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GW Park 9/15/19

I loved looking at him 

the way his eyes crinkled at the sight of the sun 

our white shoes getting messy in the sand 

The sound of the lake water hitting the shore line

 No communication just sounds of nature filling our ears 

She loved him more than she could fathom 

But he was too busy to notice 

So she took screenshots with her mind

to remember his face and the way she f...

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first loveromantic- for a friend

Addicts and Users

We are all users and addicts 

We use the nicotine to subside the feelings of anxiety

we use social media for validation that we really only need from oursleves 

we use the tv shows to escape from our own lives even if its just for 30 minutes

we use the music to drown out the sounds of reality

we find it hard to really be ourselves

addicted to the feelings of stability and calmnes...

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Dear Mom

why don't you like me?

you love me unconditionally but you don't want to spend time with me 

I wish you liked me in the way you like my friends or our dogs 

dear mom I just want to live out my hopes and dreams and be free

but you only want me to get that degree

I want you to be proud of the woman I am becoming

instead you call me a liar and blame me for being a crier

I want to...

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For Hunter

I wish I could hide away from the rest of the world in your arms

bury my face in your chest only coming back up to kiss your kneck

Sometimes I miss the way you wouldn't call be by my name, but

instead called me beautiful

You swore to me late at night that I was your soulmate

but being soulmates wouldn't be enough to save you from your one true love

the drugs and the booze 


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The Giving

The thought of you brings tears to my eyes

It fills me with anger the type of anger where

the hair on my arms stand at attention. 

My mind recalling all the times you put me in my place.

Reminding me I was nothing more than an ego boost for you.

If I gave you my blood, sweat, heart, and my tears 

would that be enough for you to love me the way I deserve to be loved?

Then again...

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Life After Love

I crave a long talk with you

The kind where we sit in your car at 1 a.m. and tell 

eachother about our hopes and dreams 

hoping for a better future and begging for a fresh start

I miss the nights where we kicked it in my basement 

when you not only played my guitar but my heart

when you told me you were scared of what was coming next 

and I told you I believed in you 

I lon...

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beginnerfirst loveheartbreakpain

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