Trevor. Thank you for your comments on this poem as they are much appreciated. The poem was something of a departure from my usual work but there are times when one is driven to strike out at the scociety we live in. I am now entertaining the idea of writing more such poems, which although cathartic, also express what I feel needs to be heard.

Thank you all again

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 00:08

Interesting.......and it rhymes

<Deleted User> (22180)

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 20:48

Throughly enjoyed it Keith!

J x

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trevor homer

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 20:01

Keith, the revelatory nature of this piece is commendable. I salute you. Trevor

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