Miniature blimps

over fields of buds


bees become drones

with wings abuzz


their body shape

suggests a thud


yet nothing flies

like a bee does.



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Devon Brock

Mon 9th Sep 2019 21:57


There is more here than meets the eye. In its brevity and lightness, you have captured the sense of overcoming what should, by all reason, be impossible.


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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Sep 2019 12:43

28 buzz's dk has given bee
He's therefore quite excited is he
Now don't no-one tell me I've counted them wrong
And that there is actually only 23

(You try counting them without going silly....)

Now why is this bee so excited?
You've guessed it, he's pumped up with sex
He's trying to get at the queenie
While buzzing midair's damn complex

He's gotta fight off all other buzzers
(We all know how hard that can be)
So thankyou dk for your adding
28 buzzes to my poetry

Or are there 27?.....?


Mon 9th Sep 2019 11:49


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