1/9th "We Can We Will".


To join the Air Cav, was every pilots dream.

The First of the Ninth, they weren’t so keen.

Life expectancy wasn’t very long.

Flying low, to flush out the Vietcong.

Loaches flying at tree top level.

Sold their souls, to the Devil.

Cobra swooping in for it’s kill.

Wiping out all the VC on that hill.

Charlie Troop, are the best of the best.

Better than all the rest.


Alpha Troop, known as “Bushmasters”.

Are a bunch of nasty hard bastards.

Bravo Troop, known as the “Blues”.

Always played by their own rules.

Charlie Troop, with their “Red, White and Pinks”.

Fly in pairs, to Search & Destroy all the Dinks.

Delta Troop, stay on the ground.

Chasing Charlie all around.

Echo Troop, “Don’t give a shit bad asses”.

Kill more Dinks, on each of their passes.


Echo Troop wear pistols on their hips.

With painted gold stars on their ships.

Tail boom missing, tail rotor too.

Spinning around out of the blue.

Seeing the ground through the chin bubble.

Pulling on the cyclic, I think we’re in trouble.

Coming down hard on the skids.

Keeping closed our eyelids.

Plexiglas coming from everywhere.

Open your eyes, if you dare.


Cobra keeps an even hover.

Just in case you have some bother.

Fires his guns into the brush.

Out of the cockpit, you can rush.

The crew Hit the deck with a thud.

Getting covered all over with mud.

Cobra calls for a Medivac.

So the Loach crew can make it back.

Without the Loach Cobra’s on his own.

Staying put, just like a stone.


By:- Mick Stewart.

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